One notable comment that Maria makes is regarding the man whom she calls the “holy grail” of the Epstein case, Epstein and Maxwell’s longtime chef, Andy Stewart. Maria refers to him as “Chef Andy” in the phone call. Andy Stewart died suddenly on April 7 as Maria’s lawyers were seeking to subpoena him for information on the case, and Maria and her lawyers were unaware of his untimely death until after her phone call with Whitney.

Many in the community are mourning the sudden death of beloved chef, Andy Stewart. Stewart, 62, was a Kalamazoo resident but frequented Holland often. He worked for over 30 years in the restaurant business and served as the corporate chef of Fustini’s Oils & Vinegars in downtown Holland, where he taught cooking classes. Stewart was also a regular in the Holland Area Farmers Market chef series. Stewart died suddenly on April 7. Fustini’s Owner Jim Milligan said Stewart died peacefully in his sleep.