Mike Whitney’s article, Behind the Veil of the Protest Movement, the War on the American People Is Gaining Pace, quotes a number of sources, both right and left, about the current full scale assault on America, her people, and her history, under the pretense of “peaceful protest against police brutality.” Whitney sees, in the driver’s seat, “The Deep State Axis: CIA, DNC, NYT” and recalls the infamous leaked account of an New York Times editor explaining that, with the failure of the “Russiagate” story to take down Trump, they would begin a new assault on Trump by claiming he is a “racist.” The leak was notorious because of how openly the NY Times editor explained the motivations for their news coverage, simple partisan interest.

The media in most Western countries is typically left of the average citizen, for both “natural” reasons – those interested in journalism tend to be left-wing – and institutional reasons. Ever since Donald Trump announced he was running for President, media figure after media figure justified dropping any pretense of “objectivity” to simply attack Trump, and especially, anyone daring to vote for him.

Some leftists have described the recent hostilities as the neo-liberal ruling class “punishing” the white working class for rejecting neo-liberalism and supporting “”populism.” Richard Spencer has often pointed out that Trump won with a different group of white people than Republicans normally do. Trump’s margin of victory came from Rust Belt, blue collar whites that typically vote for Democrats and indeed had voted for Obama twice.

It is precisely those white voters, who have stopped voting for a Democratic party that hasn’t even pretended to support their interests lately, and threw their weight behind Trump, that are the targets of ruling class rage.

More honest leftists, especially those with an economic class focus and orthodox Marxist ideas, recognize that the neo-liberal Democratic party, in partnership with capital, wants to flood the United States, and all other white nations, with non-white “immigrants” precisely to divide the working class and make working class organizing impossible.

Of course you will be labeled a “conspiracy theorist” if you point out the simple facts about Event 201, even without drawing the obvious conclusions.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic tabletop exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe coronavirus pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences. The exercise took place a few months before the World Health Organization announced the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic …


The exercise took place in October of last year, and “went live” in January of this year. For three months, virtually all urban areas of the US, and most of the rest of the country, were “locked down,” literally placed under house arrest, as millions were thrown out of work, businesses destroyed, and social life disrupted. While the economy crashed, insiders at the very top essentially “bought” the entire American economy for pennies on the dollar.

When white working class people began to resist, they were demonized as “right-wing extremists” and then, on cue, as the lock-downs began to end, the media began broadcasting constant racial propaganda and then unleashed the riots.

The BLM “protests” are nothing more, nothing less, than a CIA “color revolution” of the kind we have seen in Eastern Europe and the Middle East for decades. They follow exactly the same script, use the same techniques, and are organized by the same networks of people.

The three-way alliance between the CIA, the Elite Media, and the Democratic leadership has clearly strengthened and grown since the failed Russiagate fiasco. All three parties were likely involved in the maniacal hyping of the faux-Covid pandemic which paved the way for Depression era unemployment, tens of thousands of bankrupt businesses and a sizable portion of the US population thrust into destitution. Now, these deep state loyalists are promoting a “falsified” race-based version of history that pits one group against the other while diverting attention from the deliberate destruction of the economy and the further consolidation of wealth in the hands of the 1 percent.

Virtually all of the developments of the last 100 years in the United States that disfavor white Americans happened because of the control of the new technology of mass electronic media: the radio, the cinema, the television. The Internet itself has become more and more centralized in the era of “social media” and is now mostly controlled by the same group of people. This network of media ownership and operation is extremely and heavily Ashkenazi Jewish, virtually entirely radically Zionist, and share a bitter hatred and contempt for those they term “goyim,” especially those of European ancestry and Christian culture.

Some wish to underplay this phenomenon precisely because it is true; it points directly to power and calling out the powerful is risky and dangerous. Thus, various abstractions or even conspiracy theories are trotted out to obscure the picture.

Three examples from recent history show the mechanics of media control. Ted Turner founded CNN, in Atlanta, and basically invented cable news. Although a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, Turner was not Jewish and was not connected to the NYC-LA media networks. He was eventually forced out of his own company and CNN passed into the hands of the NYC-LA media cartel.

Steve Case, the pioneer behind the early technology company America Online was similarly forced out of his own company when it “merged” with Time-Warner. In this case, the merger was said to have “failed” because the newly merged company lost significant value – there was no financial reason for the merger. It was little more than an effort to take control of an important new form of media outlet and oust the non-Jewish Steve Case.

Yahoo, founded by a Taiwanese, Jerry Yang, and an American, David Filo, was the subject of massive negative media coverage throughout the 1990’s in an attempt to prop up various rivals like the Jewish founded companies Google and Facebook. Facebook itself was “stolen” from two white men, the Winklevoss brothers, by Mark Zuckerberg with the assistance of the Jewish Harvard president Larry Summers, who even smeared the Winklevoss brothers “assholes” in the media when they were in a fight with Zuckerberg for control of the company.

Ashkenazi Jews, highly ethnocentric, virtually control both political parties. The Democratic party is controlled by the Jewish billionaire Haim Saban, and the Republican party is controlled by the Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Ashkenazi Jews are the wealthiest, most politically active, and most powerful recognizable group in America. The stray non-Jewish oligarchs, like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, while wealthy and powerful, are not organized along ethnic lines and in fact other white oligarchs like the Koch brothers, show not only a lack of ethnic solidarity, but in fact actively oppose the interests of whites presumable due to narrow economic interest like the desire for cheap, non-white “immigrant” labor.

It’s also necessary to point out that the current “Color Revolution” is world-wide, as “BLM protests” have appeared all around Europe and even in Japan. This points to a level of global organization that can only be explained by intelligence agencies, presumably, the CIA.

The decade long anti-white propaganda campaign is what allows the mass media to describe regular working class whites armed to defend themselves from BLM rioters as “white supremacists.” 100 years of films, radio shows, and television shows have constantly attacked white solidarity as “racism” and anti-whiteness is so firmly entrenched in academia a generation of whites have bought into antiwhiteness completely.

One of the surprising features of the Color Revolution has been the “stand-down” by virtually the entire Republican party. For decades, the Republican party, despite its best efforts, has become the de-facto “white party.” The Democrats are a coalition of ethnic minorities and the urban white upper-middle class. The Republican party, thanks to Trump, has gained the support of millions of working class whites that they typically do not vote Republicans.

Yet the Republicans, even Trump himself, have been extremely careful to avoid even the hint of white solidarity, fearing a demonization campaign in the mass media and a flood of money to rivals. Trump will broadcast bluster on Twitter, and Tom Cotton will write an op-ed calling for the military to end the violence, but no real effort on the part of the Republicans to actually end the violence is forthcoming.

Oddly, what could be winning issues for Republicans are simply not picked up. With rioters tearing down monuments to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and burning American flags, a simple appeal to law, order, and patriotism would be an obvious appeal to the majority. Yet aside from a handful of websites like Breitbart.com, virtually no political push back from the Republicans is forming.

One obvious reason is money; another media. Even darker explanations are likely; someone in the government, intelligence agencies, or private actors, have access to the blackmail material gathered by the Israeli intelligence operation of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell’s and Epstein’s operations were obviously not unique and universal behind-the-scenes blackmail and bribery are likely.

Still, it’s surprising that the Republicans, the conservatives, and the “Right” in general have been given a winning issue on a silver platter yet refuse to run with it. Why?

Whitney sees the Color Revolution destroying the American governments, federal, state, and local, in order to implement a new form of government; a one-party dictatorship with a technological totalitarianism. Already, they have rolled out a more erratic and decentralized Chinese-style “social credit system” based on smearing and slandering individuals via social media, causing targets – and their families – to lose employment and face social exclusion. Eventually this system will become more systematized and controlled.

Americans must start to organize to fight this tyranny and for simple survival and self-protection. It is quite obvious who the enemies are, as it is obvious what their tactics and strategy have been.