In the Rebel Yell podcast, the founder of a “movement” called “New Albion” explains how he’s going to organize New England north of Boston and North Eastern Canada into a secessionist movement and establish their own monarchy. How? Easy.

  1. He wrote a pamphlet with details about the governmental structure of this new monarchy.
  2. He designed a flag and he and a few friends fly it in their front yards.

He gives it all away, though, by admitting he was a “town planner” and a fan of the “Civilization” video game. When all you have is a hammer, every problem is a nail. Since all he has is the ability to create artificial constructs – like a set of rules for a role-playing game like Dungeons and Dragons – well, that’s enough to solve it.

Perhaps even more hilariiously, he explains how his new government system is going to “give sovereignty” to the people “at the local level.” Local sovereignty – plus a monarchy. (As the quote from The Departed points out, “no one gives it to you – you have to take it.) He’s already figured out a tax system (he has some real-world experience with this) yet he punts on the details of the economic foundation of his “New Albion” much less how he’s going to defend it, not just from the combined military might of the Empire – but even from a foreign state.

In fact, he punts on the significance of his make-believe flag. He makes a good point – if people started seeing the flag of “New Albion” flying in their neighbor’s front yard, this will “call it into being” at the least as an idea, and you have to have an idea in people’s heads, first.

But, of course, once word gets out that his “Flag of New Albion” is a “racist, white supremacist, neo-Nazi” symbol and the ADL declares him a “hate group” and the Television, Newspapers, major Internet sites, and the local police runs 24/7 propaganda declaring him The Enemy – how many of his friends are going to keep flying that flag?

How ironic that right-wingers are constantly accusing “Progressives” of trying to create a utopia – “heavan on earth” – which good conservative Christians know is a heresey, yet this New Albion guy literally says “everything started to go wrong … in 1600” … so he wants to “go back” to the governmental structures from 1600 and explicitly uses the Holy Roman Empire as a model.

So forget a “future utopia” – he wants a “past utopia” – that also never existed and can never exist.

So instead of LARPing as a fan of future oriented Science Fiction, like Philip K. Dick, he LARPs as a fan of past-oriented High Fantasy like J. R. R. Tolkein.

Musonius Rufus, as usual tries to get everyone back on track by pointing to something that actually worked – the Communist Party. Rufus points out that the Communist Party was a “secret society” – a Fraternity, if you will – and essentially a “global conspiracy” that, in fact, took over half of the world, exercised real sovereignty for nearly a century, and managed to birth Modern China, the second or third most powerful actual Sovereign of 2020.

Unfortunately, everyone on the panel keeps flogging the tried and true Right-Wing-Nutter talking points that a) everything is going to collapse Any Day Now and b) everything is becoming “decentralized.”

This is what happens when you live in Fantasy Land and not the real world. On what planet are things becoming “decentralized?” Isn’t the exact opposite the case? Even the originally decentralized internet is becoming more and more centralized. The financial system is more centralized than ever. The entire retail sector is now controlled by two companies, Walmart and Amazon. 50 years ago there were thousands of newspapers, dozens of media companies, and now there are but a handful of major companies that control virtually all media.

The history of the last few hundred years is small localities merging into nation-states and those nation-states merging into Empires and quasi-empires like the European Union. (Has Great Britain even left yet? If they do, how long will it take for them to sign a “free trade agreement” essentially putting them right back in economically?)

The last few hundred years has seen the consolidation of the entire earth into three power blocks: The “West” (meaning the USA, junior partner the EU, and hangers-on like Canada and Australia) Russia, and China.

What “decentralization?”

Obama ushered in the era of Drone Warfare. Does anyone realize the kind of high technology and ultra-centralized industrial – and economic – system it takes to create and stage drones? How much complexity does it take to build a nuclear power plant? Can your small town do that? Yuppies love the idea of going “off grid” with solar panels – do any of them have the ability to actually make a solar panel?

What “decentralization?”

New Albion does, however, make one single good point. New England (and north eastern Canada) does have one good thing going for it: it’s 90% “white” (European) and the population has a relatively high IQ.

The continent of Africa has all the advantages of North America – rich in farmland and minerals – yet it’s a backwater. Why? A lack of human capital. New England, despite having no oil, subpar agricultural land, and no mining to speak of, has a lot of high-quality human capital.

New Albion, an Evangelical right-wing conservative, suffers from the same problems that all right-wingers do. Let’s just jettison “right-wing” anything, right now (if I have to read the word “egalitarianism” one more time I’m going to plotz in my kishka.)

Rufus has it right when he points to the Communist party as a model. He’s also right when he points to American-style “local churches” as a model. He’s even more right when he points to the Freemasons as a model.

The answer is to organize the human capital which must be done before anything else.

We are excluded from the mass media, including inter social media, the universities, and major corporations – in fact, we don’t even have the right of free speech and freedom of association, there is basically one option open to us:

Organize our human capital locally and secretly.

And the way to do that is the Fraternity. It is, in the Current Year, the only way to do that.

Since I’m a story-teller, not a philosopher (nor a town planner, nor a role-playing gamer) let me tell you the story of my very first attempt at creating a Fraternity and how it failed miserably.

When I was about eight years old I had a group of five or so friends and I was somewhat the unofficial “leader” in the sense I usually could convince everyone that my games and activities were the most fun. One day, after I had read a children’s book about the American Revolution and the Constitutional Convention, I decided that I needed to organize my five friends into an official Hierarchy complete with a Constitution and “officers.” (I would be President, of course.)

So at recess one day, I convinced my five friends to sit down in chairs, and elect me President of the Club. I should have stopped while I was ahead, but no, I wanted an official Constitution. So I got out my notebook, and wrote down some “rules” and a list of “officer positions” and demanded my friends vote on legislation, complete with an eight year old’s understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order.

I had them in their seats for about four minutes until one of them said, “this is boring, let’s go run around” and everyone got up, ran off to play tag or ball, and there I was, alone, notebook in hand, writing a “Constitution” for a Fraternity that already existed informally that I had already been recognized as the President of.

Why didn’t I stop while I was ahead? Well, I wouldn’t make that mistake again.

So let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The problem with “right-wingers” is they always misunderstand cause and effect. No one sat down and “created a monarchy” – monarchies are an emergent property of the male hierarchy, monarchs simply being the institutionalization of warlords, which are themselves an emergent property of warfare, themselves an evolutionary, emergent property of primates (even gorillas have warlords, the “alpha males” of the pack.)

In part one, Eurobollah: Mannerbund, Mormonism, Masonry and Meetups we explained the general theory of “passivism, namely:

  1. Become worthy.
  2. Accept power.

As Rufus constantly points out, what we need to organize is a government in waiting.

But before you can run, you have to be able to walk. Can your group of friends organize a car wash fundraiser? Can your group of friends start a moving business? Can your group of friends even organize a kegger and get a bunch of girls to come?

If you can’t do that, what’s all this bullshit about “The Restoration” and “restoring the monarchy” much less starting a “secessionist movement?” We can’t even write a blog or have a twitter account without getting banned.

In part one we also explained the recruitment pool: white men, preferably, white men who have already proven themselves to be a) not losers and b) social enough to have real life friends.

In part two, Eurobollah: Level Up: Coins, Cabins and Countryside we discussed how to level up your fraternity from just a group of guys that likes to play soccer (or invite gals to a kegger) to a Fraternity that has something of value – namely, wealth, in the form of gold, land, guns, and buildings. To any “incel” readers out there, you would be surprised at how easy it is to attract gals when you have money, land, and a house – or even just a tight-knit group of friends that can hold a decent kegger! Try it! It was the first idea that got me slandered by the anti-white left wingers at Reddit and They were so afraid of this idea they called me a “fag” for suggesting guys organize clubs. Consider how Ivy League colleges like Harvard have banned fraternities for being “elitist” – that means they fear us doing just that.

A group of five guys has no need for a set of bylaws, official “positions” or “officers” or even much in the way of “initiation” or “degrees.” But once your start growing past five or so guys – and once your start owning things – you will need some sort of structure in place.

So, here is my proposed list of 33 Degrees, an initiation ritual, a list of officers, and bylaws.

No, of course not, I’m kidding. You and your five friends can figure that out. When it’s time to start federating – when there are 20 or so groups of five guys that then want to organize something more complex, that is when you take that step.

When it gets to that level the IRS guide lines will come into play – because why not? We can “become worthy” tax free!

To be exempt under IRC 501(c)(10), a domestic fraternal society, order, or association must meet the following requirements:

  1. It must have a fraternal purpose. An organization has a fraternal purpose if membership is based on a common tie or the pursuit of a common object. The organization must also have a substantial program of fraternal activities.
  2. It must operate under the lodge system. Operating under the lodge system requires, at a minimum, two active entities: (i) a parent organization; and (ii) a subordinate organization (called a lodge, branch, or the like) chartered by the parent and largely self-governing.
  3. It must not provide for the payment of life, sick, accident, or other benefits to its members. The organization may arrange with insurance companies to provide optional insurance to its members without jeopardizing its exempt status.
  4. It must devote its net earnings exclusively to religious, charitable, scientific, literary, educational, and fraternal purposes.
  5. It must be a domestic organization, that is, it must be organized in the United States.

To be exempt, a fraternal organization should apply for exemption.

P.S. This is one of my favorite scenes in all of American cinema. I made my ladyfriend watch it, and not only did she not find it funny, she thought it was awful and couldn’t understand why the hell I thought it was funny and awesome.