Bernie Sander is a fraud, and he always has been a fraud.

Just look at his record: 100% in support of giving the tax money of American worker to his fellow Jews in Israel. 100% support of Israeli genocide of Palestinians – going so far as to justify their attacks on civilizans and having armed guards throw out Palestinians supporters at his town halls. Virtually a 100% record of voting for every war Israel wanted.

Bernie Sanders, a New Yorker, was set up in tiny Vermont to be a reliable vote for AIPAC. To maintain the position, he mouths various left wing platitudes. Since he’s old, he never quite learned to mouth the new “woke” platitudes of browns and transgenders, stuck as he was in “Civil Rights” and the communism of the 1960s.

Just like his one time partner, Noam Chomsky, Bernie Sanders is a Zionist shill LARPing as a “left winger.”