Before I was ordered banned by all social media by the racist, apartheid supporting ADL, I once wrote a post decrying the comment section of Washington Post, which at one point was a respectable newspaper. Since my dad read the WP, I assumed that my dad was representative of their readership: smart, thoughtful, educated.

Maybe that was true 20+ years ago, but it’s certainly not anymore.

Ten years ago my old boss lady, a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, commented on my reading the Wall Street Journal. She said, “oh you must hate that Rupert Murdoch is going to destroy your favorite newspaper.” I told her, nah, I didn’t think that Newscorp would turn WSJ into a tabloid-style copy of FOX News. Not only does WSJ have some residual credibility, it’s one of the very, very few newspapers that people will actually pay for.

Ignoring the editorial page, which is straight-out globalist libertarian neo-liberalism with a huge side-helping of unprincipled exception for the Zionist occupation regime in Palestine and the whackjob racial/religious cult of Jew-ism, it’s still about as good as it gets for objective, fact-based journalism.

I originally started reading the Wall Street Journal in college on the suggestion of Noam Chomsky, whom I – like all of college kids – mistakenly believed was some sort of “intellectual dissident.” Chomsky had said, you often get the best information from the business press, because it’s geared towards corporate managers who have to have at least a tolerably real understanding of the world if they are going to manage the Empire for their capitalist employers.

So I assumed that the readership of the Wall Street Journal were smart and broadly knowledgable about the world. And perhaps they are – but reading the comment section underneath the article about the Harvey Weinstein verdict has me thinking that – at least those who comment on online WSJ articles – are no different than the jokes that comment on NYT and WP.

Half are FOX-tards. “Oh, Weinstein is a liberal Democrat so you know he’s bad” vs. the MSNBC-tard half: “Trump is a rapist too like all sexist white male Republicans!”

A while back I was a guest at a tony, Washington DC area private club and amused myself over a vacation eaves-dropping on the millionaires that constituted the club’s membership. My youthful notions that the rich and powerful who run the world are smart, educated, and broadly knowledgable people were dashed again.

Smart? Yes. Smarter than me, certainly, and educated, but typically only technically, in very narrow fields. As far as broadly knowledgable about the world – the exact opposite.

These people are reading and watching the same media as everyone else so their understanding of what is important and relevant is just as bad as anyone else.

They may pride themselves on not knowing about the latest celebrity scandal involving Kim Kardashian, but they are simply fanboys of a different class of celebrities – like those in “Hollywood for Ugly People,” Washington DC. The typical conservative Republican loves to whine about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the typical Democrat likes to whine about Trump and the Koch Brothers.

I just finished listened to the latest Myth of the 20th Century Podcast, about the modern welfare state created by German’s Bismark in the late 19th century, and I learned more in that hour than I have reading editorials in WSJ for 20 years.

Part of it is the fact that the Myth of the 20th Century guys don’t have a political agenda like a media corporation does. WSJ has an editorial agenda, to promote certain legislation, and 100% of their editorializing is to promote that agenda, at the expense of truth.

But the four guys at Myth of the 20th Centiry have better and more coherent conversations than that vast majority of “elites” I have overheard at tony dinners in Washington DC and Manhattan, simply because they have a better liberal education – likely a self-education – while the elites are merely technocrats.

This is what the neo-right longs for with their fantasies about monarchy – they want a leadership class that understands cultural and civilizational trends broadly, as opposed to narrowly-focused technocrats. A leadership class whose personal self-interests are aligned with the health of the society they rule, and who measure that health not merely with statistics.

Throw the book at Weinstein – not just for being a rapist, but for being a Jewish rapist preying on “shiksas.” But a real aristocracy would understand the problem also entails the fact that “Hollywood actress” is a high-status occupation for women, when it should instead be simply one rank above streetwalker.

My comment on the old Mind Weapons in Ragnarok blog that started my blogging career – I simply made the point that in the typical local American Christian church, there exists a status system that rewards women with high status for being responsible and loyal wives and mothers and in turn that same status system rewards men for being loving and faithful husbands and fathers.

Freshmen year everyone learns about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Once you are clothed, sheltered, and fed, it’s all about status. “Self-actualization” is really just another form of social status. Humans are social creatures.

Industrial society birthed mass electronic media which upended the status system. Overnight, cinema, radio, and TV actors were the highest status people in society. People modeled their behavior on TV Shows. By the late 1970s and early 1980s, a whole class of electronic media, in a self-referential way, acknowledged this: the film “Network” and even “The Devil Wears Prada” and pop songs like “Television, the Drug of the Nation” gave us Generation-Xers a status boost by being able to acknowledge this, leading to our greatest social boast: “I don’t own a TV.”

The internet changed things, mostly simply by factionalizing everything. Now, a young girl is going to measure her status by likes on her Instagram, as opposed to how closely she can speak, dress, and act like a specific Television celebrity (much less how closely she mimics the Alpha Matriarch at her local Christian Church.)

The anti-white establishment is increasingly concerned by the superfluous young white male “An Heros” that now measure their status by which one can post the edgiest memes on 4Chan and perhaps even translate the memes IRL, typically with disastrous consequences.

Our “elites” simply measure their status the same way, except of course are particularly good at keeping score via Fiat Money Points. But their brilliance is still focused, tunnel-vision like, on narrow, technical aspects of status, as brilliantly mocked in shows like Silicon Valley (even I can’t get away from TV shows.)

The elites in New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC haven’t a clue what to do about society as a whole. The ones who do aspire to leadership, like the Koch brothers, are merely self-interested in keeping themselves and their friends and employees flush with Fiat Money Points. The Jews are merely concerned with propping up their bug-out and crime headquarters in Occupied Palestine and smashing down any “goyim” resistance.

It’s gotten to the point that simple biological reality is increasingly getting in the way:

  1. If your women aren’t birthing children, your society is dying and has no future.
  2. Increasingly, American’s major health problems are so-called lifestyle diseases: foremost, a diet of cheap grain, leading to obesity, and a lack of simple exercise.
  3. It doesn’t matter if the elite Yuppies eat organic and go to the gym and do yoga – white (including Jewish) Yuppies are never going to form the natural ruling class over an increasingly non-white America, and once these whites are minority in their own class, the new Latinos, Hindus, and Han are never going to embrace the color-blind, “institutions over tribe” “meritocracy” the current white elites praise themselves for.

All of our problems can be fixed within the current paradigm of more-or-less technological neo-liberals once we re-take the status system

Women have a natural, biological drive to have children. If the people in charge of the status system didn’t do everything in their power to denigrate all but the richest mothers, that particular “problem” would disappear overnight. I said we just need a TV show, “Sally Clemens Has a Baby” that show a beautiful 21 year old married mom going to college and having wacky adventures were her fabulous, married-and-pregnant friends while subtly denigrating their single gal friends who don’t have the ring and baby bump yet.

Men would be perfectly happy to settle down with the Virgin-Next-Door if they could be assured of her fidelity and a status system that rewarded them with higher status for doing the right thing.

We aren’t starving to death and we don’t lack creature comforts. Libertarian cranks and their “gold standards and hard money” aside, a techno-utopia is quite possible if we stopped importing foreigners. White people have already limited our fertility to no more than replacement level. We can stave off environmental disaster simply by stopping the inflow of foreigners into Europe and North America.

“Fortress America and Europe” will be just fine, especially if we let the rest of the world starve back to a sustainable level. Let Corona-Chan take its course.

We must decouple the real economy from the make-believe world of compound financial interest aka “usury.” We don’t need “economic growth” to match a theoretical exponentially increasing curve just to make the accounting rules work out. Change the accounting rules. One of the Myth of the 20th Century guys in the last podcast pointed out that there is nothing wrong with Social Security; Noam Chomsky make the same point 20 years ago. We do not lack the resources to take care of our old people – it’s just if we keep the accounting rules in place, we have to either a) print money or b) import the entire world to circulate existing money faster.

Why are we slaves to imaginary Fiat Money, which in the case of usury, is no better than a gold standard? If the economy grows, and we need more money, under a gold standard we have to waste more people’s productive labor digging up shiny metal from underground, than burying the shiny metal again after weighing it.

What collective insanity!

And fiat money is no better, because instead of just truly printing more and giving it out to the masses, we print more and give it to the already rich so they can “lend” it to the average person already in debt.

Andrew Yang was more right than the libertarians.

Whites are individualistic and moralistic. We believe in “institutions” over clannishness. But our “institutions” are just our version of a clan. We can’t even get white Ashkenazi Jews to respect our institutional anti-clannishness, yet we think we’re going to get the Chinese or Indians to respect it?

Harvey Weinstein is going to jail for 20 years – GREAT! Let’s arrest the rest of Hollywood and stick them in jail too.

The next young girl that wants to be a Hollywood actress – or an Instagram model – call her a “whore” every single day until she changes her mind and instead aspires to being a wife and mother.

Mercilessly mock any white man with even a non-white friend, much more a non-white girlfriend. Any Christian infected with Zionism must be shunned. Heap status on white men who do the right thing.

We are what we are, which means we need institutions to express our ethno-centrism; that is how our ethno-centrism works. That is the lesson of Kevin MacDonald’s latest book and really everything he’s written since Culture of Critique. We must embrace our nature.

And we must smash capitalism. Don’t let some autistic libertarian try to weasel their way out of it by pilpul-ing over definitions and conflating physical and human “capital” with financial capital. Usury is unnatural – nothing in nature grows like that.

Usury – compound interest – grows the way cancer grows. It’s no way to organize a real economy of goods and services. (Notice that Marxism was never against usury, by the way, simply private ownership of physical and human capital.) We MUST stop squandering our natural resources and our labor on pointless chasing after the mathematical formulas of compound interest and usury.

Just consider how irrational Silicon Valley angel investing is. The rich have such an oversized portion of the collective wealth they are funding 100 “start ups” with the hope that one will pay off – and the honest Silicon Valley oligarchs, like Peter Thiel, admit that the real key to success is controlling a monopoly and creating a “moat” around it.

The start-ups they are funding? “GOOP vagina candles,” Taxicab apps, and online click ads. Do we need any of that?

Libertarians and neo-liberals BTFO.

Call it a Fraternity, call it a Church, the point is to organize human capital. Human capital and natural resources are the only things that matter, fundamentally. North America still has more natural resources than the white population can ever use. Stop importing future problems – “immigrants” – and stop strip-mining the earth so the bean-counter’s make-believe equations balance. We dumped the stupid gold standard years ago, why just recreate it on paper?