H/t Mike Enoch. Reading this woman’s Twitter is revealing. She calls herself “biracial” with a “white mother” and she’s very concerned when a white Antifa accidentally broke the windows of a synagogue.

I just witnessed a WHITE BOY ON A SKATEBOARD use his board to break the windows at Beth Ahabah and when other protestors told him “STOP. THAT’S A SYNAGOGUE.” He was A MESS. All panicky and apologetic. What the FUCK?! You didn’t know what building that was?! … WHO’S GONNA BE LABELED ANTISEMETIC IN THE MORNING?! NOT YOU.

This activists understands who is really pulling the strings. It’s NOT OK to attack Jewish synagogues, or Jews. When the “WHITE BOY” realized his mistake, he was “A MESS.”


Because the white Antifa knows who really has power. The white Antifa knows that he can talk all day about “fascists” – meaning, working class white people. But he knows he dare not speak a word against “the 1%” – the wealthiest and most powerful demographic in America.

The BLM woman even knows that the name of the synagogue, which is not particularly common knowledge among the black demographic that often deals with the police. She knows that the only thing the BLM rioters can do that will cause them bad media coverage is attacking a synagogue.

Meanwhile, rioters have burned down the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church. Why would this thoroughly liberal denomination be attacked? They are supporters of Black Lives Matter.

Oh. Maybe a bit to much sympathy for Palestinian Christians.

The BLM activists wants to protect synagogues, and direct everyone’s violence and vandalism to the correct targets:

But destruction is good when it’s the Daughters of the Confederacy HQ. Fuck them. I said what I said.

Lots of social signaling. Here, an academic uses her knowledge of Egyptian style obelisks to teach protestors how to topple them safely and effectively, if they are “racist monuments.”

These are the real “outside agitators.” Or maybe a better way to put it, “inside agitators.” Much of the rioting and looting are just that; opportunistically using the protests to steal stuff from stores and break stuff just for the sheer thrill of it.

But the political reasons have little to do with police violence. The blacks are protesting and rioting because they hate white people.

And their Jewish controllers, the Jewish-led Antia, the political class – including the Negro leaders who step and fetch for Jews – they hate white people too.

That’s why synagogues are protected and churches too sympathetic to the Palestinians are burned.

That is why the Antifa vandal reacts with terror and fear at the thought he may have broken protocol and became an “anti-semite.”

That is why the BLM activist knows the name of the synagogue and is there to protect it.