The day after bans essentially all “right-wing” content, including a few token feminist and left-wing subs, the mood on reddit turns on a dime.

But not because of the censorship – that is welcome.

What happened is that someone put a guillotine in front of the home of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and made a point to support “Chris Smalls, an Amazon employee who organized a work stoppage over coronavirus safety measures at the company’s warehouse on Staten Island, New York, and was later fired.”

NOW, reddit says it’s gone too far:

The only language they know how to speak is what messaging works in their own in groups. They don’t engage with the meaning or implications of their messaging.

It’s borderline historical illiteracy to point to the reign of terror as a positive role model for anything beyond wanton class revenge and political opportunism. It’s calling for violence for the sake of violence under the veil of a joke, not any genuine concern for inequality.

It’s OK as a joke (as in, not particularly funny but not as morally repugnant) in an image macro as a reminder of history, despite many of the victims of the terror being the revolutionaries themselves, but to leave an actual one outside his door is pretty gross.

For the last two months, even as the “Autonomous Zone” in Seattle led the entire country in murder rates, the entirety of reddit, and most other social media outside of the 25% or so of conservative, FOX, Breitbart platforms, unanimously praised and defended everything Black Lives Matter and Antifa did. Democratic Congressman Jerrold Nadler, D-Tel Aviv, said on the floor of Congress that “Antifa doesn’t exist” and the entire media called every violent BLM riot “mostly peaceful” – even as police stations burned in the background.

Every violent attack was blamed on non-existent “white supremacists” and 100% peaceful counter-protest and defensive actions by white people were described as “right-wing terrorism.”

Random white people, when they weren’t attacked, beaten, and murdered by blacks, were smeared on social media, and fired from their jobs as virtually every Fortune 500 companies signaled their support for BLM. Even liberal journalists at major media companies were fired for being insufficiently woke.

But then, someone signaled a class war, signaled that the target was no longer working class and middle class white people, but actual oligarchs.

And – just like that – BLM/Antifa is no longer acceptable. Now, they have “gone too far.”

The other day BLM-UK announced they supported the Palestinians. Immediately they were denounced and the movement in the UK is now over.

When the riots were targeting regular white people, everyone was on board. Once they went after targets with real power – Zionists and corporate oligarchs – elite sentiment turned on a dime.

Which explains the power dynamic quite clearly. Nothing more needs to be said.