Our elites have no idea what they are doing.

Reading the WSJ articles, opinions, and comments would have anyone selling their stocks – and their suburban and urban real estate – as fast as possible and loading up the family in the SUV and heading for the hills.

Forget the Democrats – the Democrats have absolutely nothing to say except for “Orange Man Bad” and “Republicans are mean.” That’s it, literally, nothing else except for occasionally suggesting expanding Obama’s giveaway to the health insurance companies. Not, mind you, because it will help anyone but simply because Obama proposed it and the Republicans are against it.

The Trump-tards are no better: all they have to say is “Orange Man Good, Lib-ruls Bad!”

But the worst are the conservative and libertarian ideologues. The entire economy is crashing, the banks are salivating for another multi-trillion dollar bailout, and the conservatives and libertarians are VERY WORRIED that some citizen might get a $1,000 check they don’t really “deserve.”

Massive multi-trillion bailouts through the Fed – that’s fine, perhaps not ideal, but necessary. But some poor person getting a measly thousand bucks? That’s socialism don’t you know.

What’s so astonishing is that all of these political arguments are couched in terms of morality as opposed to practicality or self-interest. The “left” wants to portray themselves as “compassionate experts” – which they are anything but. The entire Democratic party is basically “the Mean Girls” calling Trump and their enemies names, especially “stupid” and “racist.”

The conservatives and libertarians – the religious capitalist fanatics – meanwhile are desperately trying to focus everyone’s attention away from Wall Street, the banks, and the rich – who are making out like bandits and have their snouts lined up at the public trough – and instead whining about “socialism” and the “undeserving poor.”

Now is the time for our people – especially, our men – to do some community organizing. While everything is shut down, it’s the perfect time to start taking control of the situation.

If you live in a suburb, now is the time to literally go door to door and introduce yourself to the neighbors. Call yourself the neighborhood watch, or go as representatives of your church. Tell everyone you are making sure everyone has enough toilet paper or water. Wear a mask – and gloves – and do your “social distancing” so everyone knows you are taking it seriously.

When you come across a senior citizen couple or a widow, offer to help mow her lawn or whatever. When you come across (an actual) fellow white man start to feel him out to see whether he is woke or not.

Come across some foreigners who don’t belong here? Start figuring out ways to leverage that situation. Are we in a war, or not? Obviously you don’t do anything criminal, but – hey – maybe put some social pressure on Mr. Pajeet and Mrs. Rahatamaladharma.

“You know, Mr. and Ms. Foreigner, everyone is giving fifty dollars to the neighborhood committee. Surely, you want to be one of us and help, right?” Yes – shake them down using fully legal social pressure. It’s a simple act of tribal conflict – move the fifty dollars from their pockets to our pockets.

Get everyone’s email address and Facebook page. Quickly suss out potential members of the Mannerbund, and find a way to draw them in.

Believe it – our “elites” are anything but. Their great skill is juking the monetary states; they are basically high-scoring video gamers. In a real situation, their talents do not translate.

As the Boy Scouts say, Be Prepared. Things are already collapsing and even though they will go back to almost-normal is a week or so, take advantage of the situation now.