There are many people today who want to believe that Aleister Crowley was something more than an agent provocateur and an exploitative cult leader in His Majesty’s Service. They want to believe Crowley’s philosophizing has some merit beyond control, much like any cult member runs from the pain of disillusionment.

I suggest that these desperate Crowley-believers have as much hope of finding spiritual enlightenment in the declassified MK ULTRA papers.

— Aleister Crowley’s System Of Control, Andrea Nolen

[The Bavarian Illuminati’s Adam] Weishaupt had not just issued a manifesto calling for revolution, he had created a system of control that would create disciplined cells which would do the bidding of their revolutionary masters often, it seemed, without the slightest inkling that they were being ordered to do so…

Weishaupt took the idea of examination of conscience and sacramental confession from the Jesuits and, after purging them of their religious elements, turned them into a system of intelligence gathering, spying, and informing, in which members were trained to spy on each other and inform their superiors.

— Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control, E. Michael Jones

There are many parallels and correlations between the various Enlightenment-era “secret societies” and 20th century “cults” and just as many parallels and correlations between “the occult” and 20th century attempts by intelligence agencies at “mind control” and “brainwashing.”

Relatedly, there are close similarities among modern “sexual compromising blackmail operations” of the kind run by Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, similar operations from the mid-century run by organized crime, “the Mafia,” surrounding figures such as FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and Donald Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn, and these in turn can be traced back through Aleister Crowley’s operations at his Boleskine House in Scotland and the “Abbey of Thelema” in Sicily, and all the way back to Adam Weishaupt’s original “Illuminati.”

Adam Weishaupt instructed his followers to write “reports” of their lives, including their sins and vices [thus: sexual histories] and send them up the hierarchy, thus collecting not only material useful for blackmail, but an early form of “psychological profiling.”

Crowley would encourage his followers to engage in compromising “sex magick” and document their acts in “magickal diaries” which Crowley would dutifully collect. To assist in ensnaring men, Crowley recruited poor widows, single mothers, and “former” prostitutes as the hook, while also encouraging bisexual and homosexual activity.

The Mafia provided J. Edgar Hoover his own Los Angeles hotel suite where he could spend private weekends with his companion Clyde Tolson and engage in illegal gambling and the rent-boys provided by “Billy Byars, Jr. (1936-), owner of Lyric International, producer of The Genesis Children, partner to pornographer Guy Strait, friend of J. Edgar Hoover, [and] key figure in ‘the first child pornography ring.'” The nature of such activities are obvious when it’s considered that “two of the ‘Lyric boys’ who played around Byars’s pool later found their way into the bed – or at least the limousine – of the Director of the FBI.” (Not Safe For Work:,_Jr.)

Donald Trump’s mentor, Roy Cohn, and Jewish organized crime figure Lewis “Lew” Rosenstiel did much the same, hosting “parties” at Room 233 of Manhattan’s Plaza Hotel, offering underage “rent-boys” to the patrons, snapping pictures and gathering witness accounts of compromising sexual activities. Trump’s personal “fixer” Michael Cohen, would later use his purported ability to acquire sexually compromising photos of Jerry Falwell Jr’s wife to gain his endorsement for Donald Trump, and Trump’s long time allies at AMI would attempt to blackmail Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos with compromising photos he had sent to his mistress.

It’s been exposed for nearly a decade that Ghislaine Maxwell would recruit vulnerable young girls and pimp them out to Jeffrey Epstein’s network of academics, scientists, media figures, businessmen, celebrities, politicians and even Presidents, all the while using hidden video cameras to collect compromising blackmail material. Jeffrey Epstein was said to “belong to intelligence” and Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of notorious Mossad agent Robert Maxwell.

What about Weishaupt’s compromising “sexual histories?” One of the chief purposes of the ‘Thelemic Abbey’ at Cefalu was to encourage acolytes to engage in compromising sexual acts; the more lewd the better – better for ‘magick’, of course! Crowley’s personal homosexual proclivities were very useful to that end; he offered himself to at least one male acolyte as a painted, cheap, old “New Orleans” hooker. The acolyte wasn’t interested. — The Other Loch Ness Monster, Andrea Nolen

We can see historical continuity, an unbroken line, in these “sexual compromise” operations stretching all the way back to the 1700’s with the original “Illuminati” and continuing to today’s intelligence agencies and organized crime rings.

But “sexual blackmail” is merely the most salacious and obvious aspect of these phenomena. As CIA officer Chris Simmons points out, a purely “blackmailed asset” is often “resentful and unreliable.” When a Mexican drug cartel is exercising influence on a victim, they use what is called the “Plato O Plomo” tactic – “silver or lead.” You either accept the bribe or you will be killed.

Psychologically it’s easier to gain control over an “asset” if they have voluntarily compromised themselves, by taking the bribe. In a similar fashion, a cult member will have a harder time exiting the cult due to the fallacy of sunk costs. Similarly, American Founder Ben Franklin used a simple psychogical trick now called the Ben Franklin effect, “a person who has already performed a favor for another is more likely to do another favor for the other than if they had received a favor from that person.”

That’s why cults always ask you to give, and give, yet give nothing in return.

Cult members, at least those who successfully “escape” and recover, all have a similar trajectory, regardless of the nature of the cult itself:

  1. Curious outsider.
  2. Enthusiastic convert.
  3. Disillusioned member.
  4. Bargaining Distancer.
  5. Recovered Former Member.

Reading former Scientologists you can see this trajectory. Initially hooked by the “secret knowledge” of Dianetics and Scientology, the recruit joins. Over time, the abusive nature of the cult is discovered, and the member begins an exit strategy. In step 4, the ex-member has left the actual organization, the Church of Scientology itself, but often becomes a “Free Zoner” – continuing to believe that the “ideas” and “methods” of Scientology are legitimate, simply that the organization itself has been “corrupted.”

You often observe former members still using the jargon – in the case of Scientology, quite jarring to outsiders – long after they have left the cult. To fully recover, one must understand that there is nothing of substance to Dianetics or Scientology, the ideas themselves are merely a confusing hodge-podge of language; it was always “corrupted.”

American intelligence agencies were still using “Christian” language to construct these cults in early 20th century America and Europe, and still use “Evangelical cults” in Central and South America, helping to blunt the appeal of Catholic liberation theology. As the 20th century passed, the language and symbolism of Christianity would start giving way to “self help” and “self improvement” language, although as long as Christianity exists, propagandists and cults will adapt Christianity for their purposes.

Richard B. Spence’s biography of Aleister Crowley, Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult, has some interesting omissions, and understandably so. It’s best to understand Spence as a “limited hangout.” That Crowley was a “spy” isn’t particularly interesting, as it shed no new light on the current state of HUMINT operations. But looking at what Spence left out gives us a clearer picture of Crowley’s activities, and why they are still occulted, as it were.

This author, along with most people, would not have the slightest bit of interest in the cringe-worthy “occultism” of Aleister Crowley’s “Thelema” and “OTO” – if it had not been resurrected, starting in the 1960’s, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Which raises the question, why, during Crowley’s lifetime, was the British media so interested in publicizing him? Never a best-selling author, and a fringe character at best, he was nevertheless turned, by the media, into a sensation. If he was just a “spy” wouldn’t it be better to maintain a low profile?

That question raises another question – why, in the 1960s, did so many figures associated with what Gloria Steinem would call “the liberal CIA” resurrect and repurpose Crowley’s ideas, during the height of the MK-ULTRA, ARTICHOKE and related programs, and at the very beginning of the emerging “drug culture?”

The time period – the mid-to-late 1960’s and the 1970’s – would see an explosion of “cults” and “cult awareness” in America, many of these cults promoted by the same “liberal CIA” crowd that was promoting Crowley and the new drug culture.

As pointed out previously, the “Hollywood Illuminati” conspiracy theories are a modern version of Anton LaVey’s “Church of Satan,” itself a Hollywood creation taking inspiration from Crowley’s idea.

Throughout the 60’s and 70’s, an obvious pattern emerges of connections between “the liberal CIA,” the “Hollywood” entertainment industry, the emerging drug culture, the sexual revolution – including sexual compromise and blackmail operations and trafficking women and children – and a wave of bizarre “cults.”

While Crowley probably did have some genuine interest in the occult, he was always an intelligence agent first and foremost. Crowley viewed the world through an ‘intelligence’ lens – and did so since 1913 at least, when he wrote this on a visit to Russia:

— “Though little agitation was apparent in the general atmosphere of the Fair [at Nizhny Novgorod] the shrewd, astute, subtle, linx-eyed, past master, analytical, psychic, eerie, hard-bitten Secret Service Chief could nose there was a certain discontent with the regime.” [From Crowleys notes to his poem The Fun of the Fair.]

Everything that Crowley touched was open to being used by Britain’s intelligence services. This seriously undermines the religious sincerity of the occult work Crowley undertook, and leads me to wonder why Anglo-American spooks were promoting Crowley’s brand of the occult in their home territory. Not only were Anglo-American spooks promoting ‘Crowleyesque’ occult ideas; this promotion was sustained over the course of nearly seventy years and spread to the USA by way of NYC. From his base in NYC, British/Canadian spy William Stephenson set up what became America’s ‘Central Intelligence Agency’ in the early Forties; in the 1950s the CIA’s MK ULTRA project dutifully jumped in where Crowley’s ‘mind control’ work had run out of money.

— Aleister Crowley’s System Of Control, Andrea Nolen

The intersection of Aleister Crowley, his asset Jack Parsons, and two Naval Intelligence figures, L. Ron Hubbard and Marjorie Cameron, provide a glimpse into the developing goals and methods of “cults” and “mind control” – and sexual compromise and blackmail operations. Even Crowley’s dedicated followers characterize Crowley as “frantic” about Parsons’ friendship with Hubbard. Why? What did Crowley know, or intuit?

Aleister Crowley at least heard about L. Ron Hubbard – enough that he got “fairly frantic” … Aleister Crowley had learned about Hubbard’s friendship with Jack Parsons, who at the time was Master of Agape Lodge No. 2, one of the American lodges of Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis. Hubbard and Parsons had started a business together and began the ridiculous Babalon Working.

Crowley was right to be frantic; the business partnership ultimately ended in shambles, Hubbard ran off with Parsons’ boat, and went on to start his sci-fi religion, Scientology. Top 10 Crowley Myths which are Actually True

Another intersection between Crowley’s ideals and British intelligence is the Naval Intelligence officer Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels, and his acquaintance with Crowley and interest in using ‘Crowleyesque’ ideas.

Ian Fleming, the future author of the James Bond novels, was at that time a Navy intelligence officer. He knew Crowley and hatched several schemes to use Crowley to feed misinformation to the Nazis through Rudolph Hess. it is widely speculated that the eventual capture of Hess was thanks to Aleister Crowley’s work as a spy. Crowley also seems to have done this in World War I when he created some badly written pro-German propaganda, clearly intended to make the Germans look bad.

Top 10 Crowley Myths which are Actually True

Twenty years after Crowley’s death, two minor Hollywood celebrities, both intimately involved with various figures who were both connected to the “liberal CIA” as well as Crowley’s American fan club, were rumored, or openly stated, to be involved in:

  1. Promoting Crowley’s ideas, via the entertainment business, to the “baby boomer” generation.
  2. Involved in the sexual trafficking of children and the production of child pornography.
  3. Were associates of “cult” groups that used drugs, behavior modification, hypnosis, and “mind control” on their members.

The first, who was said to engage in the production of child pornography and the sexual trafficking of underage girls, was an actor and the leader of a dance troupe called “The Freakers” named Vitautus Alphonsus “Vito” Paulekas.

The second, who was rumored to engage in the production of child pornography and the sexual trafficking of underage boys, was an actor and filmmaker named Kenneth Wilbur Anglemyer, known as “Kenneth Anger.”

The two intersect via the death – likely murder – of Paulekas’ three year old son, who was slated to star as “Lucifer” in Anger’s proposed magnum opus, “Lucifer Rising,” a film based around the “occult” ideas of Aleister Crowley.

Richard Spence stands out as a biographer of Crowley because he never examines Boleskine in his intel-savvy book Secret Agent 666, Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult – in fact, Spence barely mentions Boleskine even though the home was a huge part of Crowley’s religious facade.

Why not examine the Boleskine mythos, Prof. Spence? You provide an array of interesting information on Crowley’s cult mentor at the time, arms-dealer and Abramelin magic scholar Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers. Why not talk about what Crowley was doing when Mathers called him to Paris in 1899, just prior to Crowley selling Mathers out to the British Government?

After all, Crowley’s doings at Boleskine are crowd-pleasers (and book-sellers); they offer supportive context for the spy work you say Crowley was doing in NYC during WWI; and they’re also what the music biz promoted so heavily during the Sexual Revolution. Why not talk about Boleskine, Professor?

— The Other Loch Ness Monster, Andrea Nolen