Epstein, Bronfman family and El Chapo – did each of them have their own separate sex-trafficking operation near the Mexican border or they did it all together ?


Multimillionaire pervert Jeffrey Epstein signed a will declaring he was worth $577 million only two days before he died in a federal jail. In a bizarre twist of fate,

one of the witnesses to the Aug. 8 signing of Epsteins will was Mariel Colon Miro, a New York lawyer who worked for El Chapo during the Mexican drug lord’s recent trafficking trial in Brooklyn. ( Seattle Times )

The Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán co-opted human trafficking along the border to ensure it did not interfere with drug smuggling missions.

Did El Chapo allow competing sex trafficking organizations on his turf or they cooperated with the Bronfman sex cult ? Was El Chapo their supplier ? All we know is that Bronfman’s NVXIM sex trafficking operators and El Chapos people were operating in the same city in Mexico – Puerta Vallarta. The sons of El Chapo were once kidnapped in Puerta Vallarta by the rival gangs , that’s the same city where the Bronfman’s sex cult leader Rainier was finally arrested. ( Los Angeles Times )

Epstein and Bronfman’s were business partners for decades – since the 1980-s when Epstein began his career in finance. He was fired by Bear Sterns because they were doing an insider trading deal with the Bronfman’s but got caught.