As of April 5, some 31% of the U.S. households that rent hadn’t paid it for the month, the National Multifamily Housing Council said in a report Wednesday that tracks how the pandemic is affecting the housing market. 

Store windows are being boarded up in San Francisco and New York City – everyone knows the urban riots are coming – probably by this weekend.

The majority of Americans have less than one thousand dollars in savings. About a third of Americans are unemployed and that number is likely to increase significantly.

So far – ZERO “stimulus” dollars have been paid out to Americans. Wall Street, on the other hand, had cash in hand within 24 hours of the announcement. Remember too that the Federal Reserve and the Treasury have promised INFINITY DOLLARS to “the rich” – banks, Wall Street, hedge funds, and Fortune 500 companies.

Reports from multiple states have said many people have not even received regular unemployment checks and websites and phone centers are not working so the newly unemployed can’t even apply.

According to various reports, hospitals are laying off staff. Despite this historical plagues, at the epicenter in New York City every day “front line health care workers” are taking off their PPE masks – supposedly in short supply – and posing for the cameras for the #clapbecausewecare media campaign.

Note the lack of “social distancing.”

We’re being told that the bodies are piling up and can’t even be buried – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a well orchestrated media campaign complete with social media hashtags!

The “movement” this blogger is sometimes mistaken for being a part of is embarrassing – we’ve seen two factions emerge.

On one side you have the likes of Richard Spencer and Hunter Wallace who spend their time on social media complaining about Donald Trump – please recall these two were hardcore, 100% Trump boosters from the day he announced and spent the run up to the Trump campaign and the first year of his administration engaging in cringe-worthy public “activism” and trying to get media coverage.

Hysterically, their personal friend and media collaborator – Matt Heimbach – has decided to become an “anti-racist” and is now extolling the virtues of anti-racist communism for an anti-white hate group run by Zionist Jews.

No – that’s not a joke.

This writer, of course, was completely correct about Donald Trump since the day he announced and none of the last few years comes as a surprise. Being correct when everyone else is wrong makes enemies, of course.

The other faction, seemingly a bit older and a bit more conventionally conservative, is complaining about the lockdowns and the destruction of the economy.

They may – or may not – being wrong about the severity of the plague, but they are absolutely correct that the current lockdowns are not particularly being used to stem the plague, but are instead simply the expansion of the post-911 police state and the institutionalization of the techno-tyranny.

Please think this through for a second: America is under martial law. People are being locked up for leaving their homes and walking in the park with their children. Churches are being closed down and pastors arrested.

This isn’t just in a hotspot like NYC, but in small towns virtually untouched by the coronavirus.

As everyone is huddled in their homes, Wall Street, the financial sector – and especially, favored factions like (((Blackrock))) – are literally stripping the economy to the bone, transferring literally trillions of dollars while one side is mocking Trump and the other side is mocking Joe Biden.

The mainstream media – for some bizarre reason, still taken seriously by people – has become a farce, full of outright fiction and lies and cringe-worthy spectacles of vapid celebrities singing songs and journalists posturing as heroes for putting on their own makeup.

If we do see wide-spread urban rioting this weekend or the next, expect the situation to change quite quickly.

As of now, there is plenty of food and essential supplies in the cities and suburbs. Walmarts and Publix have full shelves for the most parts. The construction business is going on as usual, hospitals and the heath care system seems to be working quite smoothy with no real problems, despite the hysteria of the mainstream media.

But all that could change very, very quickly.

Let’s say the internet goes down for just 48 hours – consider what that will do to “the movement.”

It won’t exist. E-Celebs like HW, GJ, Richard Spencer and RamZPaul will simply be gone and their tiny and limited influence with drop to zero. AFAIK, they have spent zero time actually creating a “movement” – merely an audience and fundraising market. The same goes for the entire “movement” from the trolls at the (((Daily Stormer))) and the big brains at

The most organizing they ever did was to hold IRL “fan meetups” where they drank beer, did coke, and (in the case of Counter Currents) seduced “confused” young white men. Celebrities like Richard Spencer were busy snorting coke and banging Jewess “journalists.”

The online troll fight between on the one side RamZPaul decrying the martial law and the other side HW and TRS praising it is just that – an online troll fight.

Now would be the perfect time to simply silence the rest of the “movement” – there is already the Daily Stormer precedent. Just remove their domain names from the top level DNS servers and the rest of their social media accounts – poof, they are gone.

But I don’t forsee that happening because “the movement” has always been useful to TPTB in keeping the most dissident people glued to their TV Screens.

Greg Johnson, once again, proves to not only be wrong, but a complete joke. He said I was engaging in “paranoid ideation” yet once against I was proven correct:

Greg John banned me from Counter Currents, then even spent an entire article – and an appearance on White Rabbit Radio – denouncing the connection I made between Trump’s Zionist management team and the astro-turf “Alt Right” – once my article was posted on AffirmativeRight, Johnson went into action decrying it as a “conspiracy theory.”

Now, we know why – the truth hit far too close to home. Despite being banned from most financial platforms, Johnson has bragged that money continues to flow through his wealthy donors.

Clearview AI, CEO named “Hoan Ton-That” (doesn’t sound Eurocentric to me…) has indeed been engaged in massive spying/surveillance of the entire “alt right” to help market Donald Trump and his campaign. This front company does indeed have ties to all of the major “alt right” platforms.

It’s all centered around the Israel website I pointed it out months ago and I continue to be proven correct.

This “lockdown” is already ten times worse than anything that happened after September 11th. All it will take is a 48 hour internet shutdown and literally people will be turning themselves into the FEMA camps.

Add in some urban rioting and an actual food shortage … does anyone believe this is an impossible scenario?

Is it even improbable at this point?

Mike Enoch lives in an apartment complex in New York with his girlfriend and “Hispanic” neighbors. I really wouldn’t want to be him in the event of an internet shutdown and a food shortage.

RamZPaul lives in Oklahoma and Hunter Wallace lives in Alabama. They will likely be fine.

Greg Johnson lives in San Francisco, where mentally ill homeless people literally shit in the streets and then eat their own shit. It’s already third world there, an actual food shortage and you’d see block-to-block fighting.

Of course, the pandemic could be, essentially, over by this weekend. That doesn’t seem likely, but supposedly it has “peaked.” So maybe another two weeks in lockdown then some UBI checks and government cheese and toilet paper might keep things civil for another month or so.

Forget the plague. The state of things can instead by determined by these three factors:

  1. The internet staying on or being turned off.
  2. The availability of food and basic supplies.
  3. Street rioting.

Frankly, assuming things stay normal under these three criteria, I suspect they could keep this martial law going through the summer. I don’t see why not. Certainly, there will be urban riots during the summer heat, but perhaps they could contain it by simply passing out free opiates along with the food. Call it a “coronavirus vaccine” that might make you sleepy…