In Part 1, Eurobollah: Mannerbund, Mormonism, Masonry and Meetups, we discussed the basic concept of community organization, gave historical examples and linked to a number of neo-right podcasts and blogs that have discussed similar things.

We discussed “Level Zero” the already existing – and easy to create – casual “fraternities” that we can recruit from. We find the best men from the Level Zero organizations, and recruit them into “Level 1.”

The goal of “Passivism” is to 1) Become worthy and 2) Accept power.

How do you “become worthy?”

Level Zero takes care of a lot of it: you want to be healthy, strong, and able to work as a team with other men. Sports and other stereotypical masculine recreations, like hunting, fishing and shooting, are perfect training and proving grounds for such things.

You also want to be smart and knowledgable; so other Level Zero casual fraternities might actually be actual book clubs, campus organizations, travel clubs, etc.

Besides being smart, strong, and a team player, what is another way to become worthy?

How about … money?


Now this is where it gets tricky, and the rubber meets the road, so to speak.

If you can recruit a couple of guys to go into business with: do so. If you know two or three guys with disposable income with a high degree of financial literacy, absolutely pool your money into an investment club. See Catherine Austin Fitts at for some excellent advice on such hyper-local investment strategies, that range from those with financial literacy and disposable income to just regular working guys who want to pool their paychecks.

If you have ten guys with the discipline to buy everything they and their families need, just once a month, on one guy’s Costco membership, well just do the math. This is a significant savings. It surely is boring, and not particular secret, but remember this is all about practicality.

But the neo-right, especially the types like Adam Smith at Myth of the 20th Century and, are convinced we are in for some sort of Great Collapse. Musonius Rufus says they will be closing down our bank accounts (this has already happened, in fact.) Right-wingers have been predicting hyperinflation since the 1970’s gas crisis.

Plus, what if you are outed as a right-winger? Won’t they just confiscate your money?

Here’s an easy, profitable way to build trust within your circle and build discipline and teamwork.

Right now, a US Gold Eagle coin is about $1600.00.

This simple team-building exercise works like this: you have three to ten guys in your mini-fraternity. Find out how long it will take for the one guy with the least disposable income to save up $1600.00 that he can put aside for the medium-to-long term. Say it takes him three months.

Every three months, each of your members buys a single US Gold Eagle coin. If you are in the US, only buy US Eagles, if you are in Australia, buy their Koala, if international, buy a Krugerrand. They are all mostly equivalent, but if in American you’ll get tax and legal advantages if you buy US Eagles.

(Do NOT get into the gold-buggery cult, and do NOT waste any time with silver, it won’t work and it will be a waste of time and money.)

Gold isn’t going to drop in value any time soon, and it’s extremely easy to sell a gold coin for the same price you bought it at coins shops and other places that exist in every single city and small town all around America – so it’s very safe. Often, they will give you cash, literally a stack of 100s and 50s. Wait a couple of years and you may even beat the stock market – but face it, you weren’t investing in the stock market outside of your 401k anyway, were you? You are certainly going to match or beat a regular CD at a bank.

You pool all your money together, and you each buy one US Eagle. Everyone keeps their US Eagle at their own house, in their own safe, or under the bed or whatever. Buying the coins together, you save on transaction costs, and eventually, as you do this more often, you can build trust and maybe start storing the coins together.

Ten guys, five US Eagles each, now you have a stack of gold that is worth $80,000! Many groups of ten young single guys could build that capital in one year.

Now your group has enough wealth to buy:

1) A house or a warehouse in many parts of the country, or a down payment on a house in more expensive markets.

2) A commercial truck or commercial equipment.

3) A piece of land that you can hunt on, build a hunting lodge on, or even multiple residential houses on.

4) A hell of a lot of guns.

You wouldn’t even have to sell the gold coins, you could use them as collateral for a loan (always use a credit union, never a bank.)

The gold coins can work as a sort of fetish object, a sort of “ritual” for your fraternity, and these things can be important too. If you’re already middle class, high agency, with a good corporate job, it may just be worth forming a legal partnership and a Scottrade account.

But if you really think there is going to be some “collapse” the gold, land, and guns might be better, and it makes it a bit more “secret society” like as opposed to just a “business.”

Becoming Worthy

If you really believe there is going to be a Great Collapse, if you really believe there is going to be a Civil War, well, wouldn’t it be better to face that with a team of ten guys, who know how to work together, with an off-the-grid hunting lodge out in the boonies?

If the based county sheriff comes to you and says he need deputies to keep the UN from confiscating everyone’s guns, well, wouldn’t it be best if you are already organized and prepared?

And if things just go on as normal, well, now you’ve got a team of ten guys who know how to work together and are sitting on nearly $100k in liquid assets.

Spend a year doing this, as opposed to spending time and money playing video games, aren’t you going to be better off, no matter what happens?

It’s legal, it raises no particular suspicions, and you can start doing it the day you turn 18.

So, now you are fit, strong, athletic, organized with a group of guys, and are sitting on liquid capital. All it took was a year or two.

What’s the next step? What is Level Two?

Four couples that have been best friends for 20 years wanted a better way to live closer to each other and closer to the environment, so they pooled their money and decided to build a small town just for themselves! Their settlement, called the ‘Llano Exit Strategy,’ features four tiny houses facing the Llano river outside of Austin, Texas.