Remember Jussie Smollett? Remember the thousands of threatening phone calls to synagogues and Jewish centers that were traced to Israel? Remember Joshua Ryne Goldberg, the Jewish “troll” that was both a “white supremacist” writing for the Daily Stormer as well as a “radical ISIS supporter” trying to incite terrorism?

Does anyone remember the police killing of Daniel Shaver? Probably not, because it didn’t get too much media coverage and since both Shaver, and the officer who killed him, Mitchell Brailsford, were white, so there was no reason for the media to make a big deal about it. In fact, police brutality isn’t an issue the media cares about, unless it’s a white cop being brutal to a black man. Even then, if a white cop isn’t brutal to a black suspect, it’s still “racism.”

Both normal whites and blacks ask all the time, why do black lives matter only when they are killed by a white man? It’s because the media doesn’t want to cover, say, black gang killings in Chicago. It’s not the narrative they want to push.

If the media made a big deal about black on white crime, that would have an effect on racial attitudes. So they cover it up while greatly, greatly exaggerating police brutality of blacks and whites on black crime (which barely exists.)

Back in the early days of youtube, there was a viral video about “Busman.” There was an old pretty crazy white guy talking to a black guy. The black guy gets the idea the white guy is disrespecting him, so the white guy moves to the front of the bus. The black guy follows him, throws a punch, and the old white guy just nails him.

Certainly there was a bit of white racial gloating over the incident, although it was more about an old guy putting down a young bully.

So, a month or so after the event, a small film studio announces they are going to make a film based on Busman, but it’s going to be … wait for it … “white skinheads” attacking an elderly Latino on a bus, who punches them out.

Just a straight up reversal of the races. Replacing real history with a fictionalized version mean to slander whites.

All those TV shows like Law & Order do the same thing. Take a real crime story, then make the criminal white instead of non-white.

The new Netflix Series Mrs. America does something similar. They take a real event – the debate between Phylis Schlafly and Brenda Feigen – and reverse it. In the real history Feigen makes up a false claim and gets called on it by Schlafly. In the fictional version, they have Schlafly making a false claim and gets called on it by Feigen.

The Occidental Observer has a series of articles about Hollywood movies about Wall Street. Often based on real life financial criminals, they always have the villain played by a stereotypical “WASP” while having the heroic regulators trying to take them down played by stereotypical Ashkenazis.

The “news” is no different than the “entertainment.” It’s all part of the media, humans can barely distinguish fact from fiction.

The TV show Law & Order has real life news anchors appearing as themselves as part of the show – further blurring the lines between “news” and “fiction.”

A recent commenter made a point. Men get erections – a physical response – to videos of naked women. It’s all just colored dots on a screen, but the brain, the deep part of your brain, the limbic cortex, believes it is real and responds accordingly.

In the early years of cinema – even radio – women would often write letters to their favorite soap opera characters as if the characters were real – they often believed, on a deep level, that they had a real life romance with these fictional characters.

For my entire life, the entire mass media – television, movies, newspapers, books, radio – has been engaged in a hate campaign against working class white people. The demonization goes into overdrive if these white working class people have stereotypical conservative views, whether religious, cultural, political.

Imagine if, say, Jews were constantly demonized in the media. Criminals were always shown as Jewish. Thousands, tens of thousands, of television shows and movies were made about Jewish Communists committing murder, torture, and genocide in the USSR and around the world.

Imagine if the news media made an international story every single time an Israeli attacked, beat, tortured, or murdered a Palestinian.

What would happen? “Anti-semitism” would become endemic. People would hate Jews.

Ted Turner, a white liberal, created the CNN cable news channel. At some point he was pushed out of his own television channel. Steve Case, the early online pioneer behind AOL, was pushed out of his internet channel at the height of its popularity.

Google was given constant good press in the early years of the internet. The Winklevoss brothers had Facebook basically stolen from them, with the assistance of Harvard president Larry Summers, who smeared them in the media.

“Leftist” hatred of white people is allowed on social media. Open calls by blacks for violence against whites is allowed. Open calls for violence against whites is allowed for Asians – who then get hired by the New York Times.

Attempts by whites to create pro-white media are shut down.

We really need to do something about this.