On a recent Myth of the 20th Century podcast, Hank Oslo mentioned listening to police scanners during the recent rioting. He explained a tactic that was obviously being used.

The insurrection obtains a bunch of burner phones and starts calling the police reporting a van full of armed “white militiamen” going to some particular location. The police have to use resources to check this out. They can use this tactic to gather intelligence on police response times. They can also use this tactic to direct police presence away from an area.

In the recent Rebel Yell podcast, Musonius Rufus details the long history of FBI “false flags.” A young white man joins what he thinks is a “conservative” group, yet there’s one guy there encouraging members to identify with labels like “white nationalist” that are triggers for FBI, police, and the media. They encourage members to engage in public activism yet never organize bail funds, thus leaving the new recruit completely helpless in the face of arrests and lawsuits.

Rufus even mentions that one “protestor” at Charlottesville’s “Unite the Right” rally was related to a Democratic party staffer, and it was him that was the most stereotypical “neo-nazi.” An obvious plant, in other words. Learn how to vet people.

Of course they do this online as well. Whether it is interns literally sitting at his desk at SPLC headquarters, a Tel Aviv college student in a call center, or simply those who have been activated by them, certain kinds of blogs attract “Hollywood Nazis.” They want you to use racial slurs, call for violence, endorse genocide, and otherwise live up to the media-manufactured image.

A guest who said he had spoken with police in Richmond recently said the call went up from management, if you find any armed white guys that might be members of the “Booglaoo movement” call it in and make that a priority. The goal was obvious; trick white men to come armed to defend the monuments, then arrest them and claim they are a member of the “Booglaoo movement.”

It’s interesting that there are real, existing left-wing organizations like Antifa that the media claims don’t exist. Yet after a decade of blogging I’ve never heard of any “Booglaoo movement” – in fact, the term was also an obvious joke for “when the shit hits the fan.” Now this non-existent “movement” has a Wikipedia page.

There are zero “right-wing racialist” organizations in the United States that are not FBI fronts, like the “National Socialist Movement.”

The tactic is called “enemy face.” The game is to turn right-wing white groups into copies of the Aryan Nations prison gang. The Aryan Nations is not a political organization. It’s a prison gang and a drug cartel. The founder is Jewish and has tattoos of both a swastika and a Jewish star of David. The goal of the Aryan Nations is to survive prison and to profit selling illegal drugs; that’s it. They are the exact equivalent of black and “Latino” prison gangs. They are not political.

But the goal is for white men who resist left-wing machinations to be able to be portrayed in the media as a scary gang member, as well as to portray the Aryan Nations prison gang as a “white supremacist” political group.

Rufus also makes a good point about local politics. You can file police reports on Antifa members who commit criminal activities. You can sue them in civil court for civil offenses. Lawfare works.

Rufus, who totally gets it, points out that it’s best to operate undercover. You don’t join “a militia” – that’s just putting a target on your back. You join a soccer team that goes to the range a lot. You must homeschool your children. In certain areas, a church school is fine but in other areas it may be better to come across more like a “hippie” type, homeschooling is better for the environment, etc.

Another good point: make sure to know a popular TV show or movie and be really into it.

I don’t know why but I’ve always had this mindset. I can think of few things I find more boring than a Major League Baseball game, but I always kept up with a specific team enough to make small talk at work. I couldn’t express anything about my real interests or my real life in corporate America, so I made sure everyone just thought I was a ball fan.

This mindset is what you and your family will need to adopt sooner, rather than later. There’s no one coming to save you. Trump isn’t going to save you, Tom Cotton isn’t coming to save you. There will be no “right wing movement” that will gain power. It’s likely there won’t even be a counter-revolution from the establishment. Now, and into the foreseeable future, America is going to become more and more openly anti-white and anyone objecting too loudly will be fired from their job, if they are extremely lucky. The unlucky ones will wind up in prison or dead.

If you plan on a career in corporate America, you must be able to signal as “woke” to some degree. You have to at least know the language. If you have a corporate job, it’s just plain stupid to use social media under your real name, or really at all. Eventually you will slip up and one “tweet” can get your fired. Your employer will gladly throw you under the bus to avoid even a hint of scandal and perhaps as simply a way to virtue-signal.

If you can adapt to the rural life and want to live that way – do it now, sooner rather than later. The cities are getting worse and the suburbs are next. With modern technology and the internet, life on a farm is practically heaven. You don’t have to grow all of your own food, but it’s easy to supplement with gardening and raising chickens, etc. It’s really quite easy to pluck and dress and chicken and even easier to just get up in the morning and pick up some eggs.

As far as politics, get involved in local politics. Read up on zoning hearings, criminal court cases, the county sheriff. This is where you can “make a difference” and this is where politics impacts you. It’s clear the powers-that-be want to federalize and centralize everything; local government is the last stand of localism and community.

Don’t be a Hollywood stereotype. Don’t be an ideologue. Be resilient, be independent, and be organized.