Pittsburgh – very white city, btw – has cars lined up for miles to get two boxes of free food.

(h/t JJ Crew)

In Pittsburgh, motorists lined up for more than a mile outside a sports arena in downtown to receive food In San Diego, volunteers braved the rain to distribute food and toilet paper in a drive thru center


As this is happening, conservatives are complaining about “socialism.” They are not complaining about the trillions of dollars printed and turned over to Wall Street, hedge funds, and Donald Trump’s friends at Larry Fink’s Blackrock.

No, conservatives are complaining that people with food stamps are “lazy” and conservative hero, Senator Lindsay Graham (R-Tel Aviv) is complaining that unemployment insurance payments are close to minimum wage, therefore, poor white people in South Carolina and West Virginia might get lazy and not want to work.

Lindsay Graham – who bragged about how much money he was getting from rich Jews in New York City because he is such a strong supporter of the foreign nation of Israel – is very, very worried that Americans are just lazy bums who won’t do hard work.

I guess that’s why Graham is such a strong supporter of mass immigration from south of the border – as long as it’s LEGAL – because, like his one-time political best friend John McCain, he thinks that Americans won’t pick vegetables for fifty dollars an hour.

This is the Republican party, folks. This is conservatism.

This is capitalism.

There were no bread lines under Barack Obama, the Muslim socialist community organizer.

Instead, there are bread lines under Donald Trump, billionaire (not really) businessman Republican and Hollywood Celebrity Game Show Host with the lowest black unemployment EVER! The Republican who is going to build a big wall to keep the Mexicans out – but put in a “big beautiful door” to let the LEGAL Mexicans in!

It shouldn’t really be a surprise – we all watched the Apprentice.

Donald Trump has said, “You’re Fired!” to America.

There’s really only one thing Trump can do now:

  1. Immediate UBI payments, starting at $1,000 a month for every verified American citizen.
  2. Immediate deportation of all illegal aliens, and an orderly deportation of foreigners here legally on temporary visas (cancel extensions, shorten the time limit, as necessary.)
  3. Put all of Wall Street, hedge funds, and merchant banks into bankruptcy court, and auction the assets to US citizens. Non-profit credit unions, public pension plans, and regional banks have plenty of cash.
  4. End the police state lock downs and allow American men to get back to work creating goods and providing services – with masks and gloves where necessary.

If Trump doesn’t do this, we’re going to have an actual communist revolution, putting the means of production in the hands of the state. No one wants actual socialism. Since conservatives can’t read the dictionary, someone please tell them that UBI isn’t “socialism” because it doesn’t put the means of production in the hands of the state.

What we have NOW is communism – specifically, Plank #5 in the Communist Manifesto:

Centralisation of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.


That is what the Federal Reserve IS – it’s a national bank, under the control of the state, and an exclusive monopoly on the creation of money.

In fact, FDR’s National Recovery Organization during the New Deal was an attempt to cartelize industry the same way that the Fed had cartelized finance 20 years before. But the Supreme Court ruled that FDR’s NRO was unconstitutional – the Supreme Court has never ruled on the Federal Reserve Act.

Instead of “printing money” and giving it to the Finance Cartel, who will then charge the taxpayer interest, AND the consumer interest – how about we just stop playing pretend and have the government simply print cash and cash equivalents and then give every US citizen a portion of that cash?

That puts a bottom on the deflation and the money destruction. That actually provides a stimulus to the real economy of goods and services. That will give US citizens extra money to retire private debt – thus freeing the future from interest payments.

This is likely the last time America will be able to do this, as it’s quite likely that the US dollar’s reserve status isn’t going to last another generation. The Triffin Dilemma is catching up with America. Use this power before America loses it altogether.


Trump will go down as the WORST president of the 21st century – or the BEST – all depending on what he does in the next month or so.