If you think this article is about you, you might be paranoid.

How cute.

I posted on Counter-Currents about the leaked Breitbart.com emails that illustrated how people associated with that site, and the Trump campaign in general, were influencing various “Alt Right” types.

I followed it up with a simple anecdote that a friend told me: she was at a ritzy New York city party with some CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, many of them Jewish, and recalls a conversation with one who said, “personally, I hate Trump, but we have to support him for Israel.”

Greg Johnson accused me of “paranoid ideation” and lying about “having insider information” (as if it isn’t well known that many powerful Zionists, like Sheldon Adelson, support Trump – or that many Jews hate Trump’s base while supporting his foreign policy.)

Then, Greg Johnson went back two months and deleted every single comment I made and any responses to those comments – including his own.

A week later he writes a post about “the paranoid style.”

If you believe the worst about everybody

Greg Johnson likes to do this, generalize disagreements with him, or accusations against him, as being some sort of character flaw.

For instance, I don’t believe the worst about everybody – but increasingly, I believe the worst about Greg Johnson. There is a very obvious difference.

There’s also an element of narcissistic preening to claiming that one has always had the inside scoop.

Here is Johnson dishonestly generalizing again. I gave one anecdote that was an illustration of a already well known fact. It was in no way an “inside scoop” other than a second hand quote.

This is the same Greg Johnson that has accused various people of being in league with Antifa, constantly accuses his opponents of being “narcissists” (clearly projecting) and is well know for constantly getting into catty, bitchy, personal fights.

I’ve written many times about Greg Johnson’s gate-keeping. His “analysis” of ISIS, during the Obama years, was absolutely laughable. He was taking literal Pentagon propaganda at face value.

It all fell apart. It’s known even in mainstream circles that the US had a hand in creating ISIS, that Saudi Arabia funds ISIS, that the US provided air support for ISIS in Syria.

Even Donald Trump himself noted the contradictions of the US fighting Assad at the same time that they were supposedly fighting ISIS, which was also fighting Assad.

It would have been considered a “paranoid conspiracy theory” to believe that Israel was assisting Al Qaeda, until they admitted it.


It would have been considered a “paranoid conspiracy theory” to suggest that Israel was behind a lot of ISIS propaganda, until stuff like this comes out:


Of course, Greg Johnson has for years attacked the 9/11 Truth movement, not by arguing the facts, but by smearing the character of its proponents.

One can speculate as to Johnson’s motives, but his dishonesty and his smear tactics are plain to see.

I’m just a blogger that doesn’t even spell check my posts, yet I’ve had an oversized impact, simply because I tell the truth about things most people are afraid too.

I post on Counter Currents all the time, under various handles, and Johnson never has any problem with the content of my posts – unless they are in even slight disagreement with him.

Like many e-celebs – very much like Vox Day, for instance – Johnson only allows sycophants to comment. That is a sign of narcissism.

Being critical of military propaganda is neither narcissistic nor paranoid.