People don’t seem to understand what “flatten the curve” means or what these lockdowns are supposedly for.

You WILL get Covid-19. Everyone will get it. That is how viruses work.

The entire point of the lockdowns and “flattening the curve” is so that lots of people don’t get sick all at once and crowd the hospitals.

That’s it. There is no way to prevent the virus from infecting everyone at some point.

Some people who get Covid-19 will die. Some people won’t even notice it. There’s really no way to know, and despite what the media is telling you, the medical establishment doesn’t really know how deadly it is, how fast it will evolve, nor even what the long-term health consequences are.

So understand that the entire destruction of the economy, throwing millions of people out of work and onto the streets – that is being done to simply slow down the infection and not “collapse the health care system.”

Public policy wise, there were a number of things that could have been done. They could have, for instance, ended all immigration in January to stop the virus from entering America in the first place. That may have prevented it from coming here for maybe another year.

Closing schools was probably a smart move – it probably was a good idea to quarantine the old and isolate the old folk’s homes too.

But banning people from buying seeds? Allowing certain businesses to open as usual while forcing other to shut down?

Those were political decisions. Do you believe that all these trade-offs were made in an objective fashion strictly in the interests of public health?

Remember – the massive trillion-dollar bailouts of Wall Street were happening since last year before the virus.

They are now flying drones over towns in New Jersey where a robot voice is yelling at people in public.

Is that necessary? It that in the interest of public health, or even just flattening the curve?

Or is that stuff they have wanted to do for a long time and are now doing it?

This is a coup; the virus may be a convenient excuse, but it’s a coup nevertheless.

Just look at who is making a fortune out of this and who is being bankrupted.

See who is being locked down, harassed in public, and those whose lives are barely affected.

What comes next? Who is in control of the techno-tyranny now?