Trump wants a temporary payroll tax holiday to deal with Corona-Chan. Democrats – who used to pretend to be the party of workers – says no. Of course Republicans, the party of Big Government and Massive Deficits, are against it too.

The Supreme Court rules that Trump can make the “migrants” stay in Mexico. If we’re going to cancel flights to Europe, why allow anyone to cross the borders? Close all borders now.

See what happens when Trump actually has the balls to take them to court? He wins. Why not take “birthright citizenship” to the Supreme Court? Why not strip Google and Facebook of their special platform status under the CDA and declare them publishers – which they are, according to the law?

The Center For Disease Creation just last month did a “dry run” of the Corona Virus, complete with fake TV news broadcasts. Now it’s real. Conspiracy theorists going wild.

Italy was the first European nation to sign on to China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative. Then they are the first to get Corona-Chan. Coincidence?

Robin Hood – a phone app for millenials – gets the kids to “invest” their allowance money in the stock market. Then, when the stock market crashes, so does the app, making sure the kids can’t pull out their money.

Stupid Zoomers.