Some of the happier moments of my marriage were the early days of Netflix. In our married version of “Netflix and chill” my wife would select the film we would watch together in bed. It also gave me a sweet way to butter her up because I could always tell her, “you always pick good movies that I never would.”

Which was true; only twice did I truly dislike a film she chose. But she didn’t know – and I didn’t tell her – that I knew she was just using the Netflix “recommended for you” feature, which was at the time considered the cutting edge of machine learning and our company was constantly engaged in trying to build similar systems.

Without her – and Netflix artificial intelligence – I would have never discovered one of my all time favorite films, 2002’s Secretary. Watching this film was like a light-bulb moment for me, as after watching it I finally understood an aspect of female sexuality that had mystified me since I was 16. Why was it that in any sexual relationship with a woman, over time, she will eventually hint, then suggest, then demand you tie her up and give her a good hard spanking? Through this art, the film Secretary, I was finally able to understand this aspect of women’s psychology and consequently was able to greatly improve as a lover – both inside and outside of bed. Because this aspect of women’s psychology has important ramifications not just during coitus but in a relationship generally.

Another film she – and Netflix – introduced me to was 1999’s A Map Of The World starring Sigourney Weaver and Julianne Moore, based on the novel by Jane Hamilton. Not a “chick flick,” A Map Of The World is better described as a “women’s film.” A story of two women in a farming community, Weaver plays a school nurse who is accused of child abuse. The climactic scene has the boy accusing her on the witness stand during the trial, screaming “you are hurting me!” over and over when cross-examined and found to be lying.

The child cannot discern between criticism and physical abuse.

Both of these films, these works of art, can shed some light on our current situation.

Matt Taibbi’s piece, The American Press Is Destroying Itself, details the deteriorating situation in which the media finds itself in the era of Trump. As the “Woke Mob” turns on their liberal colleagues, no one is safe and telling the truth is not just not an option, but even the desire to tell the truth is suspect. Left-leaning, progressive, rabid Trump-haters find themselves accused of being “racist” for reporting the opinions of the wrong black people and editors are fired for “endangering the lives” of their employees “of color” for publishing the editorials of sitting US Senators.

A liberal who is one day – perhaps just one hour – behind the ever shifting edge of “wokeness” immediately find himself or herself placed in the same category as “racists,” “anti-semites” and “white supremacists.”

The Hierarchy of Oppression is ever shifting and woe unto the liberal who doesn’t keep up with the org chart that is rewritten daily.

In many ways, the current riots triggered by the mass media’s coverage of George Floyd has blacks – now officially capitalized as a proper ethnic term, “Blacks” – reasserting themselves as the capstone of the Hierarchy of Oppression. During the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic, Asians were being promoted as the victims-du-jour, but that particular campaign didn’t stick, partly because the Democratic party shifted their narrative on the novel Coronavirus when they believed it could hurt Trump. Asians are granted just enough “people of color privilege” to attack whites but not enough to complain about discrimination against them by Ivy League affirmative action policies.

Not even Jewish privilege can always save someone. While Nation of Islam style “anti-semitism” is still forbidden and completely suppressed, attacks on a Jewish person as “white” is sometimes quite effective – indeed, even being married to a Jew who is not sufficiently anti-Russian is enough to become a target.

As did the child accuser in A Map Of The World, the woke mobsters consider it to be “violence” merely to express an opinion they do not approve of. Yet, also, since “silence is violence,” not expressing the proper opinion is also met with cries of “you’re hurting me, you’re hurting me!” But what is the proper opinion? The “proper opinion” changes day by day, even hour by hour, and depends on how many social media accounts rush to one side or another.

How can the beleaguered liberal be expected to keep up?

In reality, they aren’t expected to keep up. They are expected to resign their jobs and disappear, to be replaced by someone more woke and higher on the Hierarchy of Oppression.

Antifa always used the slogan, “liberals get the bullet too.” The leftists are not liberals. They do not believe in free speech, nor even rational discourse. Facts and logic are “constructs of a white supremacist society” – as is science. Even math is racist.

Eventually, those who hold real power will signal the end of the holiness spiral and the Hierarchy of Oppression Org Chart will have one version for public consumption, and one private version that determines real power. Britain’s Labour Party is facing a new struggle between female feminists and transgender activists as the new Conservative government reasserts physical sex over “gender identification.” Feminists are officially more oppressed than transgenders.

Calls to “defund the police” are being quietly ret-conned into moderate sounding calls for “reform” that represent little more than bureaucratic in-fighting in an age of shrinking local budgets. Black police officers and government workers are more important, in reality, than black looters.

And of course while individual Jews may sometimes be sacrificed as “whites” there’s never been any threat to institutional Jewish power; while America burns, Nancy Pelosi has made good on her infamous pledge; Congress has introduced no less than 68 bills to support the Zionist entity in Palestine.

Orwell said in 1984, “Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.” The Woke Mob Riots aren’t anything close to a revolution, they are at most a petty rebellion being used to strengthen the dictatorship. The power structure is not fundamentally changing, merely the lower-level functionaries – like the employees at the New York Times – are being swapped out. Liberals are being replaced with leftists and those with lighter skin are being replaced by those with darker skin. Black Lives Matter is allowed to win symbolic victories like forcing white citizens and police officers to kneel in humiliation; meanwhile AIPAC is seeing its legislation passed by Congress.

It’s been noted that there is an erotic aspect to street protesting, a notion that now has some academic research behind it. Adolph Hitler once described the masses as “feminine.” And indeed, the rioting Woke Mob, both in the streets and in the offices, are engaging in what the manosphere termed a “shit test.” They don’t, fundamentally, want to dismantle the police. They don’t, fundamentally, want to “end white supremacy” – they rely on “white supremacy” for their daily bread, literally, white supremacists put food on their tables.

As usual, Donald Trump’s instincts were right when he called for “dominating” the rioters. Also as usual, Trump was all twitter-talk and no action. Trump – again, as usual – failed to get even his own subordinates to not publicly humiliate him. Trump failed the “shit test” because he talked tough but didn’t walk tough. A leader whose own subordinates are in open rebellion is a failed leader and a leader who gives commands that are ignored is a laughingstock.

But Trump’s instincts were correct.

The child in A Map Of The World illustrates the Woke Mob’s conflation of disagreement with violence. The second film, Secretary, illustrates what the Woke Mob is really asking for, what they really want. They first hint, then they suggest, then they demand.

What they want, fundamentally, emotionally, is to be turned over the knee and given a good hard spanking. That is their erotic desire. In reality, “people of color” are coddled by America. Blacks are treated as spoiled children, browns are placed on pedestals, white progressives are treated as rational, as opposed to emotional, actors.

They are so spoiled, coddled, and pedestalized they create erotic fantasies of “white supremacists” and “racist cops” ruling them with an iron fist and regular doses of physical punishment. America has failed to give them the spanking their so desperately want, so they increase the shit tests – and will increase the shit tests until they get the punishment their very biology cries out for.

They wanted Donald Trump to be Adolph Hitler, but they got Jeb Bush instead, and when Trump failed to deliver they threw a temper tantrum. But Donald Trump is no Adolph Hitler. He isn’t even a James Spader.

If you won’t act the part of Christian Grey, your woman will leave you. But there is no possibility for political and racial divorce in the Current Year, so expect more cries of “you’re hurting me!” and more acting out until someone comes along to give them what they want.