So let’s see.

The OD crowd are angry at the conservatives and libertarians for not taking Covid-19 seriously enough and putting profits before people, as it were. They are also attacking “FluTruthers” who apparently are the “conspiracy theorists” who always wrong, or often right, depending on your take on very recent history (2001, cough cough).

Boomers like Bill Mitchell Boomers and Z-Man think the economic fallout because of the shutdown might be worse than the disease and RamZPaul is hedging between this scenario and the emerging techno-tyranny, going full “1776 Don’t Tread On Me”

The TRS crowd is mocking the “Just the flu, bro” types and Trump. 30 days ago the media was complaining about “racism” and actually had some sort of publicity stunt in Italy where you were supposed to “hug a Chinese person” – and that didn’t age too well.

I never pay attention to medical stuff, so for me this has just been about the Wall Street bailouts, which we knew were coming back when Trump started jaw-boning Powell, the first non-Jewish Fed chairman of our lifetime.

Considering that the “preppers” and the right-wingers are such overlapping groups, and that rural whites are clearly in a better position than urban diversity, I kind of don’t get why the “right” isn’t taking more advantage of this.

It’s sort of like the moment in Life of Brian: “something’s happening Reg! Something’s really happening Reg! Don’t you see?”

I mean for years, this writer, along with plenty of others, have said: be like Hezbollah. You provide services to the community. You run the food banks.

The Mormons all have a year’s supply of food. If the “supply chains” get disrupted, the Mormons will be fine. Why aren’t the “white rights” doing that?

When it first started two weeks ago, I said, now’s the time for community organizing (remember when the Republicans used to mock Barack Obama for being a community organizer, saying that isn’t a real job?)

Apparently, the polls show the majority of Americans want to close the border – and white women are polling higher than the men. So, there’s that. Now is the time. Close the border.

Organizing in a time of crisis is kind of easier than when everyone is fat and happy. Why isn’t anyone doing anything? Or, perhaps a better question, are people doing this just not making a big deal online about it? Because that would be great.

I’m a huge fan of the Myth of the 20th Century/American Sun guys. The main guy, “Adam Smith” wrote a whole “prepper book” just about six months ago discussing these very same issues.

In some ways, I would think that the “cultural white right” would be kind of already prepared for this, locked, loaded, and stocked up.

So isn’t it time to make hay when the sun shines, as the TRS guys were saying?

NYC is already boarding up the retail stores in preparation for the riots – it seems unlikely that there won’t be urban rioting in the very near future, even if the Walmart calories are still being distributed. They might riot simply out of boredom and opportunity.

But I’m not getting my hopes up. Perhaps because I’m experiencing everything that’s happening in USA from over the internet and some trusted private informational assets, I’m just seeing kind of the usual bullshit from the usual crowd.

Remember a couple of months ago there was the big Gun Rights rally in DC? Gun stores are still open and white guys – and gals – love their guns.

But really, what are they going to shoot? If anything, whatever the TV tells them to shoot. That’s always been the problem.

For the last decade, the asinine “neo-reactionaries” have been blathering on about sovereignty, passivism, and “becoming worthy.”

Not is the time. It’s really happening Reg – something’s actually happening! Just do it.

Or, just go quietly to the FEMA camps. Your choice.

Please don’t resist us, don’t make it harder than it has to be.

We’re going to take you for your safety, there’s been a national emergency

There’s got to be a decrease of the population of the earth

Don’t you know we weaponize diseases and had this plan for you before your birth