As usual, most online personalities, including those in what might be called “the online white right” are less interested in understanding the riots and more interested in leveraging the riots for propaganda purposes.

Which is fine, that’s their job. But truth is my job. I want to understand the riots for what they are, and let the propaganda play out as it will.

People like RamZPaul and many others only see the riots in the sense of politics. What will Trump do? If Trump says this, is it good or bad for his re-election?

I certainly could not care less. I didn’t vote for Trump last time and I won’t be voting for – or against – him next time.

Other are more interested in the “meta-politics” of the riots. How will white America react? What should be the stance of “the right?” Etc. More interesting than shilling for or against Trump, but ultimately their “takes” are garden-variety racial politics.

There have now been very large “Black Lives Matter” protests in Ireland and New Zealand. Neither have large black populations and none have a large poulation of “African-Americans” which are a specific breed of Africans.

Why would Kiwis or the Irish take much interest in racial police brutality in the United States?

Well, of course, they don’t. What we’re seeing in Ireland and New Zealand is simply an expression of political power by, for lack of a better term, “the left.” This “left” is very much a descendant of the 19th and 20th Century Communist movement, but it’s not Communist and calling it that is to mislabel, thus misunderstand, it.

What is going on in America? Again, the riots were not spontaneous; they were planned.

In Minneapolis Race Riots & The ‘Outside Agitators’ I posted the documents from MK-ULTRA Subproject 102: “Behavior of naturally formed groups of adolescent boys in Texas and Oklahoma as a function of group membership and environment” along with some analyses of Andrea Nolen and my own.

What the CIA was studying was 14-19 year old “inner city black youth,” what Nolen describes as the “riot demographic.” CIA has used riots in many places around the world, notably in the “Color Revolutions” in Eastern Europe and the “Arab Spring” in Egypt. This is what CIA does; they use “unrest” in order to overthrow governments.

As stated earlier, the “riot demographic” was being primed for the rioting with two months worth of highly charged racial propaganda being broadcast on all major television networks. The deaths of “jogger” Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd were portrayed as an example of “racism” and “white supremacy.”

Black men die all the time in America; any death of a black man could be used to create just such a propaganda narrative of “white supremacy” and “racism.” But these two deaths were perhaps more convenient, as there was video.

Nothing appears on television by accident, and when a local story is turned into a national spectacle it is for a reason, to advance a narrative. These stories exist to “program” the public, hence, the term “television programming.”

In the last month, remnants of the “Black Lives Matter” movement were reactivated to stage a series of nation-wide “peaceful protests.” It was absolutely predictable that riots would ensue as they always do – even more predictably considering that virtually the entire United States, and especially urban areas, have been under a police state “lock-down” ostensibly due to the Coronavirus pandemic – for nearly three months.

As soon as the weather got warm, urban riots were inevitable, the two months of racial propaganda and the “peaceful protests” by Black Lives Matter were able to put a “political” patina over the inevitable rioting and leverage the riots for political purposes.

One “conspiracy theory” has spread over social media about piles of bricks laid out, as if placed there on purpose, for rioters to use to break windows and throw at police and white people generally. One video shows a black woman, of stereotypical “ghetto” culture, screaming into a car at a “white bitch” who was passing out brick to groups of black men. The woman hand the brick back through the window of the car, to the passenger, while giving a lecture about “handing out bricks to black men during a riot.”

Indeed – why WOULD a group of white people, including the “white bitch,” be driving around giving bricks to groups of black men?

Another social media video shows a police official, apparently a Mestizo, lecturing a crowd of blacks and browns to not let a “bunch of white boys” turn their “peaceful protest” into a riot.

Mainstream conservatives have decided to blame “white” “Antifa” and ignore black criminality.

It doesn’t take much for “inner city” youth to riot. Indeed, one video of a handcuffed black man has him explaining, quite forthrightly, that he was just out to “get moneys.” When asked if he had any thoughts about the death of George Floyd he said, sure, a little, but mostly he was just out to loot, to “get moneys.” Other blacks, of both sexes, are simply having a good time lashing out at a society they perceive as “white supremacist.” For many of the lowest-IQ blacks, whites make computers hard to use so blacks can’t use them to “get moneys.” The existence of highly intelligent white men who can create technological society is, by their definition, “white supremacy.”

The attacks on random white people are simply racial gang warfare; nothing more, nothing less. A group of black men will beat and murder white men and women because they can, because they hate white people, because whites are the outgroup. Black men do the same to any other racial groups, and to their own, all the time. It’s standard behavior. Males of all races do similar under similar circumstances; African-American limited IQ, high aggression, and a lack of ability to compete in white society do this more than most other groups.

So, two months of highly racialized media propaganda, nation-wide “peaceful protests” by the astro-turf front group “Black Lives Matter” and the already ready-to-riot black population; the combination has an easily predictable outcome. Indeed, the outcome was predicted, this blogger, having no great insight nor foresight, predicted it numerous times, and predicted that it would happen as soon as the weather turned warm and the “lock downs” were eased.

Right on time. If I can predict this, then political lobbies, police forces, intelligence agencies, and pretty much anyone else could predict it.

A disturbing video I recently watched showed an attractive young white women say to the camera that someone in her home town had said “all lives matter” in response to a chant of “black lives matter” and she got punched in the face, “just for that.” She then points the camera to what appears to be another young white women lying on the ground and the woman says, “and I’d do it again!” Thus, signaling her alliance with the rioters and claiming herself as a white enforcer of anti-white dogma among her fellow whites.

The failed “Alt Right” movement at one time wanted to create a right-wing, pro-white version of “Antifa.” Indeed, the painfully obvious SPLC asset Matt Heimbach, a classic narcissist, created the “Traditional Workers Party” to be just such an organization.

This writer constantly warned against such a strategy, as it’s like trying to navigate around an iceberg by just boating past the part above the water.

Fortunately now, more and more whites are understanding that Antifa is a front group; they are protected by the National Lawyer’s Guild – a Jewish organization created by Communists – and given blatantly positive coverage in the Jewish-owned media, even in magazines such as Teen Vogue.

To understand the nature of Antifa we need to understand the type of person that “joins” Antifa.

Fortunately for you, dear readers, this author has personally known more than one “leader” of Antifa. Let me tell a story, with names changed to protect the guilty, about two Antifa “leaders” of my former acquaintance.

Both of these were white men, neither were Jewish. Both had college educations and were relatively well-read. Both came from upper-middle class backgrounds.

Both were highly ideological; as someone who grew up in a Christian subculture, I can recognize religious fanaticism when I see it, and both men were religious fanatics. Their religion was “anti-fascism.”

What did these two white men really think about black people?

Well, a story will illustrate. Both were giving small amounts of money and drugs to a border-line retarded, heroin-addicted impoverished black prostitute in return for sexual servicing. She told one of them that she was pregnant with his baby, and the white Antifa “leader” expressed pure joy and relief when she gave birth to a fully-black baby, thus keeping him from both having to pay child support and to continue to pretend he had any interest in this black woman other than inexpensive fellatio.

Both white male “leaders” of Antifa had almost exclusively white friends. The entire Antifa subculture is almost completely white. Antifa can be understood as a cult, in the same sense that Scientology is a cult. Although not nearly as organized, Antifa propaganda is stereotypical, textbook “cult recruitment” propaganda.

The current role of Antifa in the current riots is being obscured by both the right and the left.

For conservatives, always a pathetic group, by pointing the finger at Antifa and blaming them for turning “peaceful protests” into riots they can position themselves as “not racist” and “pro-black.” Blacks, especially of the “inner city” type, do not need white Antifa to riot and these riots would exist even in “Antifa” didn’t exist.

For liberals, or “the left,” they are spreading an absolutely hysterical conspiracy theory that “white supremacists” are “dressing up like Antifa” and causing all the violence. The “left” is creating this absurd conspiracy theory to try to obscure the role of Antifa in the riots and to instead talk about their favorite subject, “white supremacists.”

To be clear, the terms “racist” “white supremacist” and “neo-nazi” are slurs that mean all working class whites. When whites use the term “racist” and “white supremacist” they do not mean themselves, they mean working class white people, especially, rural working class white people. The white “liberals” and “leftist” do what is called “punching down.” They are engaging in a form of “virtue signaling” – they are signaling that they are educated, urbane, and hold the correct opinions.

Leftist ideology, for whites, is a form of Veblen good; it is a way of signaling social and economic status.

There are two “types” of violence going on in the current riots.

First is just typical black criminality. Gangs of blacks beating and murdering white men and women, girls and boys, is a daily occurrence and the current riots are an excuse to engage in anti-white violence largely free of consequence. Antifa is not responsible for the rioting and looting, black males and females are, and need no help from highly ideological white Antifa to engage in such behavior.

The other kind of violence is being perpetrated by Antifa, BLM, and their allies. This is planned violence. The video evidence is quite clear: teams of white Antifa are going around methodically smashing windows, setting fires, attacking police officers and bystanders, and engaging in a highly coordinated campaign of disruption.

It’s important too to remember that Black Lives Matter is itself a front group. Consider the fact that one of BLM’s key platform planks is “transgender rights.” The average black male that gets in trouble with the police does not have politically correct opinions on transgenderism; the inclusion of this plank in the BLM platform is a sure tell about the nature of that organization. The typical BLM organizer is a mullata college student, someone very far removed from the culture and neighborhoods we call “inner city ghettos.”

There are many “regular” black and brown people who are outraged at these “white Antifa” disrupting their “peaceful protests.” Indeed, a common talking point being attempted is to blame all of the rioting on “white Antifa” – as if “inner city blacks” would never riot without being prompted to by whites. Ironically, a position seemingly quite close to “white supremacy.”

The fact that Ireland and New Zealand are having “Black Lives Matter” rallies shows that much of the “protesting” has nothing whatsoever to do with the death of George Floyd.

These riots are, more than anything, anti-Trump rallies.

Or to be more precise, these riots are anti-Trump voter riots.

In fact, these riots are not the slightest bit different than the attacks against Trump voters during the campaign season, the riots at the inauguration, the “Pussy hat” protests, and countless others.

Blacks and increasingly browns are rioting because they are anti-white and see rioting as an expression of power against a “system of white supremacy” and “gringo supremacy.” Their motivations are not hidden and are not particularly hard to perceive.

Their “white allies” are of course not their allies at all – something that the smarter blacks and browns rediscover every generation. The “white allies” – and Antifa – are middle and upper-middle class whites whose target are whites with less privilege then they have. Their attitudes are often buried under a pile of political jargon, but the more emotional are sometimes triggered into expressing their class hatred quite openly.

And Antifa itself is a political cult that is protected at the highest levels of power. It is used as an on-call terrorist group to attack white working class people whenever they organize in their own interest.

Antifa is run, at the top, by Zionist Jews – it is as simple as that.

Because Antifa doesn’t have a membership list they claim to not be an organization. Sometimes Antifa is described by the term “Black Block” but it is important to remember that “Black Block” is a tactic that Antifa engages in.

Historically, Antifa was created by the Communist party in Germany to attack workers. The Communist party has always been, at heart, a Jewish movement – Jews certainly provided much of the brainpower and financing for the Communist movement.

To understand the current situation, it pays to remember that Donald Trump’s father was a member of Antifa and was arrested, along with his fellow Antifa, for attacking a peaceful Klan rally in the 1920s.

In the film The Firm, Tom Cruise plays a young attorney recruited by a shadowy law firm that works for Italian organized crime. He comes up with a funny – and a bit ridiculous – plan to take down the law firm while protecting the attorney-client privilege of his Mafia clients. At some point he tells the FBI, “to take down the criminals, go after their lawyers.”

Indeed. If you want to uncover Antifa, simply look at their lawyers: the network of attorneys set up by the Communist party in the 1930’s known as the National Lawyers Guild.

Who are the NLG? Wikipedia notes:

The group was founded in 1937 as an alternative to the American Bar Association (ABA) in protest of that organization’s exclusionary membership practices and conservative political orientation. They were the first US bar association to allow the admission of minorities to their ranks.

NLG is a Zionist front group. It was set up by Communist Jews as an alternative to the mainstream white American ABA.

It’s the Jews, stupid. It always is. Blacks and browns do what they do, it’s not particularly hard to understand.

White Antifa is a slightly more complicated beast, but once you understand that it uses classic “cult” tactics and its recruits are highly ideological, university-indoctrinated whites, it’s also not particularly hard to figure out.

If Antifa was “anti-establishment” it would have been shut down long ago. It’s allowed to operate because it works for the ruling class.

Who is the ruling class who sponsors Antifa? Just look at the membership list of the National Lawyer’s Guild. Look who funds them – look who they fund.

It’s really quite simple. In fact, it’s so simple that big brained right wingers are always trying to make things more complicated than they are. Surely, it’s neo-Calvinists in the Harvard Cathedral or perhaps “the Communist party” or “Bernie Bros.” Surely, it’s George Soros!

No, it’s the Jews.

Need more illustration? How often does this “left” movement, Antifa, “Social Justice Warriors,” etc., breathe a word about the mass murder and genocide of Palestinians? Almost never, and when they do they are quickly silenced by their sponsors.

White Americans will never regain our sovereignty with right-wing ideology. It takes a set of clear eyes to see what is right in front of you. Consider how right-wingers were tricked into shilling for Donald Trump, the most pro-Jewish, Zionist president in US history.

I’m not blaming regular “normies” of course – for many working and middle class white people, Trump was the only choice. But the big-brained “Alt Right” types, instead of performing their natural duty of educating and leading lower-information whites, instead created all sorts of fantasy-scenarios about Trump being the real deal. They were simply the “QAnon” of their time.

Fortunately, most of the remnants have come around and “won’t be fooled again.” I’m not telling anyone to vote for or against Trump, I’m not telling anyone what to do. I’m just telling the truth and making observations that many people either miss, or won’t say for various reasons.