It doesn’t matter what a white person believes. In fact, you could do as the mayor of New York City did, marry a black woman and raise black children. All you are doing is “sexualizing black bodies” and “fetishizing race.”

If you have white skin, you are a racist.

The definition of the term “racist” is “a person of European descent.”

That’s it. If you believe that “racist” has some ideological meaning, that a “racist” is someone with a particular opinion about race, you are wrong.

A person of African descent is called “Black.”

A person of Chinese descent is called “Asian.”

A person of European descent is called “racist.”

Realize that negative stereotypes about a white person’s skin color, eye color, hair texture, facial features, penis size – these are all considered the heights of humor by anti-whites. Mocking your accents, you haircut, your scent, all perfectly acceptable and considered “anti-racism.”

Because the fact that people of European descent exist at all is “structural racism.” “Structural racism” will end only when all white peope are dead and gone.

They say it openly, after all. It’s time to take them seriously.

Just notice – when black and brown people loot, riot, murder, steal, that is called “peaceful protest.”

When white people stand silently, armed to protect themselves, they are a “KKK rally” and “fascists” and “terrorists.”

Two men standing together are a “Nazi rally” and can’t be allowed.

It’s that simple. It requires no great thought, in fact, to over-think it is to miss the significance.

If you are white, you are a “racist.”

If you are “against racism” that means you want all white people dead and gone.