“It’s not meant to be taken literally, he’s referring to all manufacturers of temperature sensitive produce.” — Not Monty Python’s Life Of Brian

Ever see the movie The Departed? Not as good as Goodfellas but still a solid effort. Based on a Hong Kong film, the central premise is that the Police have an informant in the Mob, and the Mob have an informant in the Police. Also loosely based on the real life Irish Mob in Boston – in which case one brother was the head of the Mob, while the other brother is the head of the Local Government, it turns out that the leader of the Mob is also an informant for the FBI, mirroring the real life circumstance of an FBI handler for the Mob Boss that was protecting the Mob activities of his asset/agent – which led to the real life prosecution of the FBI officer the character was based on.

So, while researching another entry in the Revelation of the Methodist series, I remembered a decade old article from one of my favorite “conspiracy theory” authors about a then-current string of police assassinations. A half-dozen or so local police officers were killed, “execution-style” over the course of a few weeks. The author built a compelling case that these executions were done to cover up a human-trafficking and child pornography ring.

I found the article, and was just about to research aspects of the case, but figured – why not research something current instead?

I used the tactics I documented in the series “Taking Down The Mob” and thought to myself, huh …

… if I were a member of a notoriously exclusive ethnic group whose “homeland” – as well as ethnic organized crime gang – has historically been known for human trafficking, well, I’d want an asset inside the people who research human trafficking, wouldn’t I?

So I started researching human trafficking in the locality that the police officers were executed in a decade ago and, as usual, was amazed at what I found – and how easy it was to find!

I’m not going to mention names, nor post links. That’s why all the “Pizzagate” stuff on reddit was shut down – you aren’t allowed to point out people who are not “public figures.”

But let’s just say:

In a major American city there is a non-profit organization dedicated to “stopping human trafficking” – trafficking for both sexual and non-sexual reasons. On their website you can find the names and faces of their staff. It’s what one might expect, a lot of young white women, two token people of color, and one male person with a stereotypical name belonging to an ethnic group notorious for both historical and contemporary human trafficking – and a face to match.

So I went to an internet search engine, plugging in his name and the city, and found his resume via a well known job site.

Do I even need to spell it out? He went to college in the mid west, was a member of the local branch of an ethnically exclusive student group – one of the only ethnically exclusive student groups allowed on campus, ironically. He listed, proudly, the community organizations he was involved in – all based on this exclusive ethnic group.

At some point during his college career, he took a trip, half way around the world, to a state dedicated to his ethnic group. He lived there quite longer than the typical students taking this trip do, seeming to stay there for perhaps a year. And he didn’t just hit the tourist spots either – oh, no. He lived and worked in an ethnically-exclusive apartheid settlement on land stolen from the indigenous people of that area. One can speculate if he ever toted a machine gun and shot the indigenous people his ethnic group is ethnically cleansing.

At some point he moves back to the USA, and settles in the location in question.

Now, officially, his job is lecturing white men on the evils of human trafficking and how white men are all responsible. One only needs to read the website of this non-profit to notice that it employs all of the typical “SJW” rhetoric – and the many young white women working for this group pretty much look exactly as you would expect a stereotypical “SJW” to look – plenty of “problem glasses” but not so much the green hair.

But while our research target here is officially in the business of “social work,” in previous jobs – helpfully listed on his resume – he’s actually done work in what is called “data mining.”

Now the non-profit also does “data mining” in order to catch human traffickers. They also use “data mining” to find victims, or potential victims, of human trafficking.

It occurred to me …

… if you wanted to bust certain human traffickers, while protecting the human traffickers of the organized crime network of your own exclusive ethnicity, well, this would be a great job to have.

You could alert your criminal counterparts to any potential investigations. You could alert law enforcement of your criminal competition. You could steer your co-workers who are sincerely interested in stopping human trafficking away from some networks and toward others.

And having a background in “data mining” you could actually “juke the stats” to keep your own criminal network from even showing up in the “data reports.”

Not only that, but you’d be in a perfect position to actually locate current victims of human trafficking and even those “vulnerable” to human trafficking. After all, the non-profit admits that they pose as victims – and perpetrators – of human trafficking – online. Which would mean setting up fake social media accounts pretending to be one of the most common targets of human trafficking – young girls.

And networking with real young girls, online, to, you know, find out which young girls are being trafficked and which are “vulnerable” to being trafficked.

Perusing this person’s resume, it seems quite obvious he took quite a reduction in salary to move from a very highly renumerated job working for a Fortune 500 company doing data mining to do what is, in all likelihood, a very low paying “social work” position in a small non-profit.

It could be he’s just very concerned with victims of human trafficking.

While doing this research it reminded me of a woman I knew, nearly 20 years ago, who was a fellow member of this exclusive ethnic group, who was actually born in the country notorious for human trafficking and apartheid. In her case, she got a job at a non-profit, “social justice” kind of organization whose agenda also had similar “risk” to the apartheid country.

She was quite forthright that if she had stayed in her country, she would have had to do her mandatory two-years service in the armed forces of that country, but she “decided to do this instead” – “this” being move to America for two years, working at a non-profit political lobby whose agenda could potentially harm the political interests of her homeland.

Apparently, by the time she moved back, she wouldn’t have to serve any time in the military, because she had come to America to “do this instead.”

Once you see it, you can’t un-see it. It’s all there, in plain sight, if you know where – and how – to look.

For me it took an afternoon on my laptop and unleashing my “inner detective.” I feel sort of like Amazing Polly, but instead of following the rabbit trails of QAnon style Trump-shilling conspiracy theories, I took a stab at uncovering real espionage, real organized crime, and … dare I say it? “The real racists.”

I may just make this my new hobby.

If I were to write a single name on my WordPress blog, or even point to a single organization, I’d be immediately banned by the ADL – AGAIN.

So instead I’m just going to share the tactics, the techniques, and hopefully teach other people how to do it, give some starting points, point people in the right direction.

All we need is a few thousand people, after all. Once we reach a critical mass, there’s really no stopping us.

It’s more exciting than posting, yet again, about the Coronavirus, which I’m just tired of at this point.