It was very helpful that an Italian-American was doing it. I realized that I could play a unique role. My name helped me to be able to deal with this more honestly. I thought I could just say the truth: there is a mafia, it does exist, Italian-Americans are the exclusive members of it, it’s a disgrace to Italian-Americans, it’s a disgrace to America, and the best thing to for us to do is to wipe it out. — Rudolph Giuliani

Look, I am sorry. I am. Deeply sorry. You guessed right – you were put on a list. We can’t figure out how you got there and we don’t know how you got moved to a really bad list. According to what we know, you have been considered one of the worst. No one I know thinks that’s right. You’re a bit of an ass, it’s true, but you haven’t ever done shit to any of us. It’s complete bullshit and, I’m telling you, a lot of people feel bad about it.

Gold should have done something. That’s our fucked up thing. No Jew wants to say or do anything about other Jews. It’s a fucking law and I think it is going to destroy us one of these days.

You don’t even have a group. And even if you did, all you guys ever do is fucking fight all the time. It is so mellow to be with Jews. To tell you the truth, I can’t stand you guys. All you do is fight or talk like little kids. Complete fucking idiots, sorry to say. And why do you even care? America is nothing. It’s just a place to make money. You are wasting your time giving a flying fuck about anything but yourself. It’s a nation of devils. You stole it from the Indians and we are stealing it from you. So, fuck you. Mountebank’s Monster and His Mom: a peculiar resurrection

It’s worth reading the stories of the women who were recruited into the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell ring. You have to keep an open mind.

One of the worst aspects of right-wing culture is how misogynistic it is. Men talk about “taking the red pill” about women, yet then they still hold women to the same standards as men. Gals just can’t win. The right-wingers will say, “women don’t have agency” then they will turn right around and say “they are sluts.”

Well, you can’t have it both ways, now can you?

It’s similar with the victims of Harvey Weinstein. Sure, they were older, but saying that they were “willing” isn’t “red pilled” – it’s the opposite of red pilled. It’s judging women by the same standards as men.

Women tend to submit to power. They are physically weaker then men, they can’t fight. They can’t really defend themselves – not just physically, but even mentally, sexually.

It’s very clear what the profiling that Ghislaine Maxwell used to identify girls she could recruit, and the methods she used to manipulate them.

First, of course, was age and looks. White, 14-16, blue eyes, blonde hair, thin, pretty. Second: all of the women say that Ghislaine Maxwell would ask about their fathers. No father in the home? Child of divorce? Raised by a single mom? That was the profile. Girls need a father, and if they don’t have a good relationship with their father, they are easily manipulated.

And we aren’t talking about grown women – we are talking about teenage girls. Of course they are easily manipulated by adults.

Also – of course – they were all shiksas. The e-celebrity Stefan Molyneux once asked on Twitter, “did Jeffrey Epstein traffick a single Jewish girl?” and was met with a torrent of hostility – for stating the obvious.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were Jewish and all of their victims were not. All of the girls were the daughters of the outgroup.

You’ll also notice that many of the women describe how openly “racist” Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were. All of the women describe them, in so many words, as what you might call “Jewish Supremacists.”

But there is more to the story. Because while Ghislaine Maxwell was recruiting girls, what was Jeffrey Epstein doing?

He was recruiting men.

What was the profile of the men Jeffrey Epstein was recruiting?

Scientists. Academics. Businessmen. High rollers – the rich, the connected.

9/11 Truther Ryan Dawson has done excellent work on Epstein’s financial crimes. Epstein – a college dropout – was involved at the highest levels of international finance. Money laundering, tax evasion, pyramid schemes, just straight up theft.

Jeffrey Epstein looked around and identified men who had a certain profile. Smart, educated, wealthy. Some Jewish – some not. Jeffrey Epstein recruited men like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Bill Gates. He had his own office at Harvard University and funneled money to MIT.

Jeffrey Epstein looked around and identified men who had power or potential – men who were smart and may be the next “big fish.”

You’ve never done that in your life, have you?

Then he lured some of them in a classic “honey pot.” Give them an underage girl, then film it. Perfect blackmail material. Classic leverage – the same thing the Mafia did to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. The same thing they did to Ronald Reagan.

Mel Rockefeller asks an interesting question: who hired Monica Lewinsky to work for Bill Clinton? He asks another interesting question: why did Condaleeza Rice’s family move next door to Benjamin Netanyahu’s parents when she was a child?

Have you, white man, ever looked around your town and profiled young men who are smart and may one day be the next Einstein? Have you ever looked around your own town and identified a young man who might be the next Bill Gates?

Probably not. It’s because you have a goyish kopf.

Back in 1998, if you had said, “an asset of Jewish organized crime in Clinton’s White House hired Monica Lewinsky to work close to Bill Clinton, who had been profiled to like a certain type of woman, in order to get him to start an affair and then blackmail and manipulate him” – you would be called a conspiracy theorist – and not just a conspiracy theorist, but an anti-semitic conspiracy theorist.

Before President Trump appointed Alexander Acosta as Labor Secretary, and Julie Brown started writing about his connection to Jeffrey Epstein in the Miami Herald, if you had told someone that you thought Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were running a sex trafficking ring to blackmail powerful men they had profiled in advance – you would have been written off as a nut.

You’d be an Alex Jones fan. A Jonestown cult follower.

Speaking of which – what exactly is Alex Jones?

Read this:

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

“Conspiracy culture” exists to distract you and to discredit you if you start telling certain truths. Point out that artificial estrogens in the environment, a byproduct of industry, is causing adrogeny in amphibians – congrats, you are now a lunatic talking about GAY FROGS!

Just like Alex Jones.

About a decade ago, the internet started getting spammed with websites talking about “gang-stalking”.

Go ahead, look it up. I’ll wait.

If you are like most normal people, you’ll read these websites and think these authors are schizophrenic. And some of them almost certainly are. Some of them are just typical “conspiracy culture” authors, writing for an audience who likes “conspiracy theories,” writing for clicks.

But I think the uptick in “conspiracy theories” about “gang-stalking” happened for a reason. I think some of these websites were set up to distract people who began to notice a real phenomenon, and to make anyone discussing this phenomenon look like a nutjob, like an Alex Jones fan.

I have to be very careful about what I say next, because smear-merchants – people like Greg Johnson of Counter Currents, who is a smear-merchant – will say that I’m crazy, paranoid, a narcissist.

But I think I was, once, back in the year after the 9/11 attacks, a “victim” of “gang-stalking.”

Only I wasn’t really a “victim” at all – in fact, I think I was more like a “beneficiary” of “gang-stalking.”

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, when the families of the victims were organizing, people like the “Jersey Girls” who had lost their husbands, and Bob McIlvaine, who had lost his son, organizing to put pressure on the Bush administration to actually investigate what happened …

… I was totally distracted. I had a cushy job. I just lucked into an apartment next door to my cushy job with a roomate who was quite obviously involved in the pump-and-dump stock scams run by Mafia gangsters like the DeCavalcante family and he was giving me free cocaine whenever I wanted.

Then, even more bizarre, one day when I’m hanging out with my roomate, and his friend, a professional football player for the New York Giants and his super-hot model girlfriend …

… well, I’m drunk, coked up, talking to the football star about 9/11, when out of the blue…

… some gal, about 24, big boobs, walks right up to me, smiles, and gives me a little peck on my lips. We chat for a bit, she writes down her number on a piece of paper, and for the next three months or so, well, she’s basically my own personal porn star.

You know, I like to think I’m handsome, smart and funny. I’ve had girlfriends. But it’s not every day that random women walk up to me in a bar and then become my personal sex toy.

In fact, that, like, never happens.

Recently, I’ve read two books about “gang stalking.”

Wait – I have to make a correction. In the last post I described Mel Rockefeller as the “scion” of the Rockefeller family, but that is not accurate. Mel Rockefeller claims that he is the illegitimate son of Senator Nelson Rockefeller. As far as I know, Senator Nelson Rockefeller, and the rest of the Rockefeller family, have never claimed him as their son.

For all I know, Mel Rockefeller could be some sort of scam artist. But his book sure has a lot of detail, and he sure has a lot of pictures of him with various people. I suppose they could all be photoshopped, but I don’t think so.

The other book I’ve read recently is called “Mountebank’s Monster and His Mom.”

Mostly, this book is about a man and his wife taking care of his mother who is slowly dying of dementia. I found it interesting because my first wife’s grandmother had dementia, so I have some personal experience with this very strange disorder.

But what’s really interesting about the book is that it describes a sort of “gang stalking” by, how might one say this? “Elements in the Jewish community.”

Set in the 1950s, you can see a Jewish community transitioning from its old, shtetl mentality to a new, highly assimilated group. No longer a fringe group, it’s a group on its way to mainstream power. Certain Jews decry the old tactics of the previous generation – tactics like:

  1. Profiling goyim and identifying “anti-semites”, putting them on a list, and sharing this list of “anti-semites” within the community.
  2. Using “gang-stalking” tactics to harm, poison, and slander these “anti-semites” in ways that are not easily discoverable.
  3. “Conspire” to advance Jewish individuals and harm “anti-semites” in a collective manner.

I have no idea if the author of this book is telling the truth. Some of what he claims seems clearly false – some of what he claims seem quite plausible – even probable.

I obviously cannot vouch for the “gang-stalking” that Mel Rockefeller claims happened to him.

But I’ll tell you what – what these two books describe share a very obvious similarity with the things that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were doing. Profiling the goyim, and manipulating them. Working collectively in the same way that organized crime works collectively.

After J. Edgar Hoover died, the FBI officially admitted that Italian organized crime exists, that it was organized and it was based in an ethnic group.

Not every Italian was a gangster, and not every gangster was Italian. But what we came to call “the mafia” – so beloved of Hollywood directors – was, in fact, based in the ethnic Italian community.

But of course it’s “anti-semitic” to make the same claims about Jewish Organized Crime. If you ever talk about it, Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League will defame you as a “anti-semitic conspiracy theorist” and a “neo-nazi.”

Now I want to make it absolutely clear: everything I am telling you to do is legal and moral.

Not every Jew is a gangster, and not ever gangster is a Jew.

So let’s get on to step two.

This step has two parts:

First, identify the correct scope.

If you live in a rural area, your scope is your county. If you live in a town that is big enough to have it’s own mayor, then your scope is your town. If you live in a big city your scope is your precinct or district. Not all local governments in America are exactly the same.

Second, identify the official, visible government in your area.

It’s very easy to do this. Do a search online for the official website of your locality – it’s the one with the web address that ends in “.gov.”

We all learn in 9th grade civics class that our governments have three “branches” – the executive, the legislative, and the judicial.

Take one hour, and go to the websites for your local government. Very often, they will list the official government officials, and they usually have pictures too.

Take an hour, go through the list. Read the names, look at the pictures. If you can, look at who their staff are – their names and pictures.

Just look. Just notice. Find out who the executive is – the county executive, or the mayor. Find our who the legislators are, the city or county council. Look at who the judges are. Look at who their staffs are.

If you have pictures, you can of course immediately identify the race of the government officials. We all immediately perceive race – we can tell immediately if it’s a white man, or a black woman. Typically from the pictures we can also tell a bit about ethnicity – we can tell, by a face and a name, if someone is, say, “Hispanic.”

Notice the government officials who are Jewish. Don’t set your “Jew-dar” too high – you don’t even need to be accurate for this exercise. But look at the names and faces of the government officials. Do they “look Jewish?” Meaning, do they have the stereotypical “look” of someone of Ashkenazi ethnicity?

Do this exercise – after just one hour you will have more knowledge of your surroundings – of power than most people ever do.

While most people are on Twitter talking about Donald Trump, or Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton, cheering for one team or another like they are at a football game – you are perceiving the local power structure of your own community.

After you go through the executive, legislative, and judicial names and faces – find out who runs your local police department.

Again, you can almost always find the names and faces of the people who run your local police department – and don’t forget the sheriff’s office. The sheriffs are quite often elected and they are a part of the judicial branch, as opposed to the police, which are part of the executive branch.

I mean, think about it. These are the men with guns – the actual, hard power of your own community.

Then, look up the websites for the school board, then the managers of the public hospitals and other official, government institutions.

After just one hour, you will know more about the official, legal government than most people ever do.

But of course – there are more “power centers” than the official, legal government.

That’s going to be step three. Next, I’m going to show you how to start to perceive the unofficial government, the part of the power structure that is not quite visible.

We’re going to find the people who tell the government officials what to do.