They put the entire country under house arrest by hyping up a virus. Then, President Jared Kushner’s friend Larry Fink at Black Rock took over the entire economy, looting the country of trillions of dollars and passing out all the valuable assets to their friends.

When people started pushing back against the house arrest they hyped up a routine case of a criminal being killed in the custody of the police and used everything in their power to start massive rioting.

All of corporate America got on board to point the mob towards white police officers and regular white people.

In other words, not the people who had just put everyone on house arrest and robbed them blind. Instead of discussing the massive bailouts of Wall Street, the millions of people thrown out of work, the massive destruction of mainstream businesses, the new Great Depression …

… the media wants us to talk about “white privilege” and “racism.”

You have to admit it’s a great gimmick. Hillary Clinton used the tactic to great effect against the fans of Bernie Sanders, calling them “sexists” and even implied they were “racists.”

What did Clinton say?

Not everything is about an economic theory, right? If we broke up the big banks tomorrow – and I will, if they deserve it, if they pose a systemic risk, I will – would that end racism? Would that end sexism? Would that end discrimination against the LGBT community? Would that make people feel more welcoming to immigrants overnight?

Would that solve our problem with voting rights, and Republicans who are trying to strip them away from people of color, the elderly, and the young? Would that give us a real shot at ensuring our political system works better because we get rid of gerrymandering and redistricting and all of these gimmicks Republicans use to give themselves safe seats, so they can undo the progress we have made?

Clinton in Nevada: ‘Not everything is about an economic theory’

Larry Fink is so powerful he’s negotiating bailouts for Argentina so they won’t default on their debt. Americans thrown out of work for three months got a lousy thousand dollars and millions don’t have jobs to go back to anyway.

So, rile everyone up about “racism.” It’s classic divide and conquer. It made sure the elections would be about race instead of the economy – or, at least, it’s preventing any sort of grassroots momentum to claw back some of that money or demand populist economic policies.

As the corporations use the “diversity workshops” to prevent union organizing, now any employee has to walk on eggshells lest they say the wrong word and get “canceled” – in fact, even being the spouse or even stepmother of the wrong person can get your fired.

It looks like Klobuchar just threw her fellow AWFL Elizabeth Warren under the bus, which likely means she expects to run in four years and would rather Warren doesn’t have the benefits of incumbency. Regardless of what the polls say, all the ramped up anti-whiteness is surely going to get out the white vote and they aren’t going to vote for Stacey Abrams. It really is Trump’s to lose. The majority believe that Biden is senile and he’s identity politicked his way into a corner and has to nominate a woman-of-color which will be the presumptive president. It’s still possible the Democrats replace Biden at the convention.

But the powers-that-be are already getting everything they want, from Trump, to the conservative Supreme Court, to both houses of Congress, and certainly from the cabinet.

Meanwhile, this is how they are disciplining the corporate middle class. Company management is just as scared of the social media mob as the employees.

How To Survive Corporate Idiocy in the Age of George Floyd (and Covid too)