“Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature such as self preservation?”

Project ARTICHOKE, MORI ID 144686, 1952

“It could be that Michael Aquino is just a giant nerd.” — Paranormies

“Michael Aquino probably started his own thing because he wanted to get away from Jews like Anton LaVey.” — Mike Enoch

In “conspiracy culture” Michael Aquino is infamous. Mostly, it comes from the fact that during the 80’s and 90’s he went on day time television shows like Oprah Winfrey and talked about being a “Satanist.” He even brushed his eyebrows up to look “spooky.”

I agree with the not-quite-exact quotes from the Paranormies and Mike Enoch above. Essentially, Michael Aquino is a sperg; a giant nerd. And he probably did form his “Temple of Set” because Anton LaVey’s “Church of Satan” was just a carnival act mean to scandalize little old Christian ladies and get photographs with not very bright celebrities like Sammy Davis Jr. and publicity hounds like Jayne Mansfield. LaVey was doing it because he hated Christians and he hated Christians because he wasn’t really “Anton LaVey” – he was really Howard Stanton Levey, a Jew.

If you want to see what a giant nerd Aquino is, just read a few pages from his website for the Temple of Set – be warned, it will be a lot more fun if you first light up a doobie, put on some Led Zeppelin, and get out your Dungeons & Dragons 20-sided dice.

If you are of a different bent – let’s say you are a slightly loopy middle-aged housewife and don’t look good in yoga pants anymore, this may be more your speed.

I also believe that Aquino was falsely accused in the Presidio child abuse case, his explanation of the case here seems definitive to me.

But I don’t want to undersell his legend, because the 1980 paper he co-authored with US Army General Paul E. Vallely, titled “From PSYOP to MindWar – The Psychology of Victory” is well worth reading.

Vallely is an interesting guy in his own right. In 2010, When U.S. Army Lt. Col. Terrance Lee Lakin got his head full of the Israeli Jew Orly Taitz’ “Obama’s Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theories” and refused to deploy, Vallely went on the right-wing radio circut to defend him and help spread this particular Israeli propaganda.

That’s what Vallely is, he’s a neo-conservative, a neo-con, a warmonger working for the Greater Israel project. He’s still at it, working as the chair of one of the innumerable “think tanks” pushing for war against Israel’s neighbors.

He’s a real piece of work. After 9/11, the Bush administration started arresting “terrorists” and sending them to either a secret network of “black sites” to be tortured, or to “Gitmo” – the Camp Delta detention camp at Guantánamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba.

Everyone knew these “detainees” were being tortured. Many people outright supported it. If you recall, the current resident of the White House shamelessly endorsed the effectiveness of torture, presumably informed by his long military career.

I remember it like it was yesterday, too. Some fat Republican shithead – it may have been now-convicted child molester, then Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert – literally paraded baskets full of food in front of the TV cameras, on the floor of Congress, to show the American people what the “liberal media” wouldn’t – how well the US military was feeding the detainees.

It was all lies, of course. In reality, some of the detainees were being “fed” by injecting juice up their ass.

As the torture scandals got worse, Vallely tried to do some damage control. He was supposedly going to write a book “debunking” the claims of torture. By the time the Abu Ghraib scandal broke, Americans were already mad that Bush had lied about “WMDs” and now most Americans with the tiniest bit of human decency – meaning, everyone except conservative Republicans – were horrified and ashamed at what the US Army and the CIA was doing. The Bush administration scapegoated a few grunts, and the woman in charge of the prison, and washed their hands of the affair.

But there is a connection – in fact, nearly a straight line – between the “magick” of people like Aleister Crowley, the psychological tactics endorsed by Michael Aquino and Paul Vallely, and the torture being done by the US military and the CIA to people in in Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, and dozens, perhaps hundreds, of secret “black sites” around the world.

It’s all about playing on, and breaking down, cultural, religious and sexual taboos.

Can we be frank? Aleister Crowley didn’t have any “supernatural powers.” His goofy “Thelema” is a bunch of horse-shit that was meant to appeal to a particular kind of person – a gullible person with narcissistic tendencies – that could be easily manipulated and controlled. After all, what sort of person wants to be a “wizard” – and a “dark wizard” at that? That kind of power-seeking is a sure tell for narcissism. And narcissists are the easiest people to control.

“Satanism” as a gimmick only works on people from a Christian culture. During the Israeli/Bush “War On Terror” they changed tactics a bit; the torture and psychological conditioning were adapted to the specific cultural taboos of Muslims. This is admitted; well documented; Douglas Feith read a book called “The Arab Mind” and his Jewish racist hatred of Arabs led to tactics like:

  1. A female soldier taking a bloody pad out of her pants and wiping it on the faces of Muslim prisoners.
  2. US soldiers urinating on copies of the Quran.
  3. Raping children in front of their parents, or in the next room where the fathers could hear their 10 year old son screaming as he’s sodomized.
  4. Forcing men to masturbate, to masturbate other men, and to fellate each other.

Among other things. Again, this has all been very well documented in the last 20 years. In many cases, they released the pictures.

This is your government on Zionism.

Two psychologists working for the CIA to develop some of these tactics were named, and it was described that the point was to induce a state of “learned helplessness” in the detainees.

Aquino’s MindWar paper, way back in 1980, was suggesting something very similar to “learned helplessness.”

I recall seeing as a child, I think, a Charles Bronson film. The bad guy is going to torture Bronson by chaining him to metal bars and electrocuting him. The villain says, “a woman must be made to remove her clothes, but a man must have them stripped from him,” then the henchmen strip down Bronson and turn on the juice. It was a chilling scene and quite disturbed my young self which is probably why I remember the quote.

Now, the “Hollywood Illuminati” conspiracy theory has a subplot, called “Beta Sex Kitten Programming.”

The theory goes that some poor girls, often the little girls in the Mickey Mouse Club like Britney Spears, have been “programmed” to be “beta sex kittens.” When they grow up, their “handler” speaks a “trigger phrase” and they turn into a sort of Stepford Wives-style sex toy ready to perform sexually on command.

Now, I will reveal to you the secret code phrase.

It is, “do you want another line?”

Just kidding. Not really. Yes, yes, I’m kidding.

But if you want to go down the rabbit hole, just do a search on social media for the hashtag “#FreeBritney.” I mean, I’m not making this stuff up. Yes, Britney Spears is under some sort of court-sanctioned house arrest and is not allowed to do anything without the permission of her handler/father.

The thing is, “pimping” is perhaps the second oldest profession. You don’t need any sort of magic mumbo-jumbo to “program” a woman to be a sex toy. It’s a very straight forward process. It involves drugs and alcohol, money, the psychological trick called “gaslighting” and a little bit of violence. That’s it. No need for anything fancy, the old techniques work the best because human nature hasn’t changed since the dawn of civilization.

During the Cold War era, the Soviet Union quite forthrightly recruited a bunch of young women to become “swallows” – “sex spies.” It’s long been on the public record.

First, you have to break down the young ladies’ sexual taboos. This is called “sex education.” Recall part one, about the LGBT propaganda paper, talk about it constantly to desensitize the public. The Soviets would show the young recruits “sex education films” – what we call “pornography” – and get them used to frank displays of nudity and sex.

The Russians told the young gals, “your body is a weapon just as much as a rifle is a weapon.”

They would give them a basic introduction to “spycraft.” How to get information from someone without being too obvious about it. They would teach them “sex techniques” and have them attend a sort of “finishing school” class on how to flirt.

Huh, come to think of it, an early magazine article, before the Jeffrey Epstein scandal broke, described Ghislaine Maxwell giving a kind of “class” to some “young ladies” on how to improve their “sexual techniques.”

The “beast” legend of Aleister Crowley was created by the tabloid newspapers, creating a public image of him as a powerful, satanic “occultist” with strange powers. This legend was meant to attract certain kinds of people into his orbit.

Jeffrey Epstein was constantly called “brilliant” by various people in various publications, a man of “ideas.” Despite the fact that he often underwhelmed the scientists and academics he was hobnobbing with, the legend made it easier for him to approach certain types of people, people who were on the cutting edge of science and technology – the very kinds of research that would be very interesting to someone who “belongs to intelligence.”

Harvey Weinstein had a “legend” created about him as well. If you worked for Harvey Weinstein, you’d get an Oscar. He was the Hollywood mogul with the “magic touch.” This legend was meant to impress the young starlets and soften them up for the inevitable.

So, does the “Hollywood Illuminati” program “beta sex kittens?”

Well, let’s see. Does Hollywood put out a constant stream of highly sexualized content, aimed at young girls? Do they talk about sex “constantly, as often as possible?” Does Hollywood create role models for young girls that act like “beta sex kittens?” Does Hollywood normalize this sort of behavior?

Well, yes. Of course. They do.

That’s why they call it “programming.”