TDS yesterday was complaining about RamZPaul complaining about the lockdown. What they seemed to miss is that they live in New York, and RamZPaul lives in Oklahoma.

America isn’t a “country” much less a nation. It’s a continent, with 50 states plus Canadian provinces/areas. “Social distancing” means something very different in Manhattan than it does in Beale.

Wearing a mask and gloves when going to a Walmart in New Jersey makes a lot of sense – a lot less sense when going to a Walmart in rural North Dakota. Why do people not understand this?

I’ve tried to come up with some ideas on how to take advantage of this absolutely unique situation America finds itself in.

What would you do?

How to take advantage politically? How to take advantage socially? How to just take advantage personally?

Surely someone has some interesting ideas.

I’m two weeks late on this, but Lindsay Graham, the conservative Republican from South Carolina – who brags about how much money he gets from rich Zionists – was complaining that unemployment insurance was “too high” and people might stay on too long because it was more than minimum wage.

Bernie Sanders sarcastically complained that his Republican colleague was worried that some minimum wage worker might get some extra dollars – meanwhile, the entire government is giving the richest .01% literally trillions of dollars in free money.

This is why conservatives are evil – conservatives are the enemy. Frankly, I look slant-eyed at any conservative or libertarian complaining about UBI now. The time to complain about that sort of thing was before Wall Street was bailed out the fourth time over ten years ago in 2008.

Conservatives and libertarians never clawed that money back, nor did they complain about the massive inflation it caused because it was just inflating Wall Street balance sheets and didn’t show up in the gas prices.

Conservatives are the problem. Jews aren’t the problem – Jews are merely outsiders, opponents, adversaries. It’s the white conservatives that are the enemy, because they are traitors. Traitors are worse than opponents.

Lindsay Graham is far, far worse than a George Soros or a Chuck Schumer (or a Bernie Sanders for that matter.)

Can’t people see this?