First the case in Georgia – quite similar to the Trayvon Martin case. The national news media chose to make a national racial spectacle. Just like the Martin case, they have misrepresented an adult black male criminal as a victim of racism. The media is doing it on purpose, it’s not “liberal bias” – it’s disinformation. Consider the comedy of pretending that George Zimmerman was some sort of “racist white supremacist.”

Now we have Minneapolis. It’s following a well-worn script. Black crime is treated as a local issue, anything a white man, or a police officer, does is turned into a national issue. The talking heads on the TV tell everyone what they are supposed to believe. As in the Rodney King case, video evidence is very selectively edited and only the most inflammatory parts are played, over and over and over again, with the express purpose of triggering the inevitable.

Black Lives Matter had all but died out, but now its back. It’s a great opportunity to get out the black vote, too. But cynical exploitation for votes happens to both black people and white people. In the meantime, the riots are causing real damage to communities – and as this writer has predicted, the New Great Depression triggered by the Coronavirus “Lock Down” policies mixed with a long, hot summer is going to see city after city burned.

When Aspiring Rappers Who Didn’t Do Nothing riot, their behavior is very predictable. It will end with store fronts being looted and televisions carried off.

But in Minneapolis we’re seeing something different, a bunch of white people “using ‘Antifa’ tactics.”

If you’ve ever wondered why a terrorist group like Antifa is allowed to exist, operate in the open, and never gets shut down and gets nothing but positive coverage in the media, well – come on.

Now right-wingers love to believe that Antifa is run by a bunch of smelly dirty hippies. But the reality?

The sons of Senators, and you’ll also find Zionists, Israelis – IDF types, Mossad, etc. An early member? Donald Trump’s father, which is why he was arrested while attacking a Klan parade with his Jewish and “Antifa” buddies way back in the 1920’s.

And sons of Senators? What do we understand about the nature of spooks, the kind of people they are?

My posts about the intelligence link to cults hurt some feelings, but there are former “members” of Antifa that refer to it as a “cult” and using “cult like tactics.”

And despite the hurt feelings of Thelemites and Scientologists, the CIA absolutely does know a thing or two about creating cults, and “mind control.”

And the CIA has been doing “human ecology” studies on black youth at least since the 1960s.

You think CIA knows how to whip up some race riots?

Let’s see what the silenced Andrea Nolen has to say:

The CIA And Race Riots, Andrea Nolen, NOVEMBER 6, 2014:

The American race riots of the 1960s have a lot in common with riots that are happening across the Western world today – the sequence of events is strikingly similar: a cop shoots a youth under strained circumstances; rioting ‘spontaneously’ starts and destroys the local economy; the neighborhood ends up being on lock-down for the next 40, 50, 60 years. It’s a great way of spreading the police state and inciting distrust between races. This distrust is politically useful for demagogues and FBI informants like Rev. Al Sharpton.

Of course, I’m not saying all riots are caused by 14-17 year old ‘inner city’ males, nor am I saying that once a riot starts only 14-17 year olds maintain the riot – plenty of older people get in on the action. I’m saying that it’s relatively easy to start these young lads rioting and the CIA was all over them in the early 1960s.

In the late 1950s the CIA began to profile groups of 14-17 year old inner city and non-English speaking youths who were roaming the streets. They wanted to find out what these boys’ political push buttons were and they engaged the help of a well-connected social psychologist to ‘map’ the boys’ attitudes.

This profiling work was done under the auspices of MK ULTRA; it was given the financial designation of “Subproject 102”. The declassified MK ULTRA files give these documents reference number (MORI ID#) 17358, I’ve provided photographs of all subproject documentation on this page. (So you don’t have to take my word for their existence!)

“Inner city youths of the age 14-17” will strike anyone who’s lived in a ‘depressed’ American urban neighborhood as a very interesting demographic to target, because this is the ‘riot demographic’. If you’re looking for a group of people who are easy to ignite, this is it. 14-17 year olds are the indiscriminate crime demographic: misguided kids who are bored, have bad attitudes and often embrace a culture of criminality. These are the kids who will go around trashing cars, breaking windows or attacking weak-looking people just because they can. They’re the kids who’ll suddenly decide to rush old folks, as we saw in Milwaukee last year – but this pattern is repeated all over the USA, all the time.

MKULTRA Subproject 102:
“Behavior of naturally formed groups of adolescent boys in Texas and Oklahoma as a function of group membership and environment.”
MORI ID: 17358
Contractor: Muzafer Sherif
Contractor’s Clearance: Unwitting
Location: University of Oklahoma
Years: 1959 – 1960
Cover/Cut-out: Society for the Investigation of Human and [CENSORED] Ecology