The game: Gain control of a large society by using a small number of military operatives.

Let’s use clandestine military operatives numbering .0001 percent of the targeted society. 100 million times .0001 = 10,000. So 10,000 clandestine military operatives will play this game to win against a society with a population of 100 million.

The clandestine force can achieve its goal by:

1. infiltrating and blending into the large society

2. distributing 10,000 clandestine operatives widely across the society

3. once in place, operatives identify natural leaders inside the host society

4. then they attack those natural leaders in such a way that they become poor leaders

5. it is best to begin attacking natural leaders while they are young and continue as long as effective, even for many decades

Military thought experiment

According to Mel Rockefeller, he is the illegitimate son of Senator Nelson Rockefeller, and his birth was arranged by agents of the Rothschild clan. If Nelson Rockefeller had ever run for President, the Rothchilds had leverage over him and could create a scandal in their newspapers about Rockefeller’s love child. Back then, that sort of scandal could destroy a political career.

The Rothschilds knew that Nelson Rockefeller had a taste for the ladies, and made sure to introduce him to a young woman when he was on a business trip. Four years later, another agent of the Rothschilds introduces his brother to the young lady, and he takes a fancy to her and marries her.

Now the Rothschild agent is “Uncle Bobby” to Nelson Rockefeller’s love child.

Sound crazy?

I don’t think it sounds crazy at all. In fact, of course they did.

Every prominent family in America has been a target since Jewish Multigenerational Organized Crime – the “Mishpucka” – came to America in the 19th century.

George W. Bush, the wayward son of oligarch George H. W. Bush, finally quite drinking and drugging when he was befriended by a Christian Zionist pastor with ties to Israel.

Because of course he did.

Just because you don’t think in the long term doesn’t mean they don’t.

I recall reading an interview with a Vatican official who said much the same thing. He said the Vatican thinks and plans in terms of centuries.

So do town planners and civil engineers. When you are doing a major infrastructure project like, say, a hydroelectric dam, you have to plan for the next 100 years. You have to understand the demographics of the area and how it’s likely to develop over the next 100 years.

The CIA officer Chris Simmons, over at, details how the CIA recruits agents. They have an acronym, MICE, that stands for money, ideology, conscience, and ego. These are the basic human motivations that the CIA appeals to when trying to “turn” someone.

Money is easy.

Some people are very ideological and they can be induced to act a certain way if they believe it fits into their ideology.

Some people are very moralistic and appealing to their conscience, their moral sense, is very effective.

And ego? Simmons tells a very funny story.

They needed someone to keep giving them information that he had access to. So they told him that the President was reading all of his reports and wanted the officers to personally thank the man and tell him how important what he was doing was. The man swelled with pride and patriotism every time they told him that.

Of course, the President never read any of these reports, had never heard of the man, but it flattered his ego to believe he was doing something so important.

Simmons also mentions using sex as inducement. Simmons says sometimes they tack on an “S” to their MICE acronym, and suggests that the Russians use sex all the time. But Simmons claims that the CIA doesn’t do that, because sexual blackmail is not an effective tactic and tends to make the asset resentful and unreliable.

While I agree with Simmons that “MICES” is a bad acronym, I don’t really believe CIA doesn’t engage in using sex as an inducement as well as for blackmail.

But I’d just put the sex under the category of “ego.”

According to Andrea Nolen, narcissists are easy to manipulate and CIA started using personality tests to identify narcissists and hire them as agents, precisely because of how easy to manipulate they are.

The reason why James Bond always has sex with a new woman in every film? Sexual promiscuity is a tell for narcissism, and the Bond franchise, basically a joint project of CIA and MI6, was marketing the “spy” archtetype to narcissists.

But we are not in the operational stage yet. My plan is just about intelligence – investigation.

Let me show you how I did step three.

All legal, and nothing immoral.

It took a couple of hours, but I found him.

I chose a county government. I went to the websites. I found a “prominent local attorney” sitting on an “economic development board” and what do you know, a couple of years ago the entire development board went on a trip to …

… can you guess? Come on, guess.

Our “prominent local attorney” has defended drug traffickers and did some legal work for a family that owns … a strip club.

He graciously lists where he goes to temple, so I go to the website, look at the board of directors. Oh, look, there’s a prominent local judge.

He graciously talks about his son. So I do a bit of searching – the kids these days love to do the social media thing – oh, look, his son is a member of the Hillel House on his campus. Pictures of his “Birthright Israel” trip.

It was easy.

Now, this family is going into my Excel spreadsheet. When that kid graduates, takes a job at a law firm, or magically gets funding to form a start up making cell phone apps, I’m going to know. I’m going to be keeping tabs on this guy for the rest of his life.

See, now I’m making lists of them.

There are a little more than 3,000 counties in the United States. All we need is one person in every county to be a spy, to do this every week. Keeping tabs on them.

One author has written a book about how to investigate the “refugee resettlement” scam, how nice white towns in Maine are flooded with “refugees” from the third world. You can find out the names of these people, these anti-white activists.

Information is power. All we need is 3,000 people keeping close tabs on local government, local power centers.

Who gives money to politicians is public data. The next time some alderman runs for office, I’m going to look at the people giving him money. I’m going to cross-reference those names. We can trace the rise of these politicians as they start out.

The politics you see on TV aren’t real. It’s essentially professional wrestling. Consider: the Trumps and the Clintons have been friends for years. They go to each other’s weddings. That doesn’t mean they don’t have conflicts, not everything is arranged in advance.

But for the most part, voting for President doesn’t matter. By the time it comes down to the Republican vs. the Democrat, both sides are working for the same people. The game started long before it shows up on television.

But local politics? That is a place where you as an individual can have much more say.

Which is why most people don’t even know the name of the mayor of their own town. They don’t want you to know. They don’t want you to get involved.

They want you focused on the federal government because by the time it gets to that level all the important decisions have already been made, and you are basically just voting for Vanilla or Chocolate.

So, let’s see. Now we know how to identify the network.

So, what comes next?