It’s amusing to me that, to the extent I am on their radar at all, the SPLC, ADL, and the “left” consider me “far-right.” The first time I voted for President, I cast my ballot for Ralph Nader who was running on the Green party ticket. All this time I thought I was “left-of-center” but it seems I’m actually “far-right.”

I voted for Nader for basically one reason: trade. Call me an autist if you wish, but my first engagement with politics was reading books like Bartlett’s and Steele’s Who Pays The Taxes and William Greider’s Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country. Barlett, Steele, and Greider are typically considered slightly left-of-center labor-oriented Democrats. My father had supported Ross Perot and Perot’s warning about NAFTA and “the great sucking sound” of jobs fleeing to Mexico due to “free trade” was the first political issue I really engaged with. I had a brief flirtation with Pat Buchanan because he was “anti-globalism” but he seemed at bit harsh on social issues and I was told he was an “anti-semite” which sounded like crazy “nazi” stuff to me. I remember Donald Trump leaving the Reform party because of David Duke and saying that Buchanan was a “nazi.”

I also remember reading an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal in January of 2001 by Ralph Nader suggesting that George W. Bush would probably be better on trade than Al Gore, who was an ultra-fanatic “free trader” which I knew was code for “offshoring jobs.” I concurred; although I had no particular reason to like George W. Bush, I also had no reason to dislike him particularly; banning “partial birth abortion” seemed like the humane thing to do and he did send me a check. I’m not an ideologue at all and have never been one. I’m all about practicality.

Of course, little did I know; the presidency of George W. Bush and the overt take-over of America by Zionists are what originally “red pilled” me and even made me sympathetic towards George H. W. Bush somewhat, despite the fact I knew he was literally the head of the world’s largest cocaine cartel and probably tried to kill JFK, if the Israelis hadn’t gotten to him first. At least he tried to stand up to AIPAC once.

I’ve also never bought into libertarianism. I mean, sure, I liked Ron Paul and voted for him twice, but not because of the crazy goldbuggery; because he was anti-war. I remember quite clearly reading Atlas Shrugged at 19, in bed next to my super-hot girlfriend and trying to explain the ideology behind it – her response was, “shut up and fuck me or just shut up” – perhaps my original “red-pilling” on women. Women are not in the slightest bit interested in some whack-job “ideology” by some Zionist Jewess trying to sell the Jewish “opposite” of Communism. The only people that Ayn Rand crap ever appealed to were nerds that got bullied by the jocks and always had a chip on their shoulders.

President Obama was right: “you didn’t build that.” The most hard-core economic libertarians I have ever known always were employed by defense contractors or financial firms and other government-subsidized businesses. They are all complete hypocrites – their entire paycheck comes from the taxpayer yet they always pretend they are “individuals” who don’t rely on “handouts.” Bullshit. What utter and gross hypocrisy.

Like that crazy white Muslim Kevin Barrett, I spent most of 2002-2005 blaming Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld for 9/11, only to be accosted by unhinged, spittle-flecked Jews screaming about how I’m an “anti-semite” for pointing out the controlled demolition of World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, and 7. My wife, an NPR-listening, Hillary Clinton-voting, by the numbers liberal Democrat also pointed out how shocked she was when she made some sort of off-hand comment about how maybe the Israelis shouldn’t treat the Palestinians so poorly only to be accosted by yet another fanatic, unhinged, spittle-lipped Zionist Jew screaming “anti-semite!”

What the hell is wrong with these people? I mean, I have southern family who are Bible-thumping religious right types and even they aren’t as fanatic and unhinged as these nutjob Zionist Jews. Voltaire was right:

“They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.”

In any case, the rightosphere is all aflutter over the recent Supreme Court decisions. Justice Neil Gorsuch ruled that transgenders are a protected class that can’t be fired, declaring that to do so is discrimination based on “sex.” Gorsuch, let’s not forget, was Donald Trump’s first nomination to the Supreme Court, to succeed Antonin Scalia, and was considered a huge “win” for conservatives and Republicans because we have to stop the “activist judges.”

Tired of winning yet?

In any case, I figured out in 2001 that the media writes “in code.” That’s why when I read Vicki Ward’s first article about Jeffrey Epstein way back in 2003 I knew that he was trafficking young girls – all you had to do was read between the lines. In fact, you basically had to be a moron to not figure out what Ward was hinting at, even though she never came out and said it openly. I was living in New York at the time, and I went to parties, and I wasn’t a complete moron so I figured out quickly what the careers of “models” were.

So it was 2005 when President George W. Bush nominated John Roberts to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. As usual the media started writing “in code.” Originally, it was said that supporters of Roberts were “livid” because some “far-left groups” were asking questions about Robert’s adopted children. They said, “children are off limits.”

Later the story shifted; the “liberal media” never came out and said “Roberts is gay” but they hinted at it so strongly that only an idiot conservative wouldn’t get the hint. They wrote an article about Robert’s time at college and how conservatives were like the “gays” of campus and printed a picture of Roberts with a guy with the gayest mustache ever and another who looked like he was dying of AIDS.

But gay conservative Republicans were hardly unknown at the time, and despite the hysterical screams of social liberals, the religious right was never particularly powerful and never accomplished anything socially conservative anyway. In retrospect, the hysteria of liberals about a “Christian theocracy” was absurd on its face – not even they really believed it.

If you search for “Roberts” “gay” and “blackmail” you’ll come across an article by Esquire from a few years ago mocking “conservative conspiracy theorists” for suggesting that Roberts is gay and he always rules with the “liberals” because he is being blackmailed.

But if you think about it that doesn’t make any sense. Even five years ago, hell, even ten years ago, if a conservative was “politely closeted” like Lindsey Graham, it would garner nothing more than some tut-tutting by second-tier liberal websites like Salon. Even if Roberts was gay and his wife a “beard” and his children adopted just because that’s the kind of family expected, it wouldn’t be enough to really blackmail anyone later than the pilot episode of Friends in 1994.

But there is still one “sexuality” that is enough to get you in trouble.

Sibel Edmonds, the FBI 9/11 whistleblower, was “the most gagged person in US history.” She did a press conference discussing bribery and blackmail and displayed photographs of various government officials, with no explanation. One was Dennis Hastert, the most powerful Republican politician of his time and the longest serving Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Later, after Hastert went to prison for being a “serial child molestor,” Edmonds explained that Hastert was being “bribed” by Turkey – he later went on to become a lobbyist for Turkey – and that he was also being “blackmailed” by Turkey, and others. Edmonds said that the Clinton administration found out about Hastert during their retaliations for the Monica Lewinsky scandal – Clinton hired pornographer Larry Flint to dig up dirt on various Republicans. But what Clinton had on Hastert, and his position as top Republican, was too great to prosecute. It was far better for Clinton and the Democrats to be able to “blackmail” Hastert whenever it was convenient. So, to the fury of the few honest FBI agents left, the FBI was told to hold onto the blackmail material and not prosecute.

Do you really think Hastert was the only one?

No, they all are being blackmailed. Edmonds pointed out that when a judge comes up for confirmation, the background check is for the precise opposite purpose than you would think. If a nominee is clean and has nothing “blackmailable” in their past – they don’t get confirmed. It is only when they have something they can be blackmailed on they get confirmed.

Because, OF COURSE. Why in the world did anyone think otherwise?

Coronavirus appeared just in time to knock Epstein off of the media and the BLM riots transitioned quickly once the Covid-19 lock-downs started getting resistance. Although it’s now pretty much acknowledged, people still haven’t really grasped the history of the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover was doing the blackmailing. The top law enforcement officer of the United States, in office for 40 years, Hoover was literally a Mafia collaborator.

Does anyone remember the first World Trade Center bombing? It was the FBI officer who demanded his assets use real bombs. The asset wanted to use fake bombs, and then recorded his FBI handler demanding he use real bombs – then he released the tape, so they arrested HIM.

The FBI is a criminal organization and always has been, since day one. Because of course it it. What made anyone think it wasn’t?

The Southern District of New York admitted they confiscated DVDs from Jeffrey Epstein’s house labelled “Young [name] + name.” Has Attorney General William Barr breathed a word about any of that? Has anyone at SDNY followed up? What about all the emails and “evidence of child abuse” on Anthony Weiner’s laptop?

Occasionally you see a tabloid piece about Prince Andrew, but has anyone noticed they aren’t even talking about Ghislaine Maxwell – the actual sex trafficker behind the operation?

We know that Donald Trump – a friend of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell – was blackmailing Jerry Falwell Jr. and attempting to blackmail Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Donald Trump’s mentor was Roy Cohn, a Jewish organized crime figure that blackmailed public figures.

There is so much history and documentation of this phenomenon, but unless it’s on CNN or in the New York Times, it’s just not an issue. When some second rate newspaper like the San Jose Mercury News or a serious journalist like Gary Webb tell the wrong story, well, they get fired and eventually suicided. Nothing changes, same as it ever was.

So course course the Supreme Court, and all of Congress, and probably the police chiefs in major cities, they are all being blackmailed and they are all also doing the blackmail. It works the same as any gang or organized crime ring. I mean, Donald Trump ran a “modeling agency” for teenage girls and bragged about walking into their dressing rooms. What is a “model” anyway?

The “QAnon” conspiracy theories have it that Roberts is being blackmailed for being gay, but come on. Being gay isn’t even a real scandal. Lindsey Graham is barely closeted and he wins in uber-conservative Christian South Carolina.

So it’s obviously “worse” than just being gay. It’s not always sexual either. Even Donald Trump pointed out that MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Scarborough’s intern Lori Klausutis was literally bludgeoned to death in his Congressional office. They said she had a heart attack and fell down and hit her head. Scarborough had just announced he would resign just a few months before 9/11 and Klausutis died a month after his announcement.

I mean, they kill tens of thousands, even millions, of people in wars all the time. You think a few murders, or some child rape, is really a big deal to them? Sure, you may despise the idea of pedophilia. Clearly, the British upper classes consider it not that big of a deal. Some people do it.

Intelligence agencies trafficking children, teenage boys and girls, and adult women has been going on since forever – Whitney Webb documented it going back to the Jewish mob in the 1940s. Donald Trump has been at the center of these people since the 1980’s, and his father and grandfather were involved in Jewish organized crime too – Trump’s grandfather was himself a human-trafficker.

The only surprise is why we are surprised. Same with the drug dealing. Why are we surprised? Every Mexican knows the drug cartels run their government, but Americans only know what’s on the TV.

So if you want an explanation why, when the Republicans had control of all three branches of government and two-thirds of the state governments, they did nothing to stop immigration or anything “conservative” in general, well, first they didn’t want to – why would they? And second, any time they might have tried they get a visit from an AIPAC lobbyist who says, “hey Joe, remember that Christmas party in 2003? Crazy times, huh!”

That’s how the game works.

Besides, all the Republicans talk about “conservative judges” and it’s a “win” that all the “conservative judges” are members of the Federalist Society.

Well, who runs the Federalist Society that vets all the “conservative judges?”

Why, Eugene B. Meyer, of course.

Conservatives and right-wingers are so stupid it’s a wonder they can tie their own shoes.