One of my best, long standing commenters from the old blog recommended the Z-Man to me, so I started reading his blog and have now listened to about six months worth of his podcasts.

I hope I don’t piss off my commenter, but I have to give a hard pass to the Z-Man, who is an economic illiterate and almost certainly a welfare queen.

His latest two podcasts were just so triggering I have to say something. Despite his denials – he’s ten years too young to be officially a boomer – he’s a boomer. Despite his protests that he’s not Conservative Inc. nor a Libertarian goldbug – he’s no different than them.

Let’s just start with the facts: Z-Man says he’s a “small businessman” and the kind of guy you call up when you have a “million-dollar problem, not a hundred-dollar problem.” He lives in the Washington DC suburbs and constantly complains about the blacks while whining about the rich liberals in Bethesda, so that should tell you what class he’s in – not rich enough for the white areas of DC.

Consdering where he lives, the fact he’s a “small businessman” and has something to do with computers, I’m going to make a guess: he’s a contractor for either or both defense or a health agency/insurance company.

Meaning, 100% of his paychecks comes from the taxpayers. Defense and health are 100% socialized, and although Z-Man complains about “privatized profits, socialized costs” that is exactly what people like him do – they suck off of the taxpayers tit while maintaining the fig-leaf of being in the “private sector” because he’s not an official government employee.

So Z-Man complains that Greg Johnson said he was engaging in “economic dad-ism.” Z-Man then reassures us that Greg Johnson is “a nice guy” but “just doesn’t understand economics.”

Wrong on both counts. Greg Johnson is not a nice guy, he’s a narcissistic asshole who is nevertheless 100% correct that Z-Man is nothing but a old boomer faux-“free markets” guy lecturing the young whipper-snappers about “socialism” – all the while, sucking the tit of the fat government contractors that the Republican party has forced on the government for 30 years.

I know this because my old dad used to complain about it constantly. At the DoD, they were perfectly capable of doing the work themselves, but the Republicans wouldn’t let them. They HAD to farm out the contracts to “the private sector” because, according to Republicans, “the private sector is more efficient.”

The reality? It’s just graft. Northrop Grumman has only one customer – the Department of Defense. They do the same work as the government employees do – just without the quality control and oversight – and charge 10x the amount, then, give kickbacks to Republican Congressmen. It works exactly the same way with the Israel lobby. Rich Jews bribe Congressmen, then the Congressmen vote for massive subsidies to Israel, then the money gets laundered back to the Congressional campaign committees.

Z-Man claims he “understands economics” but he clearly does not. What he understands is accounting.

Saying that you understand economics because you understand accounting is like saying you understand warfare because you’re an expert at playing Fortnight.

Z-Man rants and rails against UBI because he thinks it will cause inflation. This is pure idiocy and despite thinking he understands economics and isn’t a libertarian goldbug, he still thinks there’s a gold standard or something.

His first mistake: he thinks giving everyone $1000 will cause inflation. Did Z-Man fail Econ 101? Does he not understand supply and demand? Since of course he uses black people as an example of why UBI is “muh socialism” and inflationary let’s use them as an example.

Tyrone buys his malt liquor at the corner shop for $5. But now Tyrone gets a UBI check, so he has more money to spend on malt liquor. So now Raj Patel realizes he can raise the price of Malt Liquor to $10 because now Tyrone has more money. Therefore, inflation!

Right? Well, no. We’re all race realists with an IQ fetish here, but let’s give Tyrone some credit. If Raj Patel starts charging $10 for malt liquor, Tyrone is just going to go to the liquor store next door, where Muhammad still sells the 40 oz for $5. What inflation? Econ 101, Z-Man, prices are set by supply and demand. As long as there is competition between Patel and Muhammad, we have a market, no matter how much money is in circulation.

Z-Man also claims that he “understands big numbers” thus he understands that we “just can’t pay back” the trillions of dollars of debt. OK, Z-Man, two simple questions:

  1. How many dollars are there?
  2. What is the maximum amount of dollars there can be at one time?

For some reason, Z-Man thinks we’re on some sort of gold standard, and that the supply of dollars is limited.

Z-Man does seem to understand that “the debt” can’t be repaid. But that is not really true and not really relevant anyway. There are two options to the pay/retire the debt:

  1. Print more money.
  2. Default.

If Z-Man really understood economics, and he really was against “socialism” he would want number 2: default. But he knows that will zero out his 401k. So, Z-Man wants to print more money, he just wants the money to go to more defense spending on his ‘small business’ as opposed to giving it to Tyrone – or Bill, for that matter.

It’s hilarious when Z-Man points out that everyone has 401ks and that it’s good to invest in the stock market because – hey – that’s a better return than a savings account.

Well, why is it a better return than a savings account? It’s because people like him voted for inflation as opposed to default.

Under the “free market” all of Wall Street is bankrupt. But the second one bank defaults, they all default. That’s what happened in 2008 when the Fed let Bear Stearns go under. That is what triggered the crash, because Wall Street was terrified that the Fed might not bailout everyone. So what did they do? They forced Congress to bail everyone out. The Republicans couldn’t say shit because the entire bubble was caused by George W. Bush and his war (via laundering money through Fannie/Freddy, etc.) then when it crashed every idiot boomer conservative blamed it on black people (even Steve Sailer, who I like, fell for this scam.)

You put some money in the bank. When you go to withdraw it, the Jew banker says, “oh sorry, your money is gone, a black guy stole it.” The boomer-cons actually believed this.

Z-Man does seem to understand that the financial system is what he euphemistically calls “over leveraged” but he thinks it’s just them that’s over-leveraged. But Z-Man himself and his socialist ‘small business’ is just as over-leveraged as the Jew bankers on Wall Street – in fact, he bought into their system.

Did he buy gold and bury it in his back yard? Did he save his money in an FDIC-insured passbook savings account for a low interest rate? No – he invested it in the stock market because he wanted the high rate of usury that could only be obtained by leverage (and outsourcing and offshoring jobs, and mass cheap-labor immigration.)

Now, the Jew bankers are getting the bailout – not him – and he is desperately screaming at the young white whipper-snappers like Nick Fuentes, “no I don’t hate Jews, but the blacks! Socialism bad! No UBI! Save my 401k! I’m a small businessman who is more efficient than government workers, look I wrote some software for the military!”

He actually has the nerve to complain that the youngsters just “don’t understand economics” while he is desperate to get his own 401k bailout while denying the UBI bailout to young white guys.

All the while his “small business” is sucking off of the government tit, almost certainly directly but if not at the least indirectly.

Yeah, the youngsters, who don’t have a 401k, they want UBI. They earned it just as much as the old boomer cons “earned” their stock-market usury in their 401ks.

The real “free market, not socialist” alternative would be default – MARK IT TO ZERO. But as Z-Man himself admits, he doesn’t want to live outside, so he demands a stock market bailout and only hints that maybe Wall Street was a “bit over-leveraged.”

See, I believe in a free market. MARK IT TO ZERO.

Z-Man’s 401k is worth $0.00. Repo his “20 year old truck” and house.

If these old boomers won’t give the young people their UBI, the young people should say “fuck you, boomer, and your 401k. Mark it to Zero.”

Z-Man understands accounting, he doesn’t understand economics at all. Has he actually produced a single gram of real, tangible wealth in his entire life? Or did he live a middle-class life as a loyal servant to the Empire but is mad he got stuck in a black neighborhood and couldn’t make it to Bethesda?

Conservatives are the enemy, no matter how hard they signal as “right-wing woke.” No matter if they don’t like blacks (who does? Not even black people like blacks.) And if they have to constantly tell you “I don’t hate Jews, you hate Jews” what that really means, of course, is that they are cowards afraid to speak truth to power.

I stand with Nick Fuentes against Z-Man, even though I’m far closer in age to Z-Man and I was forced to invest in a 401k too. If old boomer-cons like Z-Man are going to screw the young by whining about “muh socialism” and block UBI, we need to block all bailouts for their 401ks.

They didn’t EARN a dime in those 401ks – their ENTIRE returns are based off of the usury of Wall Street bailouts, imperialism, and mass immigration. THAT is how the stock market got so high. THAT is how Z-Man’s 401k returned more than an FDIC-passbook savings account – by off-shoring the jobs that Nick Feuntes’ generation would be doing.

Now these old boomer-cons are going to lecture people because they are afraid of everyone figuring out that their 401k are actually worthless? Don’t let Z-Man fool you – he wants a bailout while denying UBI to the young.

Let the cannibals eat him. His grandchildren can take care of him.

If he wants the young to save his old ass, he better show some proper respect to the young, healthy white guys. Otherwise, send him out to deal with the cannibals himself, or let him go hat-in-hand to the Jew bankers and see if they will prevent his investments from being marked to zero which is what they are actually worth.

These old boomer-cons are not “capitalist free marketers” in any way – they are liars. They are welfare queens and socialist leeches with merely an accounting fig-leaf.

EPIC RANT! Now, let’s educate these fat, old boomer-cons on real economics:

This can go on for a lot longer than people think. First off, while reserve currency is not really needed today (we have this thing called Internet now where relative values of currency pairs can be tracked in real time without the need for 3rd party intermediate such as USD), foreign people can’t let go of the concept, and they want USD. This will continue for some time, and as such, they will need USD regardless of US domestic policy. US is an Empire, and as such, the rest of the world economies will burn before US economy is really threatened. Like Beckow said, it may not be a physical need, but a psychological need nevertheless.

More fundamentally though, hyperinflation generally requires three things:

  1. External shock (Weimar – reparations to allies, Zimbabwe – IMF loan repayment, Venezuela – sanctions, post Soviet Russia – former Soviet republics dumping rubles and establishing their own currencies)
  2. Supply chain collapse (Weimar – loss of German Empire and industrial districts, Zimbabwe – replacement of competent white farmers with incompetent blacks, Venezuela – foolish factory nationalizations and failure to invest in oil company maintenance, Russia – new borders cutting off goods flow and government failure to support markets).
  3. Worker wages going up. If toilet paper costs a wheelbarrow of money, some consumer must have a wheelbarrow of money to set this price.

How does this play out in the US:

  1. This is what US military is for. Good luck demanding any real payment (gold, net exports, etc) from the US. Not happening, and if you keep insisting, you will get a good doze of democracy bombed into you.
  2. Barring Civil War, supply chain collapse is not realistic either. Ironically, US is a service economy, haircuts do not require complex supply chains, so even a Civil War will have minimal impact on haircut prices.
  3. US wages have gone nowhere in the past 20 years, and will continue to stagnate due to automation. When Hair Salon lady demands $1,000,000/hr in wages, she will be replaced with $20 buzz cut clippers working for 2 cents worth of electricity. Robots don’t care about money, and their cost is approaching near zero. Commodities are also dirt cheap. This is why hyperinflation is impossible in a modern economy. Technology is massively deflationary.

TLDR: despite USD being printed by the $trillions, hyperinflation is impossible in modern service economy due to robots not caring about currencies. Robots are free because you can simply borrow as much money as needed to buy them. Zero or negative rates take care of repayment. Absent external shocks (nuclear war blowing up automated factories), the future is deflation, and to achieve GDP growth, wage increases can not be counted on. Therefore, direct payments to consumers are required or Depression results.

— mal,