It’s official. If you are against Antifa, you’re anti-semitic.

“American Jews cannot support Trump’s ‘war’ on anti-fascism and his camp’s conspiracy theories about the ‘hidden hand’ behind legitimate protest and dissent”

Complaining about George Soros funding your political enemies is also “anti-semitic.”

When white, non-Jewish Portland Antifa beat Vietnamese journalist Andy Ngo, it’s Ngo that is being “anti-semitic.”

They keep repeating the line that Antifa “isn’t an organization” but that’s not true. It’s just as much an organization as the Crips, the Mexican Mafia, or the Aryan Nations. They don’t have membership lists either, does that mean they are just “tactics?”

Any two white men standing in the same space is a “neo-nazi rally” thus a “legitimate target” for Antifa violence. When the two men defend themselves from attack, they are being “anti-semitic” and hate Jews.

Don’t try to understand the logic – there is no logic. It’s not meant to be logical. It’s called “gaslighting.”

“Palestinians are an invented people.” “Whiteness is a social construct.”

They deny your identity, then they genocide you. It’s as simple as that.