We can see the short term plan, from now until the election. Then we can see the longer term plan.

It’s still difficult to say what exactly is the “Coronavirus pandemic.” Something scared China to the point where they locked down an entire huge province and locked people in their homes.

When the pandemic hit the West, at first the media said people were overreacting and were, in fact, “racist” for taking precautions. When Trump stopped flights, they attacked him for being “racist.” Then, the media turned on a dime and began claiming that Trump wasn’t doing enough.

Then, everyone was locked inside. Various forms of “lock downs” wrongly called “quarantines” were imposed by various state and federal governments. This bankrupted local businesses while the largest corporations like Walmart and Amazon made historical profits. Trump sidelined the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Powell, and put a private bank, Black Rock, in charge of doling out massive amounts of money to favored companies. This amounted to a whole-sale looting of the economy by a very small cabal of insiders that mostly share a common ethnicity.

People – mostly white people – staged a handful of peaceful protests against the lock-downs, basically begging for their jobs back before they starved to death, and were met with an intense campaign of demonization by the media.

It was predictable by everyone that urban riots would begin as soon as the weather got warm and the lock-downs were eased. The media got out in front of it by engaging in constant racial agitation, broadcast on every mass media platform from broadcast television to online social media.

The riots began right on time. The media, in partnership with America’s biggest corporations, promoted an open and explicit campaign of racial demonization of white people. Local police unions are under sustained demonization by all factions of the establishment.

Let’s unpack this.

This Counter Currents article details an Indian employee of the Rockefeller Foundation demonizing white people. This is the elite strategy; this is a pressure campaign on corporate America to fire whites who are not Jewish and replace them with non-whites and Jews. The elites of black and brown America, Indians, “Hispanics,” Chinese, Japanese, etc. The co-founder of Reddit.com has resigned his board seat and urged the board to hire a non-white person in his place. This is the continuation of a trend started in January led by Goldman Sachs to replace white, non-Jewish top employees and board directors at large corporations.

This is the strategy being used against the white upper-middle and lower-upper classes.

Let’s unpack the media campaign.

When videos showing black rioters attacking whites begin to trend on social media, the censorship via shadow-banning begins. Twitter keeps tight control of the “trending” category and Facebook uses similar methods. One look at the front page of Reddit shows non-stop media attacks on local cops. These are being published continuously as media personnel are combing social media for cell-phone videos of police arrests and actions.

The reality of the rioting is being rewritten in real time. Rioters are called “peaceful protestors” and defenders are called “racist.” The media is straight-up fabricating “white supremacist groups” and spreading conspiracy theories based on selectively edited videos of white men and group, often doing nothing but standing around, especially if armed.

From now until the election, the basic campaign of the Democratic party is easily understood: non-stop demonization of white working and middle class people. Constant stories about non-existent “white supremacist” groups will be broadcast daily culminating in a massive publicity campaign later this year of the Charlottesville “Unite The Right” lawsuits.

Any white person failing to submit or showing any resistance will be singled out and smeared on social media by anti-white activists as well as local, national and even international media. Already, an NFL player has been forced to endorse anti-flag protesting and the Chief Editor of Bon Appetit magazine has been forced to resign for speaking back to a non-white employee after being attacked for insufficient anti-white rhetoric.

The campaign to “defund the police” is an attack on police unions which remain a local power center still staffed by whites often of a “conservative” bent. In some localities it is possible that police will be replaced by a quasi-public political police force more interested in ideological enforcement than fighting crime; this political force will be aimed squarely at white citizens.

As we can see, local news media is a key tactical component of the war against whites. It’s local television broadcasts that are the front line of inciting racial hostility and anti-police sentiment. It was local news media that triggered the recent black riots and control the narrative of emerging incidents. National media picks up on the local stories and choose what local stories to turn into national incidents.

Do you know who owns and control your local television broadcast station?

Of course you don’t. You aren’t supposed to know, you aren’t even supposed to think about it. If you watch local television, you may know the faces of the weatherman or the traffic woman, but you know nothing about the ownership or the editors who control what goes on the air.

From now until the election there will be non-stop false stories about “white supremacist groups” and constant news stories singling out various white individuals who will be slandered as “racist” as well as non-stop attacks on white police unions.

After the election, no matter who wins, there will be more rioting.

The media creates reality. It’s the media that is the actor here. The media has the ability to incite riots, to ruin individuals, to make up completely fake stories and turn black riots into “white racists” and turn white Antifa in to “white supremacists.”

So if you want this to end, you have to figure out how to counter or control the media.