Supposedly the Atlanta police are engaging in what amounts to a wildcat strike. Police scanners are quiet, union officials have said some are walking off the job.

Truckers have said they won’t deliver to cities who have defunded police.

The hashtag is trending on Twitter, who will squash it soon enough. But the trick is just to get the meme our there into normie’s heads.

Three months of lockdowns, two weeks of rioting. Things can’t go on. Soon enough most of the white liberals will get tired and go home. Black urban neighborhoods in all major cities have been destroyed. With the second Great Depression upon us, and longer-term economic trends, it’s likely the end of retail in any but the wealthiest urban areas. The restaurant and tavern business has already been destroyed by the Coronvirus Lock Downs – most won’t come back.

Who knows, we may have more or less continuous black rioting from now on. God help you if you need the assistance of police, fire, or EMTs in many urban locations. They may just not show up, and even if they do, they are likely to face pot shots and rock-throwing from the neighbors.

As far as I can tell, the media is going to keep it up all the way until the election. They are going to keep stoking the fires. The media is now hyping this fake “Boogaloo movement” which really just means “any white man with a gun.” Expect any white man firing a gun to have his face plastered all over the TV.

Like real estate, it’s all about location, location, location.

The way this backfires is white people start seeing themselves “as white” and understanding they have a collective racial interest.

All whites have to do is simply stop participating. They can stop buying product. They can stop watching sportsball. They can stop supporting anti-white hate sites like Reddit or CNN. They can stop using Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Still hard to say if this is good for Trump or bad for Trump. Will they even hold debates? Can Joe Biden really do much of anything?