So we’re going to have a third of workers unemployed, perhaps for a long, long time.

Yet, Latin America, Africa, Arabia and parts of Asia will be even worse off. So that means even more mass immigration. USA is continuing its “refugee resettlement.”

Someone made a point that Trump will almost certainly rather be the 21st century’s FDR, not the 21s century’s Herbert Hoover. So that will mean more socialism and less capitalism. More centralization and less federalism and local control.

That does not necessarily translate to a generous and highly functioning welfare state like in Scandinavia. That could just as easily translate into a stingy and poorly functioning welfare state, perhaps with the Church in charge of the food banks.

The phrase the elites keep throwing around is the the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Forget all the buzzword like “internet of things” and “smart factories.” Technology is just a tool. It can be used to increase worker productivity, or lessen the need for worker input. The old “neo-reactionary” movement from ten years ago use to fantasize about a new techno-tyranny and come up with ways to justify it.

Here’s a technological future: Luke Skywalker has two droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO. They enhance his productivity, the wealth created by their robot technology goes to their owner, the Skywalker family.

But the other version of that is, of course, R2-D2 and C-3PO are owned by Darth Vader. Luke Skywalker may be assisted in his labors by these two robots, but the excess value is appropriated by Darth Vader.

Who gets to own the robots? Who can make them?

We can create robots that are owned by “the people” or “the workers” or “the individual.” Or, we can create robots that are owned by “capital.” Whoever owns the robots gets the value the robots can create.

Clearly, the powers-that-be see a system in which there is an interconnected, centralized grid of control. Despite the internet itself being set up in a highly decentralized and federated manner, how it’s turned out is that the public interface to the internet is through just a handful of companies like Google and Facebook.

In the era of hobbyists, 20 years ago, there may be one server sitting in someone’s basement shared by a dozen or so friends and families. Now, everything is centralized via Amazon Web Services.

Email is instructive. The email system is highly decentralized. When it became popular, people could run their own email servers or use one of the thousands of servers run by small businesses and non-profits.

It became unusable because of spam, which made it easier for Google to simply dominate email because they had the scale to blacklist spammers. And along with blacklisting spammers they can now blacklist their competition. Google and Amazon will “white list” each other, but Joe Blow’s “” is just considered spam by the artificial intelligence at Google and Amazon.

Osterlund implants a chip into a man in Stockholm. More than 4,000 Swedes have adopted the technology.

Due to the current crisis, the control grid is going to include highly invasive biological interfaces, a “mark of the beast” type system out of the fever dreams of a Baptist preacher from the 1950s.

Mandatory vaccines, of course, but also an ID chip under the skin. Forget the old Biblical idea of not being able to “buy and sell” without the mark of the beast, you won’t be able to leave your home without your chip. In fact, you won’t even be able to have a home without the chip.

Your fingerprints, iris scans – even the way you walk – will be recognized by the AI literally everywhere you are in public. You will be constantly watched by the cameras and sensors literally everywhere all connected via the “5G Internet of Things.” Your heart rate, breathing, and other vital signs will be constantly monitored and tracked for your health. Breathalyzers of the kind the police use to see if someone has been drinking and driving will be outdated, not just your alcohol consumption but also your food consumption will be monitored.

In order to work, you’ll have to submit to extremely invasive health screenings, that goes without saying. It may be interesting to see what illegal drugs get legalized in the coming year, if the “rumors” of intelligence agencies controlling the illegal drug trade have truth to them. They don’t want to lose a huge amount of funding.

Privacy norms will change. Perhaps all vital signs except for drug testing will be mandatory. High-tech toilets like in Japan may start doing stool and urine analysis, for your health. Perhaps sexual excitement can be measured; erect and lubricated genitals can surely be measured along with everything else, in order to better customize the pornography.

Most of this has existed in science fiction and dystopian novels since the industrial age, even bronze age religious mythology understood the human control impulses behind it (the original “mark of the beast” was said to be an incense smear on the hand or forehead to prove you paid the tax, then you had access to the market. Sort of like how you get your hand stamped to prove you paid the cover charge.)

The current pandemic has shown how easily social norms can change virtually overnight. Even last year, if anyone had suggested that most of the USA and a significant portion of the world would be under house arrest, and that drones would be engaged in enforcing “lockdowns” disallowing public assembly, people would have thought you were a conspiracy theorist.

But it took about a couple of weeks of mass media and most of America and much of the world have gone along with it, for over a month now. There is some rioting in the Muslim areas of Paris, and some boomer conservatives are allowed to hold “car rallies” in a few cities to beg for their jobs back and promise to vote for Trump, but certainly there is nothing public of any great organization when it comes to resistance.

“The Virtual Option” seems to be working just fine. People are in their homes, watching TV, Netflix, and pornography – famously, the world’s largest pornography company, PornHub, offered free accounts to people in Italy, perhaps to prevent a baby boom among bored couples.

If the choice is, get chipped and vaccinated or starve to death, 99.99% of the people will volunteer, and perhaps will compete with each other for the most prestigious chips; perhaps Apple chips will be cooler than Google chips.

Not only will people volunteer, but they will likely pay for the privilege. And they will be astonished that anyone would object. What sort of crazy person hates medicine and gadgets? I guess we still have a “hate” problem we need to deal with.

The technology for all this exists, right now.

Some of the sensors have yet to be engineered finely enough for safety, sensitivity and price, but the technology exists. Some of the logistics are yet to be worked out. The control grid will likely appear in places like Manhattan first then spread to rural areas.

Then again, who knows. Manhattan may be exempt in some ways. Perhaps certain people will get medical exemptions.

We may see a return of a sort of segregation. In the south, after the civil rights era, public spaces were abandoned by whites as blacks took them over. Whites moved indoors and into a private sphere they could control.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming may be exempted in important ways.

Right now, social class in much of the developed world seems to be based on two factors: biology and banking.

A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman. If she’s poor, she’ll eventually be scooped up by a rich man. A smart man will always have the option of being invited into some portion of the technocracy.

The other measurement is “wealth.” “Wealth” consists of, on a simplistic level, an account in a recognized bank and the court-recognized titles to real property and luxury goods like automobiles. More importantly, wealth consists of control of logistically important bureaucracies.

Really, what is to prevent a court from just taking money out of someone’s account, or replace a CEO, or just appropriating someone’s ranch?

What would “the rich” do in such a case? Are they all going to jet off to New Zealand?

Galt’s gulch? But really, did anyone actually read that scene? It’s about as realistic as Star Trek, but instead everyone has to buy tickets for everything. Without labor and natural resources, what then? Someone has to make the robots.

Really, what kind of a society could Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos make if it’s just them and their fellow oligarchs? To ask the question is to answer it.

White men in America have a lot of guns, and numbers. But they are brainwashed by the media to point the guns in the wrong direction, so to speak. If they want to control the media, they have to make their own internet. To make their own internet, they have to make their own banks, and run their own electric lines.

Which is obviously impossible.

So, considering that the medical-military techno-dystopia is here, now, it’s being rolled out as your read this, the end of April, 2020…

…what comes next?