Around the end of the George W. Bush presidency, the internet was spammed by content from a Sephardic Jewish Hollywood producer named Aaron Russo. Russo had dabbled in libertarian politics, but his lasting legacy was a series of interviews where he exposed “the elite” via his supposed friendship with a scion of the Rockefeller family.

Russo spun a tale that the Rockefellers were “the elite” behind most of the bad things in society. He even quoted his Rockefeller friend making disparaging comments about “the peasants.” Russo said while he liked his friend, after he died he felt he must take the truth to “the people” about “the New World Order.” Russo claimed that the Rockefellers were behind 9/11 and that they were going to “implant RFID chips” into the population.

The entire presentation was tailored to reach the “conspiracy culture” and right wing libertarian types.

Now, over a decade later, it starts to become clear what Russo was doing and why.

Apparently, if Russo’s “Rockefeller” friend existed at all, it was someone with the last name “Rockefeller” but not related to the actual Rockefellers of note.

Exactly like Curtis Yarvin, via the “Mencius Moldbug” handle and the astrotufed neo-reactionary movement spammed by the neo-conservatives who had taken over The Atlantic, was an attempt to get out in front of the growing Jew-awareness of the anti-war and libertarian movement around Ron Paul and, Russo’s tall tales were an attempt to get ahead of a real Rockefeller who had teamed up with Jeff Gates to try to take on the Israel lobby and the Jewish organized crime ring.

It always seems to take about a decade to finally put these things together.

Tipped off by long time commenter Bob Saffron, I looked into Jeff Gates and found an interview from the first years of the Obama administion he did with Red Ice radio. Gates describes Jewish organized crime, calling it just that – “multigenerational organized crime” – and ties it to the Likud party and a world-wide network of Jewish Zionists. He expressed rather naive hope that Barack Obama might have come to understand how he was manipulated and, in fact, groomed, by this Jewish organized crime network and would prevent a war against Iran.

Well, Obama did, to some degree. Obama made his famous Iran deal which was fanatically opposed by Jews and Israel. In fact, most of the so-called “conspiracy theories” about Obama were promoted by the Likud party and Jewish organized crime to cripple Obama’s attempt to make the Iran deal – specifically, the conspiracy theories about Obama’s birth certificate, promoted by the Israeli Jew Orly Taitz, the so-called “birther queen.”

In the interview, Gates mentions a prominent citizen he is working with that will “go public” in their next collaboration.

It turns out Gates was talking about Mel Rockefeller, the son of Senator Nelson Rockefeller.

Do you see how the tactic works? The Jew Russo spreads “conspiracy theories” about “his friend Rockefeller” exactly the time that an actual Rockefeller is working with Jeff Gates to expose the “Mishpucka” – Jewish organized crime, with Mel Rockefeller, the actual scion of the family.

When Donald Trump first announced he was running for President, this author wrote a series of articles titled “The Likud Takeover of the Republican Party.” I and my blogging partner were subject to extreme opposition from the entire “Alt Right” movement centered around Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, and Andrew “Weev” Aurenheimer. Teams of “trolls” were sent to all of my online properties to push Donald Trump and extreme “Hollywood Nazism.” We even had an article published on the Daily Stormer – without permission – in an attempt to co-opt our old blog into their “Alt Right” pro-Trump movement.

The series was inspired by not only my own historical understanding of who and what Donald Trump is, but also the analysis of Andrea Nolen and a long-time commenter on Kevin MacDonald’s site TheOccidentalObserver called “Someday.”

“Someday,” an Israeli Jew, explained way back in 2016 what Donald Trump meant to Jews. “Someday” made it quite clear that a Donald Trump presidency would allow the Israelis to move the American embassy to Jerusalem and finally annex the West Bank and ethnically cleanse the Palestinians.

And that is exactly what has happened. Donald Trump – the “King of Israel” – has allowed Israel to finally annex all of Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, and likely in the next year the rest of Palestine. Then, either before or after his certain reelection, Donald Trump will begin the hot war against Iran, in the interest of Israel.

In the last few months the podcasts at, Fash the Nation and TDS, James Allsup, “Jazzhands McFeels” and Mike Enoch have finally detailed the life-long connections of Donald Trump to Jewish organized crime. Interestingly, Allsup and McFeels even dig into the deep Zionist ties of Vladimir Putin.

Both of these podcasts have finally gotten to where Skynet was three years ago. Both have described the entire “new nationalist” movement and its direction by Likud. Even Victor Orban, apparently, was groomed by this transnational Zionist organization.

What Enoch and Allsup still don’t understand is that this tendency goes back all the way to 9/11. While they do understand that figures like Geert Wilders were Zionist flunkies, they forget a very early permutation which was the assassinated politician Pim Fortuyn.

Mike Enoch points out that when, out of the blue, some right-wing European politicians starts declaring their love for Israel, that is the obvious tell. They allow anti-Muslim sentiments, as long as those sentiments are paired with support for Israel. Of course, none of these “nationalist” parties do anything to end mass immigration, except in extremely limited circumstances.

Real patriotic Europeans may hate Islam and don’t want Muslim “immigrants” and “refugees” in their country, but none of them love Israel. The actual European patriots are either neutral to Israel, or hostile toward it. But no patriotic European loves Isreal.

So why would these “nationalist” and “populist” politicians start talking about Israel? As Mike Enoch points out, it’s because they are controlled by Jews. For the last couple of years, Trump flunky Steve Bannon has been meeting with leaders of this new “populist” European movement and in the United States and Europe the Israeli Jew Yoram Hazony has attempted to sidetrack American populist sympathies into an Israeli-friendly movement he calls “national conservatism.”

All of these are mere Jewish Israeli front groups, based on the model of

Flood the country with “immigrants” then corral the white backlash into neo-conservatism, wars for Israel and neoliberal economics.

We can see three waves of it. The first wave was of course the presidency of George W. Bush. Bush Jr. abandoned the legacy of his father, George H. W. Bush, who at times pushed back against Israel and Jews and whose right hand man, James Baker, had famously said “fuck the Jews, they never vote for us anyway.”

Bush Jr. staffed his cabinent with neo-conservatives Jews and their assets like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, both members of the “Project for a New American Century” which “predicted” the 9/11 attacks. Bush Jr. was a backlash against the neo-liberalism and anti-whiteness of the Clinton years, but the Bush Jr. administration gave us not just the 9/11 attacks, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Israeli wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, but an attempt by the “Group of Seven” to pass another mass amnesty of illegal aliens. The regular conservatives that voted for George Bush got nothing that they wanted.

The second wave was the Tea Party, itself a backlash against the anti-white policies of the Obama administration. The Tea Party was quickly co-opted by the Republican party who steered it into politically correct calls for tax cuts and saw crowds of whites cheering on token black celebrities in a cringe-worthy attempt to prove they weren’t “racist.” Israeli flags were omnipresent at the Tea Party rallies.

The third wave was of course the “Alt Right” centered around Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin and its more mainstream appendage “the Alt Lite” centered around e-celebrities like Milo Yiannopoulos and Mike Cernovich. These were the tips of the spear in the larger movement centered around the Israeli-founded website

The “Alt Right” “journalist” Charles “Chuck” Johnson, of and fame, was a central figure in these online spam operations as well as his collaborator Mike Cernovich – himself a direct collaborator with Alan Dershowitz, the laywer for Jeffrey Epstein … and Donald Trump.

As Mel Rockefeller points out:

“The campaign retained Cambridge Analytica to deploy the psychometric micro-targeting of voters to support Trump and oppose Hillary. Shortly thereafter, in mid-August, Steve Bannon, a Cambridge Analytica shareholder and chairman of the alt-right Breitbart News website, assumed a dominant role in the campaign. Though the Clinton campaign ran a demographics-based micro-targeting operation, the Trump camp, under the direction of Jared Kushner and assistant Avrahm (“Avi”) Berkowitz, combined state-of-the-art psychometric profiling with artificial intelligence to identify, micro-target and manipulate unsuspecting voters—on behalf of a foreign government that cut a deal with Trump to “produce” a victory in return for his support for the agenda of the Israeli Right.”

It’s all backlash politics. It does use racism and appeals to ingroup and outgroup distinctions, but it never delivers anything for the working and middle class whites that are its audience. It promotes dumb and angry faux-“populism” and merely generates and then redirects white outrage.

Consider – in the last couple of years the idea that Michelle Obama is a transexual has been spammed all over the internet. It’s dumb and angry racism and homophobia. It does nothing to advance the cause of white people, and it fact makes white conservatives seem stupid and hateful.

It’s becoming clear now that the so-called “Russian collusion” of the Trump campaign was, in fact, Israeli collusion. The Russian contacts of the Trump administration were contacts with Russian Jews and it was being managed by Benjamin Netanyahu and his employees.

It also now makes sense why Vladmir Putin was given so much positive publicity by the “Alt Right” – it’s because Putin is the Russian equivalent of Donald Trump, a politician made – and managed – by Zionist Jews. (Apparently Mel Rockefeller is not aware of this.)

The coronavirus – which is both a pandemic as well as a panic, and a crisis that is not going to waste – has put a speed bump in their plans. Donald Trump never lifted a finger to stop immigration – but the virus has stopped it. Donald Trump had no intention of bringing jobs back to America, merely move them from China to India – but the virus may do the job for him.

All Donald Trump has ever been interested in is the Jewish Zionist agenda of his family, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. He was put into office to give international cover to the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and the annexation of the Golan Heights and the West Bank.

Donald Trump is all about “Making Israel Great Again” – and “Greater Israel.”

Spending time cheering for Donald Trump against Joe Biden is a pathetic waste of your time. Trump’s going to win precisely because he is Israel first. Biden is a signal that the Democratic party is throwing the election because Trump is good for the Zionist Jews that run the Democratic party.

Getting your panties in a twist about Hillary “Queen of Warmongers” Clinton is also a stupid waste of time. She’s not running. Using her as some sort of hate figure is pathetic, FOX news driven distraction from the reality of our politicial situation.

Advocating some sort of insane ideological fixation like libertarianism and Austrian economic theory is also a complete waste of time. It’s meaningless, and has no influence on politics or the reality of power.

And spreading “conspiracy theories” about Michelle Obama being transgender, or Bill Gates implanting chips, or “Skull & Bones Rockefeller New World Order” or complaining about “Islamofascism” are all nonsense designed to distract you from the reality of power and how it is expressed.

But I can give you something to do, a specific way to not only discover the reality of power, but to advocate for the well being of our people, white people, Americans – and do something about it.

You will never be GIVEN the truth. If you see an idea, or a trend, being promoted on social media – it’s a trap. As Mike Enoch put it, if you are talking about the sanitary conditions of wet markets in China – you’re being gamed.

If you are complaining about the Communist Chinese party, congrats – you are a dupe of the Israeli Jews behind the website and the Zionist Jews who run Donald Trump’s campaign.

No one gives it to you – you have to take it.

But there is something, something practical, legal, and moral, that we can do to discover the “multigenerational organized crime” ring that runs our country and is harming white Americans – and to dismantle it and take power ourselves.

It’s also something that an individual can do while at the same time collaborating with others. It’s a way to use the same (legal) tactics that organized crime uses – not everything they do is illegal, after all.

It’s the same tactics that the police use to take down organized crime families and rings.

I’m going to show you, step by step, what to do and how to do it. You can spent an hour a day, or a couple of hours over the weekend.

In fact, you may even want to take a trip down to your local strip club and do some of this work while ogling titties – how’s that for inducement? It may surprise you – but it shouldn’t – that strip clubs, believe it or not, are a key nexus of local power politics.

I’m going to explain the tactics Mossad spies like Ghislaine Maxwell used to recruit vulnerable young women, and that CIA officers use to recruit agents and assets.

It’s all based on basic investigative techniques and mainstream psychology.

We don’t have the budget, and we don’t have the power, to do exactly what the spies, the mafia and the police do. But we do have numbers – potential numbers – and via the internet we have a way to coordinate our efforts.

Obviously, my little blog can’t reach enough people. But hopefully the people who do read this blog can teach these tactics to others.

On the old blog, we called it “The Espionage Model” and it was all about understanding the tactics used by intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, and organized crime.

Are you in?

Step One:

Consider where you live, the town you live in. Do you know the mayor of your town? Unless you are in a big city, probably not.

Think about that. You don’t even know the name of the mayor of your own town.

There is a reason for that.

Find out and write down the name of your mayor. Then, come back tomorrow for step two.