Minneapolis, Seattle, Washington DC, New York, everywhere.

Ostensibly these riots are “protests” over the police killing of a black man. The media, purposefully, broadcast racially charged propaganda about the killing for weeks, just after they spent nearly a month race-baiting the public over the death of a black criminal who tried unsuccessfully to disarm a white man and wound up shot. The mass media, along with the organized “left” is using this as an opportunity to spread their favorite conspiracy theory, the so-called “white privilege” conspiracy theory.

But as we can see, the opposite is the case. Whites have no “privilege” – but blacks do. When a handful of mostly white people protested – 100% peacefully – a month ago to demand the lifting of the police state “lock downs” they were met with a barrage of hostility by the media and the “left” who called these peaceful protestors “terrorists” and even “nazis.”

Black looters are referred to as “peaceful protestors” and are lionized by the “left” as “the voice of the voiceless” and other such left-wing political tropes.

A white man holding a sign demanding he be allowed to go to work and earn a living is met with unhinged hostility, yet a black man stealing a television is excused in every way imaginable.

The riots are not “spontaneous” – they were planned. The warm-up was the anti-white media campaign, the opening act was “protests” planned by various left-wing groups, and the trigger was whichever black “youth” broke the first windows.

It’s all easily predictable, and the people who plan these riots are professionals who know how to take actions that will result in very predictable outcomes.

Contributing to the rioting has been the fact that much of the United States has been under a “lock down” with the Coronavirus pandemic as a handy excuse.

Now, “leftists” and Democrats – including Hollywood celebrities like Bill Maher – are spreading the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is going to suspend the elections, or refuse to leave the Presidency when he loses to Joe Biden.

It never ceases to amaze me how “leftists” can convince themselves they are opposed by the “establishment” and the “corporations” when their allies are given large budget, nationally broadcast TV shows.

In any case, it seems likely that the rioting will help Trump win the election. Obviously, Trump is the choice of the real powers-that-be, as Donald Trump has – again, quite predictably, given his life history – given the ruling class everything they have wanted. Full control of Palestine, a green light to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians, annexation of Syrian land, and complete control of the US economy, which is now being stripped to the bone of all significant assets of any value.

Last year, the wife of Republican oligarch Sheldon Adelson suggested that a new book be added to the Jewish Bible in honor of Donald Trump, recognizing his role is Jewish history as a Jewish messiah. Indeed, Trump has done more for Jews and Israel than some ancient monarchs like Cyrus the Great, who was called “my messiah” by no less than the prophet Isaiah.

The riots will – also predictably – help Trump’s re-election, as a riot-weary public will vote for the “law and order” candidate as they did in the late 1960’s by voting for Richard Nixon twice. There will be another wave of rioting after Trump’s re-election, giving an excuse to accelerate the expanding technocratic police state.

We’ll also see a new wave of “white flight” as any white family with the means to do so will flee blacks, specifically, and “diversity” more generally. Some urban areas will never “go back to normal” – the “new normal” will be abandoned and burned out cities, populated by lumpenproles of color and little else.

Trump’s second term will see the full economic impact of the new Great Depression, a wave of mass murder of Palestinians including women and children (which will be virtually ignored by the US mainstream media) and a continuation of a more-or-less hot war in the Middle East against the Shiite Crescent.

The technocratic police state, now medicalized, will reach into every public and private space and in some cases even into one’s physical body. In order to maintain a middle class lifestyle and career, one will be required to willfully, and even cheerfully, submit to the most draconian police state measures. To prevent one’s family from falling into abject poverty, even the lowest paid laborers and service personnel will be required to submit, but will at least be allowed to grumble, complain and engage in occasional symbolic protest.

On the bright side, the era of mass immigration may be coming to a close, due to the new medical reality of the current – and future – pandemics, as well as the lack of economic prospects in the new Great Depression in the United States. High-end immigration, for example technicians on H1-B visas and medical specialists, will continue but perhaps at a slower rate.

All of these developments are perfectly predictable and require no great insight or foresight, on the contrary, it takes a great deal of effort to believe otherwise.

In time, the overt repression of Americans – whites – will come to resemble, more and more, the genocide of the Palestinians – a people with which Americans share a great deal of similarity, as well as the white people of South Africa.

There are two ways that Americans can now survive, and perhaps thrive, in the “new normal.”

First is to move to a rural area with little-to-no ethnic diversity and revive a semi-pastoral existence. “Victory gardens” will become more popular as the culture of consumerism comes to an end.

The second option is to adopt the mindset of a spy while engaging in mainstream corporate life, to begin a “long march through the institutions.” White identity will increase right along side of ethnic diversity; this is inevitable, although it will be harshly suppressed by the police state, it will nevertheless develop naturally, with no help from any “movement.” Indeed, the existing so-called “movement” is itself just a ham-handed version of 1984’s “Brotherhood,” a mirage meant to corral potential enemies of the system into a self-discrediting and easily surveilled subculture.

The future is here, now. The technocratic police state is in place and being extended daily. We are all Palestinians now.