I’m a storyteller, not a philosopher. So, about 2003 or so, I’m at this fancy New York City party. Just a couple of years after 9/11, I’m basically suffering PTSD and frankly terrified to even talk about it much. So, I’m sort of drowning my sorrows in non-stop partying and hooking up.

So I’m at this party with a sort-of “girlfriend,” this six-foot tall redheaded German, and she says something like, “wow, there are a lot of really good looking Russian girls here that look really young. And they are dressed like sluts!”

I look around and it’s quite obvious that she is right.

About a year later, this fascinating article appears in New York magazine:

From Russia With Sex:


The path from Moscow to New York cut through the modeling business. In May 1988, the first Miss Moscow contest was held. A year later came the first Miss USSR, Yulia Sukhanova, a rangy 17-year-old Moscow schoolgirl with gray-blue eyes, blonde hair, and a beauty mark over one eyebrow. Though she didn’t know it, her modeling career was facilitated by Richard Fuisz (pronounced fuse), a former actor, psychiatrist, pediatrician, congressional candidate, whistle-blower, and entrepreneur who declines to comment on a published report that he has intelligence ties. Fuisz, who owned a company that did joint ventures in Moscow, was approached by the then-Soviet ambassador to Washington, Yuri V. Dubinin, to set up a modeling agency to prepare the first waves of Soviet beauties for American commerce (which often meant substantial dental work) and protect them from “adverse influences” and bad publicity like magazine “spreads about their teeth,” Fuisz says. Sukhanova was the first of ten girls he would oversee. But first, he had to free her from the Soviet Union. He did it with the help of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, now one of Russia’s oil billionaires but then the head of the Komsomol, or Young Communist League, and beginning his business career in a computer venture with Fuisz. “Each time Yulia tried to leave, the Moscow City Council canceled her visa,” Fuisz reports. The hard-liners were opposed. “With Khodorkovsky’s help, I escorted her to the airport and onto a plane to get her out.” Soon, she was meeting Miss America, Nancy Reagan, and Sting, shooting the cover of Details, and filming a yogurt commercial. That’s when international model agents like John Casablancas started sniffing around Moscow like pigs after truffles.

Interestingly, it appears that this article has been “updated” but the most interesting aspects are still there. This article always stuck in my memory because of its profile of a certain Richard Fuisz.

Susan Lindauer, a central figure in the 9/11 attacks, would – after her release from military prison – call Richard Fuisz her “CIA handler” and describe him ordering her to threaten her contacts in the Iraq government with “blowing them back to the stone age” if they had evidence of the coming “terrorist attack” and didn’t share this information with America. Lindauer explained that Fuisz told her to stay out of New York City in late August, saying that they – the CIA – was expecting a “mass casualty event.”

For her part, Lindauer wrote letters to many Congressmen telling them that her CIA contact was expecting a mass casualty terrorist attack and that somebody should do something.

For his part, Fuisz corroborated important aspects of Lindauer’s story, admitting that he did meet with her on a weekly basis, and discussed her work in Iraq and Libya as well as her “personal life.”

It’s kind of obvious listening to Lindauer talk about Fuisz that she was somewhat attracted to him; Fuisz seems to be popular with the ladies, and why wouldn’t he? A doctor, a multi-millionaire businessman, and a world traveling CIA agent to boot. So we see how the CIA “handles” people – a little bit of flirting goes a long way, and it’s not just men that can fall for a “honey trap.”

But what is interesting is that the CIA was involved in – let’s be frank, the sexual traffick of teenage girls – from Russia, specifically, since at least the late 1980s.

On reddit, someone gives a supposed personal account:


I was in the fashion and music world in NYC in the 80’s and I remember seeing Epstein and friend John Casablancas of Elite models fame parading around NYC nightlife with 12-14 year old ” Models” from the Ukraine and Odessa. These girls spoke almost no English and were at adult type parties and clubs. I remember the late Elaine Ford complaining about it and was told to be quiet and don’t spoil the fun by mob types. She and I talked about it several times. I know Trump was also at these parties with these guys but I only saw Epstein and Casablancas. The late Casablancas had a number of legal problems with young girls and moved to Brazil before he died. This indicates that the trafficking of children by Epstein has been going on a long time and that there were other players involved in child trafficking in NJ NYC area in the 80’s. It is possible that a lot of the media players- NYT, Vanity Fair ect had access to these children and that is why it was buried for so long. It was very blatant and out in the open and I will always remember the smirk on his face. ( Indicating guilt getting away with it) Any one else see this?

I suppose it really shouldn’t be a surprise. I mean, OF COURSE they are. Why wouldn’t they be? Sex is a universal thing and young white women are the gold standard for female beauty and sexuality.

In an earlier permutation of the article, it describes the young Russian girlfriend as a “must have accessory of the Masters of the Universe set” on Wall Street.

The only surprise is why we are so surprised? Haven’t young girls ALWAYS been the “booty” in warfare? The Old Testament has God telling the Israelis to genocide all of the enemy tribe they conquer, only to save the “girls who have not known a man” for themselves. You see such behavior in the animal kingdom. Why are we surprised?

It was the end of 1980-s and the Soviet Union fell apart in 1991 – so how did the young ladies get out of the Soviet Union ? As President of the World Jewish Congress, Bronfman is especially remembered for initiating diplomacy with the Soviet Union, which resulted in legitimizing the Hebrew language in Russia, and contributed to Soviet Jews being legally able to practice their own religion, as well as emigrate to Israel. [][] So – how come not all of them were looking like jews ? 1989 New York Times article: “Officials also said they had begun to find evidence of forged documents among would-be emigres who missed the earlier deadline requiring that they have Soviet exit visas by Oct. 1. Jews who did not make today’s deadline will now have to apply directly to the United States for permission to immigrate. They will find the way blocked by tens of thousands of other citizens trying to move to the United States, and by the American ceiling.” Those who are not accepted as refugees may be offered the opportunity to immigrate under a special parole program. But they must have American sponsors who will guarantee their economic well-being. ( 1989 New York Times article )