What’s the opposite of a Japanophile? The first time I ever even heard of “anime” was from a co-worker, a 20 something white man who was very short and thin, and was dating a tiny Japanese girl that used to flirt with me (and other men) outrageously right in front of him. I thumbed through a few anime books at a bookstore once and frankly just didn’t get it. Later I realized that a cartoon I loved as a small child, “Speed Racer” may have been among the first popular anime.

So it was bizarre to me when I first started reading what is now called “the dissident right” and found so many people using anime avatars and references. I still don’t get it. For all the popular art forms out there to embrace, embracing this foreign – and frankly childish – art seemed to me to be the exact opposite of embracing European heritage and culture.

So with Mishima, a figure I have only heard of on Counter Currents, which posts about him seemingly once a month. So it was quite interesting to read Andrew Joyce’s “Against Mishima” article at Unz.com which finally clarified some things.


Far from being a “traditionalist” or even “right-wing” Mishima appears to simply have been a mentally ill homosexual with a nasty sado-masochist streak reminiscent of Jeffrey Dahmer. According to Joyce, Mishima wasn’t even particularly political and his famous “coup attempt” was little more than a typical Japanese suicide but with the attention seeking and cringe-worthy drama one might expect of a homosexual narcissist.

Joyce’s article contains some gems that aren’t even about Mishima exclusively, but instead are absolutely devastating to the pretensions of much of the online “dissident right.” This passage was particularly illuminating:

Mishima’s purported militarism is worthy of some attention. I come from a military family, and have many friends in the military. One of the things that’s always irritated and amused me is the difference between how actual service personnel discuss themes such as “being a warrior” or combat more generally in comparison to military fantasists. Among the former, there always exists a wry, sober, even bittersweet outlook. Among the latter, one is apt to find much talk of glory and conquest, but little action.

This is well known by anyone who has actually served in the military or had family or friends in the military, and it goes double for anyone who actually served in combat.

Mishima was surely a military fantasist, who even by his own admission had a sexual fetish for the white gloves worn with the Japanese uniform, and lied during his own army medical exam during the war in an effort to avoid military service: “Why had I looked so frank as I lied to the army doctor? Why had I said that I’d been having a slight fever for half a year, that my shoulder was painfully stiff, that I spit blood, and that even last night I had been soaked by a night sweat? … Why had I run so when I was through the barracks gate?

This certainly sheds some light on various parts of the “dissident right” and especially the “traditionalists.” The term “LARPing” comes to mind.

More soberly, one could merely point to the ridiculous notion of a military coup being led by a bipolar, draft-dodging shut-in (Hikikomori) who, when confronted during the action itself, witnessed the beginning and end of his fighting career when he hacked frantically at a handful of unarmed men with an antique sword.

The great Mishima!

Truly one of the most cringe-worthy aspects of the “dissident right” are people, especially Americans, calling themselves “monarchists.”

Now there is a difference between someone in the United Kingdom, or other European countries, who appreciate their tradition of their monarchy, and those on the “dissident right” who claim to be “monarchists.” The Curtis Yarvin “NRx” wing is particularly awful about this, and birthed the most cringe-worthy meme of the Trump era: “the God-Emperor.”

Donald Trump, the playboy celebrity of the gossip rags and reality TV show actor, the pathological liar, and utterly failed President, is ret-conned as a “God Emperor” by the fantasists of the dissident right.

Robert Hampton even has to admit it:

Some identitarians imagine monarchs as divine saviors, but they’re really just globalist elites in swankier outfits. A restored Bourbon/Habsburg/Stuart House would act the same as the Windsors—possibly even worse—in our age. Rather than resisting modernity, monarchs submit to it. Our hope for salvation lies with the people, not with princes who sell their birthright for a crumb of coochie.


It’s difficult to not think of certain aspects of the “New Right” as little more than a gay male version of a Hallmark movie where the protagonist hits her head, gets amnesia, and wakes up as a princess.

One might think that American “traditionalists” would mine, say, cowboy movies and the mythology of the American West, as opposed to Japanese gay culture and cartoons.

The critiques of Hitler-fetishism on the “Alt Right” has been done by better writers than I, but it’s similar, isn’t it? Not only is “Nazi” foreign to America, the “dissident right” often embraces the cartoon, Hollywood version as much as anything historical about the NSDAP, and there is a huge gay element to that particular subculture as well.

There was an authentic dissident right in the 1980s and the 1990s, quite popular, centered around the gun culture, rural living, and militias. For all the shortcomings of that culture, it was authentic, it was American, it was right-wing, and it included not a few men who were actual soldiers who fought actual wars.

Can the same be said of the “Alt Right” the “New Right” or the “dissident right?”

Far from being “nationalist” grounded in the real, organic culture of our nation, this online “right” appears to be a form of globalist consumerism. Their “monarchism” and “tradition” being little more than picking and choosing fetish-objects of various foreign and non-white cultures.

It’s not dissimilar to “hipsters” in fact, combing through thrift stores to find outdated fashion and obscure vinyl – the more obscure, the better – and consuming it all “ironically” of course, with an added bonus of “cultural appropriation” – the more foreign the culture, the better.

No wonder these people went all in for Donald Trump, perhaps the least authentic personality in modern politics, and when the field is full of types such as Ted Cruz, that’s saying a lot.

This is no slight to “normies” in the Rust Belt taken in by Trump’s celebrity and empty promises. They had no way of knowing about Trump’s Zionist handlers, and the same “dissident right” supposedly so in tune with Ashkenazi Zionist power decided to keep it to themselves.

Let’s call it the “LARP Right” and for those interested in preserving the white peoples and cultures of North America, perhaps it’s time to get over “right wing” pretensions altogether. Just be pro-white.