Dr. Matthew Rafael Johnson – absolutely 100% solid on the 9/11 issue. He was in Washington DC the day of, immediately asked why the TV immediately said it was Osama Bin Laden, “Al Qaeda” and the Taliban. Points out that Bin Laden and “Al Qaeda” were the only group on earth that did NOT claim responsibility – and that the Taliban condemned 9/11 and wanted nothing to do with it.

A history professor, specializing in Russia and the Communist revolution, he hits on all of it: Stalin’s planned invasion of Europe, Western banker’s financial support for the Bolsheviks, the complicity of the Western press – who literally employed Trotsky – even the esoteric cult aspects of the torture, rape, and mutilation of the Czar and his family. Even JFK.

This is a must-listen to interview. It’s not often an academic has the courage to admit it all out in the open, but one supposes since he’s already been purged from academia, he’s got nothing to lose.

He goes over how the day of 9/11, and afterward, how many people agreed with him – “inside job,” blamed on people who didn’t do it, the, er, “non-Christian European white” group behind it.

But, as he says, most people, middle class, good corporate job, wife and kids. Admitting the truth about 9/11 in September, December of 2001 – what would it get them? They’d get fired, lose their jobs, lose their wife, probably have their kids taken from them.

So, ignore it all and play along. That is what everyone did – except for the Jersey girls, Bobby McIlvane, Ellen Marinani and her attorney Bruce Leichty – because they had already lost everything and had nothing else to lose

Mariani and Leichty were smeared as “anti-semites” because they wanted the judge to recuse himself because his son was working for an Israeli outfit that had conflicts of interests in the 9/11 case.

The Second Circuit Federal Court of Appeals issued an order dated 5/15/13 which harshly castigated both Ellen Mariani and her attorney Bruce Leichty and which issued financial sanctions against both of them and which accused Bruce of “bad faith” and “anti-Semitism” and filing frivolous briefs.


What good did it do them? They got the 9/11 Commission started, only to be smeared by Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson of FOX News.

After 9/11, you could smear and slander Arabs and Muslims all day long but even as 200+ Israeli spies connected to the 9/11 attacks were rounded up – most sent back to Israel with no investigation much less prosecution – pointing out the Israeli hand in 9/11 is, to this day, forbidden.

And notice how many so-called “Jew-aware White Nationalist” “movement people” are the worst offenders … more proof that the “movement” is just an Emmanuel Goldstein-style honeypot, and always has been since it was started by FBI informant George Lincoln Rockwell and his Jewish handler Dan Burros. (To this day, the flagship “movement” website acknowledges these facts while pretending they have no relevance.)

Anyway, must listen interview with Dr. Matthew Rafael Johnson. As usual, the guys at the Myth of the 20th Century podcast and their website, TheAmericanSun.com, is top-notch, first-rate, and better than anyone involved in “the movement” proper.

Coming Soon: Sex, Spies and Videotape Part 10: Sexual Blackmail As De Rigueur Among American Elites