As usual, the staffers for the neo-liberal oligarchs in Silicon Valley and New York City think this is a good thing, while admitting it’s a bit of a “moral hazard.” But no big deal, all the newly “printed” money will eventually be destroyed – as soon as Wall Street is saved. (Of course, the newly “printed” QE money continues and isn’t being destroyed; thanks to the Triffin Dilemma, all inflation is simply exported or used to prop up financial assets and the prices of the mansion, ranches, private planes and yachts for the the international billionaire class.)

Meanwhile, Republicans, Democrats, and Trump are quibbling over what sort of “stimulus” – if any – will trickle down to Americans. After all, we don’t want an “undeserving” US citizen to get a thousand dollar check. We can’t reward laziness! That would be against the “conservative values” the Republicans care so much about.

But apparently, the Democrats are holding up the checks because it’s “not enough” – instead they want to not send anyone any money until they re-jigger unemployment insurance.

If the so-called “Dissident Right” – not particularly “dissident” and not right about anything – was any use, they would be starting the “short march through the institutions.”

There is more and more chance that this “lockdown” in the USA will last through April. This will cause serious stress on institutions up and down the line.

Now would be the time for American (i.e., white) men to start organizing to take over the institutions – one neighborhood block at a time.

Phone trees – email lists – letters to Congressmen (it is election time, best time for maximum pressure and the Post Office is still delivering.)

Schools are closed – now is the time to organize home schooling groups.

Gun stores are open – in fact, even in Illinois gun stores are declared “essential!”

Walmarts and Costcos are open, but some goods are being restricted. How about organizing buying clubs where everyone buys the maximum and extras are deposited in storage lockers and warehouses?

The cell phones are still working – easy to organize even when you aren’t face to face.

If this lasts much longer, institutions will start to fray quite quickly. What is the “dissident right” doing during this historic opportunity? Let’s see – two major “dissident right” online properties – Affirmative Right and TDS – are discussing … World War II history. (Oh, goody.)

The other TRS podcast is discussing … whiny atheists.

“Dissident right?” More like “distracting wrong.”

P.S. If Mike Enoch used that weaponized autism of his to debunk, instead of “the Holocaust,” why not 9/11? It’s far more relevant to 2020 America. And they use the exact dishonest tactics he claims the people arguing with him use.

If the so-called “dissident right” does nothing for the next 30 days, while nearly the entire USA is locked down, well – what does that say?