It’s been interesting how divided people have been over this. “Liberals” for lack of a better term, have been at places like reddit just spewing unhinged hate, against white people, conservatives, Trump, their neighbors. Honestly I wish people on “the right” would just start referring to these people as a “hate group” because that is what they are.

Reddit liberals are unhinged because some state ruled that the government can’t close down the churches. I automatically assume now that everyone posting on reddit was molested by a priest. I’m not particularly religious, even a quasi-atheist really, but I just don’t hate religion or religious people. I frankly love the architecture, some of the rituals – I’ve always found the communion ritual to be comforting, weird I know considering it’s ritualized cannibalism.

But mostly I love – LOVE – old time gospel music, especially bluegrass music. I don’t know a single other person that likes this music, but I grew up with it and love it. I mean, real old time honky tonk gospel songs sung by an old lady with her husband on the banjo.

So anyway Texas decided to open up and Trump made an announcement to front run them. RamZPaul is interesting in that he has been one of the most prominent anti-hysteria types, while on the other side the OccidentalDissent/Richard Spencer crew have been right along with the liberals mocking “the right” and conservatives.

One thing is quite obvious, the hysterical predictions of two million dead were the worst sort of fearmongering. Considering the damage to society some people should be prosecuted, at least fired, even though just like 9/11 instead they will all be promoted for a job well done.

If Covid-19 is as bad as they say, there’s nothing anyone can do anyway. Vaccines won’t even work if it mutates quickly enough.

RamZPaul is very, very wrong about one thing though: people should wear masks in public. I’ve long thought this since I first started seeing Japanese people wearing masks on the subway and secretly hoped the trend would come to the USA. Also Trump himself, and a prominent Silicon Valley angel investor I hate-listen to when I’m really bored, have both said we should stop shaking hands and instead do a formal bow like the Japanese. Really, there’s a lot Americans could learn from the Japanese (except anime, all anime fans should be sent to camps as far as I’m concerned. A social media profile with an anime avatar is an extremely accurate predictor of that person being a fucking moron LARPing dumbass.)

Typhoid Paul is right, if states open up and there’s no mass death, there’s going to be a lot of explaining to do.

People are still in absolute denial about the destruction of the economy and how things are going to evolve in the next few months, regardless of what the virus does. We’re looking at higher than Great Depression levels of unemployment for years to come. As a commenter said, we’re already in a “cold civil war” and it’s going to get worse.

Black riots this summer are baked into the cake: I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a Chicago or a Philadelphia when the weather gets hot. I expect armed robberies and property crime to go through the roof starting now.

I’ve never been a big Trump fan, but the hatred directed towards him is unlike anything I’ve seen. Bush and Obama were both hated by the opposing parties but nothing like this. And Trump is hated by all the right people, so to speak. It doesn’t matter how much he sucks up to Israel, the Jews still hate him because he’s an avatar for real Americans, which Jews are mostly certainly not.

Unless there are mass deaths in Sweden this whole thing will have proven to be a mass hysteria. If there are mass deaths in Sweden, there’s nothing anyone can do about the virus anyway.

Another thing is obvious: USA isn’t just a “country” and what is appropriate in New York City is very different than what is appropriate in Boise – something obvious that neither “side” seems to have taken into consideration.

It will be quite interesting to see how the Empire devolves in the coming years. Surely the dollar’s reserve status will weaken, although that’s been predicted forever and it still hasn’t happened, not to do with the dollar itself per se but instead how weak and small all other currencies/central banks are. The best opposition was the Euro but Germany just doesn’t have what it takes to be an empire.

Hopefully real Americans, i.e. white people outside of NYC, will continue to reject the ridiculous Jew fake news. How is CNN still in business? How can anyone take anything the NYT prints seriously?

Really what the “alt right” movement should have done is make their own media platforms that are general interest instead of being focused on their particular brand of politics.

You know how the left has done it? They take over existing areas and then enforce their ideology. Reddit is a general purpose site that censors the right edge. Look how SJWs have taken over open source computer projects via the “codes of conduct.” They focus on finding easy targets and do the Alinsky isolate and personalize strategy.

Pro-whites don’t get this yet.

What we need to do is to find a prominent anti-white white – not a Jew – and destroy them publically using underhanded tactics. Then, do it to another anti-white white. Get them fired, smear their families, bully their kids, etc.

Don’t like it? It’s a war, they are literally trying to genocide us. The time to play nice is long, long over.

With public society basically collpased, now is the time to push for the changes we want.