It’s astonishing how in denial some people are. We know that was “conceived in Israel.”

Over the years various emails have leaked as we see the Breitbart operation reaching out to various right-wing and ostensibly pro-white bloggers and figures.

One of the most prolific Alt-Right ‘Tweeters’ called Ricky Vaughn was eventually doxed as a professional Republican party activist. At his height he had a massive audience and was considered one of the most influential “Alt Right” pro-Trump voices.

Named for the Charlie Sheen character in ‘Major League,’ Ricky Vaughn was among the top influencers promoting the alt-right in the lead up to the the 2016 election. An MIT study conducted during the 2016 presidential election primaries found that his Twitter was more significant and persuasive than NBC News, the Democratic Party, even Stephen Colbert.

On the old site my co-blogger exposed three Jewish Democratic lawyers who had created the first “Draft Donald Trump” campaign way back during 2012 or so. The rise of the “Alt Right” coincided with this campaign.

A decade earlier, the “neo-reactionary” movement was astroturfed to prominence in a similar way. A Jewish computer programmer, Curtis Yarvin, funded by the Silicon Valley tech billionaire Peter Thiel, also a backer of Donald Trump, creates a free Google Blogger account and posts a handful of Mises talking points. Within four days he is being linked by Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic.

Joining him was the bizarre academic Nick Land.

Again, on the old site, we dug up Land’s early work which is typical post-modernism gibberish with a “futurist” gloss. Some of it is quite embarrassing, nonsense talk from the late 90s about “uploading our consciousness into the internet” and long diatribes on the spiritual significance of the binary number system.

Being an active reader and writer at the time, I remember when they first starting making “charts” of various bloggers, assigning them into “schools” of the “Dark Enlightenment.” One of my favorites made this list. She wasn’t in any way a “Dark Enlightenment” type, had never heard of nor read either Curtis Yarvin or Nick Land.

But they were creating an astroturf movement around Yarvin and needed to pretend his influence was far bigger than it actually was.

This is “SEO” essentially. It’s online marketing. The early neo-reactionary movement and the later Donald Trump/Alt-Right movements were similar. Massive online spam campaign, botnets, and data mining operations.

Brenton Sanderson, way back in 2011, wrote Why Mahler? Norman Lebrecht and the Construction of Jewish Genius which describes historical examples of just such puffery of useful figures.

When the Alt Right was no longer useful to Israeli interests, it was set up in Charlottesville, the leaders arrested, and the campaign shut down.

We also see quite powerful, insider figures circling around the Alt Right since nearly the beginning.

Among the figures that Jorjani names are Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who served briefly as President Trump’s National Security Adviser; Walid Phares, a Right-wing Lebanese Maronite Christian who has advised both Mitt Romney and Donald Trump on Middle East affairs; former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon; Michael Bagley, president of Jellyfish, a private intelligence firm, and former intelligence director of the infamous Blackwater/ Xe /Academi mercenary company (founded by ex-Navy SEAL Erik Prince, brother of Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Secretary of Education); and a mysterious London-based figure Jorjani refers to only as “X,” a fellow based in some sort of secret society with tentacles in many pies, including the White Nationalist London Forum, Iranian exile groups, billion-dollar petroleum deals, and overthrowing the government of Venezuela.

All one had to do was to pay attention to what Donald Trump spent the Obama administration doing. Trump was involved in two high-profile campaigns against Obama.

First, the “birther” conspiracies. This was headed by an Israeli woman, Orly Taitz. The purpose of the “birther” conspiracy theories was to undermine any attempt that Obama might make to make peace with Israel’s enemies or force Israel to abandon the illegal settlements. This kicked off when John McCain had to calm a hysterical woman declaring that Obama was a “Muslim.”

For ten years, America has been attacked with an unrelenting campaign of both “Islamophobia” and “Islamophilia.” First, we were lied to about 9/11 and the existence of this shadowy Muslim terrorist network called “Al Qaeda.” Mostly, this was a myth. Osama Bin Laden’s “training camps” in Afghanistan amounted to, at most, a hundred or so people. Despite a decade of mythology, you’ll notice the only actual videos of Osama Bin Laden show him with a dozen people, at most.

We now know that most of these “Islamic terrorist networks” were part of Gladio II. The US simply picked up the old British imperial strategy of using religious proxy forces in the Middle East to take down hostile secular states.

Second, Donald Trump Jr. said that his father decided to run specifically to overturn Obama’s Iran deal. For Obama’s entire two terms, Donald Trump was the face of the opposition to Obama’s Iran policy. Does Trump come across as someone knowledgeable of geo-politics? No. So where was he getting this stuff?

Well, he was getting it from Israel, from Benjamin Netanyahu, and likely his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

You CAN go back to the 1980s and find Donald Trump taking a Ross Perot-type line on trade policy and protectionism. What you do NOT find is Donald Trump saying anything about immigration, legal or otherwise. Famously, during the Bush II campaign, Trump said he sided “more with the Democrats on health care.”

What changed? Trump simply had some political research done to find him three issues that would appeal to the right.

“I listened to thousands of hours of talk radio, and he was getting reports from me,” Nunberg recalled. What those reports said was that the GOP base was frothing over a handful of issues including immigration, Obamacare, and Common Core.