In 2016, despite all odds, Trump won the Presidency. The Republican party also claimed the House of Representatives, the Senate, had a Republican majority on the Supreme Court, and had control of two-thirds of the state governments.

Trump won essentially on three issues: ending immigration, bringing jobs back to America, and push-back against “political correctness” meaning anti-white politics.

Trump and the Republicans, despite having a choke-hold on the federal and state governments, did nothing on any of these three issues. In fact, they did essentially the opposite. They passed no legislation restricting or reversing immigration and in fact immediately began back-tracking as soon as they were in office.

Despite starting an inevitable trade war with China, Trump and the Republicans did nothing to bring jobs back to America, in fact merely fine-tuned multilateral trade agreements to move a tiny number of jobs from China to India and other South Asian nations. Trump canceled NAFTA only to pass an even worse deal under a different name.

On the cultural issues, the Republicans stripped Iowa’s Steven King of all his committee assignments and humiliated him in public after a hit piece in the New York Times. Trump then spent the next four years talking about “the lowest black unemployment in history” and the Republicans immediately stabbed their white voters in the back to pursue “Blexit” by highlighting a handful of Black Tokens like Candace Owens.

To his credit, Trump didn’t start any major wars, likely due to the immediate backlash against his bombing of Syria. To his discredit, instead of putting America First, Trump put Israel First, overturning long-standing, bipartisan US foreign policy to go against the entire world to give Israel everything they wanted: moving the embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Israel’s illegal annexation of the Golan Heights, and now assisting Israel in stealing all of Palestine and ethnically cleansing non-Jews from Palestine.

Trump was hamstrung by the “Russiagate” hoax because neither he, nor the Republicans, nor the Democrats wanted to admit that it was Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that had actually interfered in the elections. Not only did Trump not lift a finger to oppose AIPAC and the Israel lobby, he relied on them to protect him, which they did only so far as it advanced their extremely narrow interests. Trump’s sucking up to the Israel lobby only made him more a target of attacks by Jewish groups like the ADL.

When the WHO declared the Novel Corona virus a “pandemic” instead of ending all international travel, Trump dithered and the Republicans had no coherent plan on what to do. They simply engaged in petty public relation stunts by calling it “the Chinese virus.” Then, the Republicans mostly went along with a “lock down,” destroying the entire economy, especially small and medium-sized businesses, while the Trump family’s personal bankers at Larry Fink’s Blackrock took control of the economy from even the Federal Reserve and began giving trillions of dollars to the world’s largest corporations and Wall Street banks and hedge funds.

While the richest 1% of the globe were given trillions of dollars, the Republicans barely consented to giving a measly one thousand dollars to the million of Trump voters forced into unemployment due to government policy. Even regular unemployment insurance extensions were fought by the Republicans, led by Trump ally Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC/Tel Aviv.

When the mass media began a campaign of overt racial demonization of whites, starting with Gregory and Travis McMichael in Georgia, then moving on to the white police officer Derek Chauvin, instead of telling the truth about race, crime, and policing, the Republicans chose to throw their own white base under the bus to cater to the self-admitted “Marxists” of Black Lives Matter.

Now, there is every indication that in all the swing states that matter, Biden and the Democrats have a substantial lead. The abject failures of Trump and the Republicans on all issues – economic, foreign policy, trade policy, immigration, and cultural – guarantees a depressed turnout of white people that would vote for Trump and the Republicans and a high number of former Trump/GOP voters switching to Biden and the Democrats.

To add insult to injury, the conservative Republican majority on the Supreme Court, including the new conservative justice Trump appointed, has spent this year stabbing conservatives in the back on every single issue: traditional morality, pro-life, the Second Amendment, and immigration via the upholding of Obama’s “DACA” amnesty.

Trump promised everything and delivered nothing; white conservative Republicans catered to everyone except for white conservatives.

As soon as Biden and the Democrats win, it’s almost certain that the Black Lives Matter movement will again disband, the Coronavirus pandemic will be declared over, and normalcy will be restored. Republicans will then go back to pretending to be conservative via empty rhetoric while never actually opposing the new amnesties, bailouts, and anti-white policies of the new Democratic government.

Likely, the GOP and the conservative movement will continue to whine about “socialism” when policies that help the working class get proposed and will double-down on catering to anyone except for the white people that vote for them. The conservative Republicans prefer losing to winning and they prefer complaining about “socialism” and “welfare” while giving trillions in socialism and welfare for the wealthiest people in the world.

Conservative pundits – including the so-called “Dissident Right” – will continue to ignore that massive subsidies to big business and Wall Street and keep whining about “socialism” and “egalitarianism” and “welfare.”

There is certainly zero reason for an American – a white American – to ever support a Republican, a conservative, “the right,” or capitalism.

Better to fight it out in the ruling party by forming a pro-white populist lobby in the Democratic party. Leave the Republicans to their non-white tokens, their “up by their bootstraps” “free market” virtue-signalers, and the Israel Lobby.