I mean, not really, but why not? It’s all about bombing the keywords.

AIPAC was the original outbreak of Coronavirus. It has spread to AIPAC attendees, then other politicians, and hot spots are in orthodox Jewish communities in New York.

Israel is already claiming they have a “100% successful treatment.”

So, they released the biological weapon and now if you want the cure, you have to submit your pedo-rape video tapes directly to Tel Aviv.

I think we’re missing a good opportunity here.

“We tripped over some enormous structure. … Who with 600 million dollars would make these purchases? Multiple jet aircraft, private islands, a townhouse on 71st Street in Manhattan, a huge complex in the New Mexico desert, property in Paris. It would appear most of this was intended for display.” — Eric Weinstein

Eric Ross Weinstein is the managing director of Thiel Capital, Peter Thiel’s personal investment firm, since 2015.


Eric Weinstein is the managing director of Theil Capital. Peter Theil, the Paypal billionaire, was an early Trump supporter.

We could rope in the #QAnons here too.

This conspiracy theory is way more interesting, and closer to reality, than anything about 5G cell phone towers causing the same reaction in cells that a virus would. It’s also more realistic than the one about the elites running out of adrenochrome.

It looks like the Covid-19 panic is drawing to a close. Two million didn’t die, but it was worse than what the nay-sayers were saying.

But the government still isn’t letting Americans out of lockdown. You’re all still confined to your homes. 10% unemployment as of today, and that’s just the official statistics, not just a lagging indicator but always under-estimated – and everyone agrees far, far more is coming in the next two weeks.

Still no checks for Americans, and nothing but empty promises for “small business.” Wall Street e.g. (((Blackrock))) on the other hand, has cold hard cash in hand and is now buying up all the real and productive property in America.

Just A Joke .,, Right?

The “Alt Right” is on Twitter, either defending Trump and denying a pandemic exists, or attacking Trump and fear-mongering along with the media.

Personally, this writer only started paying attention when I heard they were closing the schools. I thought – sounds reasonable. When I was in high school, they closed the school down for three days because some girl had come back from Europe with a case of the German measles. I had to get a godawful shot that made me sick for 48 hours. So I figured, hey, if there is something going around, send the kids home. It’s just prudent.

But then they put half of the states under house arrest. Then they started arresting people for being too close to others or participating in an unlawful assembly.

They even said that you could see the Iranian mass graves from space and social media was full of Tik Tok videos of overworked hospital staff twerking.

No one can accuse me of being a Trump shill – I never supported him. I was banned from the “Alt Right” because I never got on board the Trump train.

I was pointing out Trump’s Epstein connections back during the campaign, not to mention his decade of shilling for Israel and constant pipelining anti-Persian warmongering directly from his best friend (and boss) Netanyahu.

But come on – shutting down half of the entire economy and putting half of the working class into the unemployment lines?

That’s not just an overreaction. That is “never letting a crisis go to waste.”

That is holding a gun to people’s heads while you empty out their pockets – which is exactly what (((Blackrock))) is doing right this very second.

I wonder if the Blackrock CEO Larry Fink has a connection to Jeffrey Epstein?

Hmm, that’s kind of thin gruel.

I’ve already written about the connection between Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein. A little covered story from a few years ago showed that just about the time that Bill Gates was hobnobbing with Epstein, his “personal IT manager” was arrested for trading child pornography at Bill Gates’ house.

Anti-Human trafficking concept: Woman abused for commercial purposes.

Bill Gates … Coronavirus … vaccines? Need I say more? I’m sure there’s a connection there somewhere.

Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock – apparently Trump’s entire family fortune is invested in Blackrock – was partying with Jeffrey Epstein’s and Ghislaine Maxwell’s partner, hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin, just a few years ago:


Hindsight is 20/20. It was reported in the 1990s that Epstein was meeting with President Clinton, it was kind-of known – wink, wink – that Monica Lewinsky had her phone calls with Clinton tapped by Israel.

We already documented how “MEGA Group” – Les Wexner and the Bronfman’s, the owners of the Epstein/Maxwell operation – were directly connected to the Israeli spy ring in the Clinton White House.

2003, the New York prestige press was already writing about the “mysterious” Jeffrey Epstein, his parties with “young women” and Ghislaine Maxwell “training” models on their “sex techniques.”

It was all there, in black and white, in magazines like New York, Vanity Fair, New Yorker, Time Out, some tabloids.

All you had to do is read the “social pages.” You have these wives and socialites holding the parties, and their guest lists include the CEOs and the hedge fund managers.

If I were a Baby Boomer, I’d probably remember all the details about the JFK assassination and know all the events leading up to it and all the various connections.

But I’m not that old. My reference point starts in the late 1990s, and frankly I kind of stopped paying attention in Obama’s second term. Life got in the way. I literally left the USA.

I’ve been listening to a “normie” podcast called “No Agenda” by the old MTV guy that used to do Headbangers Ball, Adam Curry, and John C. Dvorak, an old tech journalist. Their basic gimmick is to deconstruct the media. It’s very “normie” but I can read between the lines – Curry is “J-Woke” – no one works in media for long and isn’t.

So Dvorak has a joke, the “Hooker Index.” You can tell the economy is bad when the hookers are cheaper and better looking.

At the risk of sounding like a Male Feminist #MeToo-er …

… I don’t know about you, but I have women – and girls – that I care about. Most of them are not rich.

In the Great Depression – which is basically already here – how many of the women – and girls – that I know and care about are going to be the new “hooker class” – beautiful, but cheap – for our Wall Street Overlords at (((Blackrock))) ?

Considering that these people don’t even have the decency to wait until they turn 18 – consider the reality that is being set up.

If Trump really does get us into a war with China and/or Iran, all the young men might very well be off overseas fighting foreigners.

And our women will be at the tender mercies of You Know Who – the same ones our conservative friends are bailing out while putting everyone else out of work.

Paying attention yet?

Givin’ us a yo heave ho Things are gettin’ kind of gross And I go at sleepy time This is not really happening … You bet your life it is She knows what’s goin’ on Seems we got a cheaper feel now All the sweeties are gone Gone to the other side They must’ve paid her a nice price She’s puttin’ on her string bean love