I’ve read that when Steve Bannon was Trump’s campaign manager, he said to Trump: your enemy isn’t the Democrats, your enemy is the media.

This was good politics. There is no institution in American society held in more contempt than the media. The media selects for over-the-top narcissism and self-importance. Not just the news media, comedian Ricky Gervais scored a major viral video by viciously mocking the self-importance of the degenerate Hollywood actors and producers at the Golden Globes last year.

Just after Trump won the election, Hollywood actors put out a cringe-worthy “appeal” to the Electoral college begging them to go faithless and elect Hillary Clinton instead. This was roundly mocked, as was the idea of Hollywood actors – literally just people dressed in costumes wearing make-up reading lines – posturing as our moral superiors. This sentiment goes all the way back to the post-9/11 era of South Park’s Team America: World Police and their skewering of the Film Actor’s Guild and probably much earlier.

Trump’s first press secretary was Sean Spicer. Bannon’s tactic of making the media the enemy worked so well for Spicer that Saturday Night Live, while trying to mock Spicer, wound up mocking themselves and their partners in the “serious news media.”

It’s funny because it’s true. The second Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee, scored another viral video by the Youtube channel Bad Lip Reading for the same reason. The basic gimmick, the basic narrative, is that a long-suffering Press Secretary has to go out in front on the kindergarden class that is the “mainstream media” and try to spoon-feed these morons some basic reality. This video was so good that it earned a “Re-Tweet” from President Donald Trump himself.

The current Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, is perhaps the best of all.

The slogan “Black Lives Matter” is pure marketing genius. You can’t argue with it, and the conservative Republicans, defaulting to their natural state of losing, sometimes tries to say “all lives matter” but they rightly get shut down for such a pathetic “come-back.” Why can’t you just say “black lives matter?” But if you do say “black lives matter” that implies you agree with the entire BLM Manifesto including such idiocy as “Black positioning,” Marxism, “ending capitalism” and “centering” “Black trans women who continue to be disproportionately impacted by trans-antagonistic violence.”

Kayleigh McEnany recently cut through the bullshit with this expert level rhetoric:

“All Black Lives Matter” – including those Black policemen. See how she merged the two talking points, “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter?” Rhetorical kill shot. The media dorks had no come-back. McEnany acknowledged that black lives matter while pointing directly to the actual BLM movement and their chants of “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon” – a call to murder police officers – and kept the focus on them, the radicals, while side-stepping the feel-good platitudes.

That is how it is done, conservative Republicans.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus scandal and ramping up with the BLM riots, the mass media has become so over-the-top treacly and preachy it must enrage a huge number of people. Pampered clowns in make-up preaching to the masses as if they are moral superiors is quite incongruous to an audience well-versed in Hollywood pedophilia scandals and Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell blackmail rings.

For regular white people, it’s surely enraging to be preached at by a bunch of pampered talking heads about “racism” when whites are literally being beaten and murdered in the streets every single day by black mobs who are then characterized by the same pampered talking heads as “peaceful protests.” When whites defend themselves by peacefully carrying weapons, they are smeared as “racists” and made the subject of absolutely ludicrous conspiracy theories about a non-existent “Boogaloo White Supremacist” movement.

No one believe the mass media anymore, and no one really has since Walter Cronkite died. TV is believed by Boomers – and no one else. Everyone younger than a Boomer has had a critical view of mass media their entire lives.

So, Trump and the conservative Republicans would do well to heed Bannon’s advice: the media is the enemy. Trump’s massive ego gets bruised when he’s attacked by his former friends in Hollywood and the mass media, but he should toughen up and stop crying like a little girl. If the mass media attacks you, that’s how you know you are doing the right thing. If anyone praises you, realize you’re fucked up and change direction quickly.

It’s probably too late for Trump and the conservative Republicans. But at least they can go down fighting.

So, heed the advice: we know you are all too chicken-shit to be pro-white. We know the very best you can do is quote the moronic glittering generalities of the Communist mouthpiece Michael “MLK” King about “muh colorblindness” and how “Democrats are the REAL way-cists!” We know, all conservative Republican politicians have their child-rape videos in some call center in Tel Aviv. We get it. You’ll never be pro-white.

But you can at least be anti-anti-white.

Why hasn’t he administration demanded the end of “critical race studies” in government funded universities? “Critical race studies” is an overt and obvious clear violation of the equal protection clause and violates anti-discrimination statutes in higher education. “Critical race studies” is a racist pseudoscience, if it even rises to that level; more a religion, really. Why is critical race theory allowed in federally funded institutions? It’s a clear violation of the rights of white students.

Even better: why isn’t every single corporation sued into bankruptcy every time they hold some Human Resources “diversity conference” featuring anti-white hate speech like Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility? This is just waiting for a massive class action lawsuit. This anti-white hate rhetoric is clearly a violation of hundreds of anti-discrimination laws and every single company, public or private, that forces their employees has opened themselves up to massive liability.

Has a single conservative Republican ever said anything about this? What an easy win. An easy win culturally, politically, and economically. So, of course, Republicans won’t do anything because conservatives are born losers. That is what conservative means, conservative is defined as “loser.”

But surely there is someone out there willing to jump-start a successful career as simply being anti-anti-white.

There’s money on the table, just pick it up.