I discovered what is now called the “Dissident Right” over a decade ago. From “Gamergate” to “WN2.0” to the “Neo-Reaction” it was essentially a bunch of white guys who hated George W. Bush and all of his minions and hated Obama and his anti-white Social Justice Warriors too.

The big brained among this set were either the “HBD” crowd, who loved to talk about how “North East Asians” were the smartest humans, or the “NRx” crowd who sought to justify the rule of Jewish oligarchs because capitalism and monarchy. It was especially the latter who promoted the idea that “the left” and the “progressives” were the “Inner Party” while the conservatives, Conservative Inc., and the Republicans were the “Outer Party” – merely the Washington Generals to the Harvard Globetrotters, a “controlled opposition” meant to lose.

Under the Obama Presidency, if you ignored history and squinted a bit, it seemed to make sense. Certainly, Republicans were losers, and loved to lose and seemed to be quite surprised when they won elections.

The phrase was “Cthulhu swims left” which was the “right-wing wokester” version of Obama’s phrase “the arc of history bends toward justice.”

According to Adam Smith of Myth of the 20th Century, “right” simply means “order” and “left” simply means “freedom.”

Well, are the proponents of “freedom” in control? Are they the “Inner Party?” Or is the party of “order” in control?

It certainly doesn’t seem that way. So the right-wingers had to come up with more and more tortured phrases to explain away the reality in front of everyone’s faces. Libertarians have to be for liberty – but most of the people who identified as libertarians were also into “natural hierarchies” like the family, and the right-wingers saw religious Christians as allies.

So, the new turn of phrase was “ordered liberty.” You were free to make the correct choice, but not free to make the wrong choice, because making the wrong choice isn’t a real choice, or something.

Right-wing autism flourished trying to square that circle.

So, “anarcho-tyranny.” The “left’s” version of freedom is really slavery, because everything is anarchy and the only true freedom is the rule of a unified executive – literally, a king – with absolute power, because a king who is afraid of pretenders is more tyrannical. So if we give up all of our freedoms and submit to an all-powerful dictator, that’s actual freedom because, um, something. As (((Curtis Yarvin))) explained, it’s best if we all just submit because the dictator will only maximize revenue thus taxes will remain not-too-terribly high. The main thing is that the goyim – er, sorry, the populace, shouldn’t be involved in “politics” and in fact even being interested in politics should be a crime (yes, that’s what the Neo-Reactionaries, like Yarvin and Jim Donald, say.)

But, surely, the right-wingers say, of course the leftists are in charge – look at transgenders! Surely, the fact that “Call Me Caitlyn” Jenner was a huge deal in the media a couple of years ago proves that the “left” is in charge?

Well – does it? Some fun facts about the trans issues:

Jenner calls xirself a “traditionalist” and a “conservative” and supports Donald Trump. Radical feminists, who identify as left, point out that the transgender movement is deeply reactionary, as it’s entirely based around promoting strict gender roles. Men who identify as women typically want to be Marilyn Monroe, not Susan B. Anthony. They wear heels, not sensible shoes. Women who identify as men try to act as stereotypically masculine as possible.

And what’s the world capital of transgender surgery?

Iran. Iran, a conservative quasi-theocracy, which does not have any gays or lesbians, because if someone is sexually attracted to the same sex, clearly they were born in the wrong body and some surgery fixes that right up.

As real left-wingers will tell you, transgender surgery is the Final Solution to the homosexual problem.

So – is that “right wing” or “left wing?” Is that “order” or “freedom?”

The Dean of American conservatism, William F. Buckley, proudly identified as a “classical liberal.” OK, the reactionaries have an explanation for this. America was always liberal, thus conservative Americanism is liberalism. The only true conservatism, the real right wing, is “Throne and Altar.”

Yet … Christianity, even fifth century Byzantine Catholicism, was itself radically “left wing” compared to say, Roman stoicism. It was, after all, the religion of women and slaves. It was radically liberationary, setting the captives free, etc. Radical universalism, all souls as equal, all men made in the image of god.

So, the only true conservatism is … some sort of imperialist paganism?

As everyone in America is sheltering in place, hiding from their neighbors and the Invisible Osama Bin Laden, Coronachan, the Federal Reserve has instituted Infinity Bailouts. For the first time in the Fed’s 100 year history, they will be directly buying corporate bonds.


The nominal dollar amount of the bailouts is two trillion dollars, but the reality is the behind-the-scenes bailouts, the Quantitative Easing – meaning, money printing – is basically infinity. Every single large corporation in America now has unlimited credit at the Federal Reserve.

Imagine if the Federal Reserve pledged to loan you infinity money to purchase lottery tickets, and you only had to pay it back when you eventually hit the jackpot.

That’s a relatively close metaphor for what is happening now.

Considering the massive “wealth disparity” in America, where the “1%” owns 80% of the wealth, and the “99%” splits the difference – is that “right-wing” or “left-wing?”

Considering that the wealthy 1% essentially controls the government via quite hard power, and the NRx’s “Harvard Cathedral’s” soft power has, for the past 20 or so years, spent more time worrying about more women in STEM, mass cheap labor immigration, and a crackdown on “hate speech” – and is also dedicated to a Zionist ethno-state in Palestine that all US citizens are required to purchase from –

well, is that “left wing?” Or “right-wing?”

Donald Trump was a super-star celebrity. Certainly, the media is “anti-Trump” on the surface. But – nevertheless – the entire mass media gave Trump virtually 24-hour free media coverage all throughout his campaign against Hillary Clinton. During the primary season, Trump’s Republican rivals couldn’t buy that much airtime. Not even a real billionaire like Michael Bloomberg could buy the kind of non-stop media that Trump got for free. And Trump, after all, was a close business associate of CNN’s CEO Jeffrey Zucker for 20 something years. They called each other “a friend.” Certainly, there is zero daylight between CNN’s Jeffrey Zucker and Donald Trump when it comes to their dedication to the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine.

Are the Democrats “the inner party?” Consider: the mass media that ostensibly hates Trump have chosen the one candidate that can’t even hope to beat Trump and probably couldn’t even hold a debate with him: Joe Biden, suffering from quite obvious advanced dementia.

The mass media have chosen to highlight Trump critics like … Ocasio-Cortez and two virulently anti-white Muslim women, “the Squad,” as the main opposition to Trump, thus ensuring Trump’s base stays quite loyal to him, considering the alternative.

The Democrats are throwing this election, and Trump is on a path to an easy reelection. He certainly could not have done it without the media, despite the ostensibly negative coverage, and maybe not despite the rabid Trump Derangement Syndrome of green-haired and facially pierced non-binary social justice warriors, but because of them.

So, is the power-structure in America “right” or “left?”

Is the Deep State really anti-Trump, or is Trump himself pretty much the hand-picked successor to Barak Obama, another Deep Stater? Certainly, Donald Trump has, himself, been the personification of the Deep State, being connected to the very structures that defined the Deep State – government, mass media, and organized crime.

The outbreak of the respiratory virus began in China and was quickly spread around the world by air travelers, who ran high fevers. In the United States, it was first detected in Chicago, and 47 days later, the World Health Organization declared a pandemic. By then it was too late: 110 million Americans were expected to become ill, leading to 7.7 million hospitalized and 586,000 dead. That scenario, code-named “Crimson Contagion” and imagining an influenza pandemic, was simulated by the Trump administration’s Department of Health and Human Services in a series of exercises that ran from last January to August.

Even the Federal Reserve was cowed by the Trump administration into keeping interest rates at virtually zero, to prop up Trump’s “best economy ever.” Donald Trump, unlike any other president in memory, apparently had to power to cow the Federal Reserve itself. For six months before the Coronavirus outbreak, the Fed was engaged in unprecedented “stimulus” with short-term buybacks.

Without Coronavirus, the inevitable market crash would be blamed on Trump; now it’s simply due to the unforeseeable pandemic.

Who is the Inner Party and who is the Outer Party?

Clearly, the “Bernie-bros” aren’t in charge of the “Harvard Cathedral” despite what (((Curtis Yarvin))) says about the “neo-Christian progressives” supposedly in charge of the Deep State, keeping poor Israel from dealing with the Palestinians once and for all.

Is it possible to take these right-wing “neo-reactionaries” seriously when their analysis is both transparently self-serving and cynical and obviously can’t explain the reality in front of everyone’s faces?

What is interesting about Harvard and its “progressivism” is that it is clearly neo-liberal, capitalist, Zionist, and anti-white. Those attitudes appeal to the upper-middle classes. But Trump is popular among the working class, despite his entire administration being staffed with … neo-liberal, capitalist Zionist anti-whites.

So, who is the Inner Party again?

Is there much difference between the policies of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump when it comes to the economy, imperialism, and immigration – despite differences in rhetoric and tone?

Bush, Obama, and Trump all staffed their administrations with denizens of Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs just gave their executives massive bonuses – just like in 2008 – and are first in line for the trillions of dollars in bailouts that the Trump-appointed Fed is printing – before Trump’s base gets their measly $1200 checks that they have to pay back next year in taxes.

The “Deep State” isn’t really particularly deep. It’s all pretty much out in the open. The Obama partisans in the FBI and the Washington Post that used to make noises about the 25th Amendment and the ridiculous Hollywood actors trying to overturn the election – they proved to be a lot of hot air and lost everything they pushed for.

They couldn’t even make their impeachment stick, and in the mid-terms they just barely got control of the lower house of Congress. Most Democrats in Congress are either Blacks or White and Jewish neo-liberals. The “progressives” and the Bernie Bros only get enough publicity to make fools of themselves and to scare the working class whites back onto the Trump train.

So maybe the Inner Party is actually quite happy with Trump.

Maybe the “left” are the Washington Generals and Trump and his Harlem Globetrotter’s amazing victories were pretty much part of the show.

After all, there’s nothing really “left-wing” about Drag Queens molesting children at the public library. That’s actually quite “traditional” if you think about it.

The Neo-Reactionaries got their monarchy, complete with elaborate costumes, parades, royal titles and pedophilia – just like the British monarchy, in fact.