The progressives in general, and celebrity leftists like Bernie Sanders supporter (and anti-war activist) Jimmy Dore are complaining that Trump is “out-lefting the Democrats.”

Trump – and Mitt Romney – has a very simple immediate response to the economic crisis caused by the Corona virus: Send a $1,000 check to every American citizen on April 2.

This is far better than sending checks to Wall Street bankers, because they won’t lend the money to people; they will simply do what they did last time and “invest” the money in more financial assets. They don’t want to lend because everyone is already in debt and can’t pay their debts back.

This causes a cash crunch. Trump, and the Republicans, have the right idea: “print” some cash and send it to Americans, who will then go out and spend it on goods and services they need, thus helping soften the economic blow.

Democrats are blocking this, for no other reason then they don’t want the Republicans to score a populist victory. Instead, the Democrats are trying to get into the good graces of the anti-populist financial sector – and the Wall Street Journal (((editorial board))) – so they can line up the bribes for the coming elections.

Now is the time for the GOP to go hard core populist, nationalist, and start writing checks to Americans. Call it a “dividend” – after all, we are the owners of the country, and since our tax money is going to “bail out” the entire Fortune 500 and the entire financial system – we should get a cut.

Writing checks is a step in the right direction.

Not to mention – when the Indian tribes got their casinos, they realized that the more Indians in the tribe, the smaller the piece of the pie per Indian. So, that gave the Indian tribes a financial incentive to keep people from all of a sudden claiming to be Indian to get some of that casino money.

It will work the same for Americans. The fewer immigrants, the bigger our dividend checks.

Shut the border and start writing checks, Republicans. If you can’t do that – why should anyone vote for you? “Capitalism?” “Free markets?” “Values?” Sorry, keep your religion to yourself.