Maybe a decade ago, at the beginning of the Youtube era, there was a “viral video” of a young black man on a bus attacking an old white man who quickly dispatched with the young pretender. While there was no doubt some racial “gloating” by whites over this, the sentiment was mostly that a young thug had simply attempted to bully an old man and had his ass handed to him by his elder.

The viral video inspired memes and remakes and even helped to re-popularize an old 1970s song by Ram Jam called “Black Betty.”

Within a couple of months, an announcement was made about a new independent film, that would revolve around a “racist skinhead” attacking an elderly Latino on a bus, only to be beaten by the Latino.

A reversal of the reality; the white went from victorious victim to hateful aggressor.

Apparently the TV show “Law and Order” is notorious for this; fictionalizing a real crime and then reversing the races to make the whites the bad guys and the non-whites the good guys.

The Occidental Observer has a great series of articles about Hollywood movies about Wall Street financial crimes, where the Jewish criminals are portrayed by WASP-y looking types and blue-blood names, while the heroic lawyers and regulators are portrayed by Jewish actors with Jewish names.

In other words, a complete reversal of the reality.

People get their sense of history via fiction, and that is why these types of movies are made. It doesn’t matter if they flop at the box office, they will be rerun on TV, cable, and now streaming services. Kids who weren’t even born when the events happened won’t see old news coverage, but will instead see the Hollywood fictionalization with the roles reversed.

I read that “To Kill A Mockingbird” was similar; there was a real life case of a black man that raped a white woman, an open and shut case. The Communist party was writing propaganda that the white woman was, essentially, a “slut” and that it was “racists” railroading an innocent man. This also may be related to the Tulsa Race Riot, where the communist newspapers actually did imply that the white rape victim had a “bad reputation” and smeared her as some sort of prostitute.

Here is a video clip from the 2018 film “Vice” about Dick Cheney and the Bush administration’s war on Iraq. The fictional film shows Israel as opposing the Iraq war. Juxtaposed is the actual historical record: Benjamin Netanyahu on numerous occasions warmongering against Iraq and telling all sorts of absurd lies about their supposed “WMDs” and “nuclear weapons” and calling them a “terrorist state” and demanding America and Europe attack them.

But few people will watch the real history; plenty of people will watch the Hollywood version and believe the lie that Israel was the victim, not the aggressor.