When I was a kid I watched some tv show about “Bigfoot.” I asked my dad about it and he said it was just a myth. I loved the TV series “V” about reptilian aliens visiting earth, posing as friends but actually kidnapping humans for food. But I’ve never “believed” in aliens. I mean, sure, there may be life on other planets, in theory. But I don’t believe for a single second that “aliens” are secretly running the government or anything. I’m virtually certain that the “Area 51” thing was pure government propaganda covering up experimental aircraft and satellites launches. I know about various “UFOs” seen by Air Force pilots and the like, but I suspect there is a non-ET explanation. In fact, the whole “ET” thing is itself a weird kind of psy-op being pushed by people around the Rockefeller Foundation for reasons I don’t particularly understand.

I wouldn’t call myself an “atheist” exactly but I don’t spend much time thinking about “the afterlife” or angels and demons. To me, reality is somewhat boring – earth is pretty “down to earth” you might say, but there is plenty wonder and beauty in nature so I’ve never felt the need for supernatural and paranormal explanations for things.

So in this, I really don’t like “conspiracy culture.” I hate Alex Jones, partially because he helped destroy the 9/11 Truth movement and goes out of his way to run interference for Zionist power.

I take a nuanced approach to things like the Freemasons. I know that, historically, they were once very powerful in English and American society. I also know that now that the Freemasons are basically a bunch of old, middle class guys that can’t even get the younger guys to join. They are selling old Mason halls off because they can’t afford them anymore.

I don’t know who shot JFK and I haven’t looked into it too much, but of course I don’t believe the ridiculous Warren Report.

I am 100% a 9/11 truther, but not because I’m “into conspiracy theories.” It’s because I witnessed the “conspiracy” first hand – both the events themselves as well as the coverup.

I understand exactly how organized crime works, partially because I used to be a drug dealer. Of course organized criminal conspiracies exist. They are a feature of human societies. I’ve been writing about the real “Deep State” for a decade and long, long before the stupid “QAnon” people – who totally do not understand what the “Deep State” actually is.

So while I’m not at all into “conspiracy culture” I of course have working theories about really-existing conspiracies. Just like a police officer comes up with theories about criminal conspiracies.

I know next to nothing about medicine, never been interested. I’ve never believed the theory that vaccines cause autism; I’ve been vaccinated three times in my life. But I never take the flu vaccine and I rarely get sick; every two or three years I’ll get a cold or the flu.

In fact, back around October, I got a pretty bad flu after getting sneezed on by a woman married to a Chinese man, and another guy I know, about 60, got it from her too and he said he was sicker than he had ever been in his life.

I wonder if that was the novel coronavirus? Supposedly it wasn’t here until January but why would I believe that?

Now I only know Bill Gates from his Microsoft days. There’s one of two narratives about Bill Gates. One, he’s a super-smart computer nerd that got super-rich and all but invented the modern PC. Two, he’s a ruthless monopolist with a mean streak who used his monopoly power to crush rivals and held back computing for 20 years.

But now, apparently, President Donald Trump is going to use the United States military to vaccinate the entire American population with an experimental coronavirus vaccine developed by Bill Gates.

Call me a “conspiracy theorist” if you must, but I really, really don’t like the sound of that.

There have been rumors that the Gates Foundation used a vaccine in India that sterilized young girls. I have been unable to verify this story but did read in the mainstream English language Indian press that the Gates Foundation were “unethical” is some of their vaccination programs in India. There is another rumor that a Gates Foundation vaccine in Africa had some sort of contraceptive effect.

The theory goes that Bill Gates believes that the world is overpopulated and he is going to use his vaccination programs to reduce the world population.

One thing that is odd about Bill Gates; he believes the world is overpopulated, but he wants to “save lives” by vaccinating children in the third world. Clearly, there is a contradiction here.

I, for one, attribute the world-wide Covid-19 response not to a conspiracy, but instead to panic, group-think, and incompetence.

But I like to face facts. Just before the appearance of this “novel coronavirus” there was a “drill” called Event 201″ that role-played the scenarios we are seeing, right now. The media feel the need to “debunk” this “conspiracy theory” which as far as I’m concerned enhanced the credibility of the theory.


The “debunking” uses all the same weasel-wording and misdirections I’ve seen a million times since 9/11.

Ron Unz has speculated that the original outbreak in Wuhan, China, could have been the result of a biological weapon by the United States. The Republican party is, unofficially, spreading the conspiracy theory that the virus is a biological weapon created by China. We know that biological weapons do exist; I suspect that Lyme Disease is the result of a leak from a biological weapons lab in Connecticut. There was a shutdown of the Fort Detrick, Maryland, biological weapons lab just last year due to “unsafe conditions” and it seems likely something might have leaked from there. That was also the source of the “Anthrax Letters” a month after 9/11, now admitted to being an “inside job.”

My working hypothesis is that the Corona-Panic is an example of “never letting a crisis go to waste.” I don’t think it is nearly as bad as they are making it out to be. I do not believe for a single second that the “lock downs” are being done in the interest of public health, at best they are bad policy due to panic, at worst they are a purposeful police state measures to keep people occupied while the Usual Suspects are stealing everything that isn’t nailed down.

I have also speculated that much of what is happening is a kind of “preparation” for biological war. I don’t know that is the case – I’m speculating.

I really, really do not want an experimental vaccine funded by Bill Gates. I do not believe that Bill Gates has my and my family’s best interests at heart. I’m willing to risk coronavirus more than I’m willing to risk whatever nightmare dystopian future Bill Gates has cooked up for me.

I also wonder about the weird Microsoft commercial featuring the “Spirit Cooking” woman of “Pizzagate” fame.

That wasn’t an “accident.” Let’s role play this.

Perhaps it was giving Abramovich some good publicity to sort of make up for all the evil “conspiracy theories” around her. That’s plausible.

It could be that Bill Gates is a Satan-worshipper and it was a message to all the other pedophile Satanists. I do not find this theory plausible at all.

It could be a way of distracting from Bill Gates’ ties to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell – and distracting from the fact that the police found thousands of picture and videos of children being raped at Bill Gates house and that his “personal network manager” was arrested. So, get the “conspiracy culture” talking about “Pizzagate” and “Spirit Cooking” as opposed to “organized human trafficking” and “indictable offenses.”

What’s the shot here? What really happened in Wuhan China in January? Something must have spooked the Chinese authorities quite a bit because they locked down an entire province for a month. As far as I can tell that was unprecedented.

I also find it highly unlikely that Bill Gates has much influence in China or that the Chinese Communist Party takes orders from “globalists” like George Soros.

But we are absolutely seeing a coordinated … something … revolving around United Nations NGOs like the WHO and the Bill Gates Foundation. Bill Gates certainly does not need the money so his motivation for developing a new vaccine isn’t to make money. What I’ve read of Bill Gates he’s an extremely mean and vicious sociopath in private. He’s clearly autistic which makes it worse. I don’t really want anything he’s selling.

I’m not afraid of the virus – but I am very much afraid of people like them.